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Chapter 338: Big Sis?

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

When we passed the teleportation zone, we just so happened to encounter a few more Devils wandering around, needless to say, they were all captured and brought back to be slaves, naturally.

While I did call them slaves, I was actually saving them, since there was no food around this area at all. Who knows, they might have even bumped into one of those old golems, or the only other edible source of food nearby, the Black Blood Ants. But in a match of ant swarm versus a few wandering Devils…who would end up on the dinner plate might not be as clear cut.

Based on where we met those Devils, it was certain the teleportation zone was here. Unfortunately, I had no one dependable Devil to hand this task off to… Don’t ask me why I won’t use those four cowards… with the bravery of a chicken, there was just no way I could ever hand them power, in fact, how did they even survive up till now?

With that in mind, I turned my eyes to the four Large Imps who were the first to be captured by us. At the level of an Imp, it was basically impossible to discern their gender physically. That was because a Devil’s gender was determined by their soul. That was also why I constantly emphasized that I was a man, yet those potatoes of mine kept treating me as a female Devil… In the first place, all of this was because my soul had a certain freeloader staying inside it!

I gave the four Large Imps a closer look. It was then that I realised that those four Large Imps were actually female… in other words, these four were that recently deceased Head Imp’s harem… and since I slew him, I automatically became their master…

Based on how they were now, and if they were ever fortunate enough to evolve to Five-stars, they would definitely end up as Lust Demons of the Carnal branch, Devils who could only survive by serving someone stronger. That was because they were just weak.

Now as for the problem of managing the teleportation zone, my plan was to head back and inform No.6 of the situation, he could come up with something then. Whether he chose to come here personally or delegate the task to another Devil, that would be his decision to make. After all, the gift of five hundred golems wasn’t a small one; he had better earn his keep.

After another day of travelling, we were now in viewing distance of the half collapsed wall of the capital. The first Devil we saw near the city gate was Big 4, scanning his surroundings like a hawk. Upon noticing our return, he came flying towards me like a dog that had gone missing for over half a month. “Master…you’re finally back…”

‘This potato…he’s just so clingy, like a dog…’

I lifted my foot in a blocking stance. Seeing that, Big 4 knew roughly what I meant by this, having followed me around for some time already. He promptly stopped and maintained a respectable distance between us.

‘Hmph. Touching reunion my foot, I just have two words for you, dream on.’

Perhaps Big 4 had gotten smarter in the time I was gone or he just had nothing else to say, he actually knew to break the awkwardness with a situation report. “Master, nothing unusual to report while you were gone, don’t worry, the city is fine.”

“That’s good to hear.” I nodded my head then pointed at the dozen or so Devils marching behind me whom I captured from that teleportation zone. “Bring these Devils to No.6, then tell him that I found another teleportation zone. I need him to take a look as soon as possible, best he sends someone to guard the point…” I blandly stated.

“But Master, you still haven’t told me where the teleportation zone is.”

“…” I sighed. “Just tell him what I told you, you don’t have to bother about the rest.”


I handed him some other instructions then sent him on his way. Before leaving, he made sure to give me a wronged look, the kind a puppy would make when its master abandoned it… let me tell you, that sort of innocent of look doesn’t suit you at all… an Infant Flame Demon is already ugly enough, so please have some respect for your terrifying looks and not try to be cute!

Having sent them off, the only Devils left were me, Mo Na and Cinderel.

Because I was still fixated on the construction of more golems, I brought the two little scamps right away to the underground weapons factory while I had the golems move the required materials to the warehouse where we kept the titan skeletons. Then, our research began in earnest.

“Mama, if it’s just piecing together the golems, it’s not that difficult.” Mo Na quipped as she simultaneously commanded my Shadow Demon Guardian while referring to a book. “But there’s one thing Mo Na doesn’t understand, why can these golems move?”

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“Isn’t it normal for them to move?”

