Chapter 824: Epilogue (18)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

The hellhounds of Mo Ke’s Trails were numerous in numbers, and with their fierce, combative culture, became one of the main forces of the city. Being the leader of these forces, Violet Snow was, without a doubt, a major figurehead at this roundtable.

The silver-furred demonic werewolf Habona was another roundtable member. Unlike normal werewolves, however, a demonic werewolf wasn’t able to transform into a human, because of their furious nature. This had the unfortunate effect of most of them having terrible disposition most of the time. They weren’t in a frenzied state, but they would often be found taking offense easily, starting fights at the drop of a hat. Natural-born berserkers, if there were any. But Habona was a different story. She had immense control over her emotions, and with her impressive might, became one of the most powerful military leaders of Mo Ke’s Trails. Under her command were demonic werewolves, lizardman, medusas, demonic half-orcs, and a host of other non-devil clans. Naturally, they were one of the main forces of the city as well.

In the first place, devils weren’t the only ones residing in the Hells, though the humans tended to lump everyone into the same category regardless.

Abaddon was a complex biosystem. Countless clans all resided in this region, everyone an actor in this bloody play of the strong preying on the weak.

Habona was the undisputed strongest of the city. Had it not been for Numila’s Flametail, an epic-grade weapon, she would win a hundred percent of the time in a deathmatch against Numila.

Evilin, an evil eye who once enslaved countless Abaddon ratmen in the Prison of the Dead, but was later subdued by Mo Ke, now floated quietly above the roundtable. Beneath its meaty sphere of a body, dangled appendages that resembled a jellyfish. From each of them, one could sense powerful psychic emanations.

Even as he took part in this important meeting, it never once stopped in its daily work. And as the number one psychic expert of the city, there was plenty for it to do that was both precise and complex in nature.

Ever since Evilin signed that slave pact with Mo Ke, it had been faithfully serving Numila due to her engagement pact with Mo Ke.

It was one of the founders of the city, and was a critical contributor in the initial stages of this city. Had it not been for its psychic talents, Mo Ke’s Trails might not even exist today.

Then, there was Julia, a mature lust demon, the grandmother of Mimiya, and wife of Mo En, an apostle of Sloth. Because she once learnt the art of Dark Alchemy under Mo Ke, she had the ability to craft equipment, and was now the head for armaments in the city.

Julia had nothing but the utmost respect for Mo Ke. From the first glance, she could tell that he was a devil with the literal devil’s luck. Thus, she took the bold step of bringing her entire faction under his fold. Thanks to her and her lust demon alchemists, their forces had a much smoother start-up due to their bone weapons. Just like Evilin, her loyalty to Mo Ke meant that she was a staunch supporter of Numila as well.

As for Numila herself, her engagement pact with Mo Ke naturally elevated her position, allowing her to be the undisputed leader of the city and the head of this roundtable. She ruled over the harpies and the other devils who were blessed with an Original Sin.

At this point, the only faction that could stand up to Numila’s own was that of Habona’s. However, Habona wasn’t too keen on politics, focusing instead on warfare.

Within the city, Numila was the queen.

There was once an overlord who tried to cause trouble in the city, but he was swiftly sent packing with the combined efforts of Numila and Habona.

From that moment on, the neighboring factions knew not to mess with this city. For despite their lack of an overlord, they weren’t pushovers either.

Tapping on the stony roundtable before her, Numila drew the attention of the attendees to her before starting in a deep voice. “I’ve summoned everyone here today for a matter of grave importance. A messenger from the Devil King of Pride just left, but he left behind a troubling message… The Apocalypse in the Western Human Realms is about to start… and we are not exempt.”


Matriarch Paliseth’s days hadn’t been the best since receiving that divine revelation from Lolthe a mere three days ago. The Apocalypse was about to begin, and she was commanded by the Spider Queen Herself to join forces with the devils in slaughtering the humans, and every other lifeform in the realm.

Clearly, the Spider Queen was siding with a certain evil god. In fact, She was practically His adoring fan.

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Dressed in the most revealing dark elven dress possible, Paliseth quietly sat atop her throne. Beneath was the heroic Zurnalin, giving her report of the army in a half-kneeling position.

Not at all listening, she quickly sent away Zurnalin. Suddenly, she turned to her attendant and asked, “that girl, Aishael, still isn’t willing to come over for a visit?”

Flustered, the female attendant was at a loss for words as to how to answer that question. One wrong word and she could end up being marked by the Matriarch.

However, she never had to reply as Paliseth soon sighed heavily. “That child has grown some wings, I see… Does she think she can do as she pleases, holing up in that city of hers all day, just because she has the backing of His Holiness? Maybe I’ve just been too kind of late…”

“…” The female attendant fell to her knees in sheer terror, head lowered and trembling visibly.

Reason wasn’t always the strong suite of the Dark Elves, anger especially. And the fastest way to relieve said anger was to take it out on someone.

“And what are you so afraid of?” Still seated comfortably in her throne, Paliseth seemed to have noticed the trembling as well, and a strange fascination soon arose in her.


She tried to come up with a response, but no words were forthcoming. Traumatic images of her predecessor still haunted her, and her trembling only worsened.

“How unsightly.”

The attendant probably thought she was being reprimanded, but only Paliseth herself knew that she was referring to herself instead.

“Stand up. Bring Jez here, I wish to have a talk with her…” she commanded slowly, right hand stroking her jowls lazily. As she looked up into the endless abyss of the ceiling, she muttered to herself, “I wonder how long has it been since our Jez has seen her handsome father… Perhaps it’s finally time. After all, a vow of marriage is not so easily forgotten. Time to show myself as well, I wonder how long it has been.”

Hearing those words, the attendant leapt to her, practically scrambling to carry out this order and escape while she could. “I will do so right away, Matriarch.”

Looking at that fleeing attendant, Paliseth was suddenly struck with an unknown sensation.

Even with her lofty position, she was still just one of the matriarchs of the Dark Elves. There was someone above her.

“Am I really that terrifying? Compared to His Holiness who had an entire clan wiped out with a sentence?”

However, her words merely echoed in her cavernous but empty hall…


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