While all that happened, I made a mental note to myself to have some of the stronger Devils come assist Mo Na. The golem exoskeletons were all too heavy to be moved, while the golems themselves were too clumsy for such precise work.

However, there were no such Devils available right now so I could only call for my Shadow Demon Guardian to work. That also meant that I was now very free even though I was supposed to be busy. With nothing to do, I spent my time playing with a certain energetic Hellhound while chatting with Mo Na from time to time.

“It’s not that, Mama, don’t you find it weird at all?” Upon having the Shadow Demon Guardian mount a basic shoulder part, she stopped the Shadow Demon Guardian for a moment. She then walked over and flipped open the black leather book she was referring to. Her slender finger pointed at one of the pages. “Look, Mama, this page has the entire process recorded down, but the last step is missing…”

‘The last step?’

Looking at the half assembled exoskeleton before me, and looking at the completed golem guarding outside, I could roughly guess what she meant.

If these golems could be seen as robots, then what moved them was a source of power and programming. Because of their own unique traits, the golems had no particular requirement on the power front, but in order to make them move, what we really needed was the programming… because the black leather book made no mention of such a thing…

“Little brother, are you in trouble again?”

Just as Mo Na and I were stumped, Ferti’nier, ever one to show up whenever I was stuck, chimed in to offer her help, or should I say ‘help’. Either way, she was a bit of a mixed bag for me. At times, I wanted her to come out for some casual chit chat, at times I absolutely hated that she came out to bother me. Such a mixed bag…

“So that’s how you view your sister over here. Hmph.” Her little endearing act instantly dispelled my annoyance… Truly, there were times when I really wanted to give her a good spanking!

“Heheheh, so our little brother has that kind of f*tish.” Able to read my mind, she naturally knew about my desire to discipline her. Yet she wasn’t angered by that, in fact, she seemed a little expectant. “Wait till your sister over here gets a new body, then our little brother can have his way. Now, the question is where to hit. Over here? Or maybe here?”

‘This demoness…I just can’t win against her in an argument. Why can’t she be a little more reliable, she’s at least ten thousand years old by now.’

“Your sister has so said many times already, she isn’t ten thousand years old yet.” Having said that to my exasperated face, she continued, “Alright. Alright, enough fun for now. Your sister knows what her little brother wants, and she even knows the method of creating a golem core.”

‘So she does know the method, no wonder people always say that to have an elder in the home is to have a treasure!’

‘Quick, tell me already!’

“What do you mean elder? Your sister isn’t that old yet!”

‘Yes, yes, yes. Our Ferti’nier is forever eighteen, forever our invincible eighteen year old sister, always the prettiest.’

“Hohohoh, our little brother has really gotten better at his words recently. Whenever there’s trouble, he’s always at his most obedient, always so adorable.” She teased me for a moment.

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“Well, it’s not like your Sister can’t give her little brother the method, but she has a condition.”

‘I knew she would say that…there’s no such thing as a free lunch in this world…but it’s not like I have any choice either.’

‘Alright, what’s your condition…and let’s be clear, you’d better not ask for the stars!’

“Listen well, what your sister wants is that whenever her little brother addresses her from now on, it will be as “Big Sis”. Got it?”

‘Big Sis? That was unexpectedly simple…by the way, why did you come up with such a strange request all of a sudden? Isn’t it a waste? You could have asked for something difficult.’

“But my dear little brother, as you are right now, what can your sister ask of you anyway?” Just as I was questioning her motives, she took this opportunity to ask me something I had no way to answer. “Has my little brother gotten strong enough that he can help his sister reform her body? Or perhaps he has some other method?”

‘I…don’t actually have that ability…’ It was at that moment that I felt an unprecedented sense of defeat. Even so, I still hoped that she would have asked something more difficult of me. Because such a nonsensical condition was just a reminder of how weak I actually was…

“Relax…relax… your sister had no other intention. You’re still in your growing phase, being weak is unavoidable.” She actually comforted me, but that was only a prelude to her checkmate. “Well then, are you going to say it or not?”


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