Chapter 802: A Rotten Situation

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Now. I wasn’t bragging or anything – but my reputation amongst these kids was nothing to scoff at. All thanks to certain… incidents that happened during the first day.

On the night of our first training, three rambunctious kids actually had the audacity to try and peep on me showering. They were summarily beaten up by the fire elementals I left on standby. And by the time I walked out all refreshed, I found three blackened, unidentified objects…

From that day onwards, the look they gave me was entirely different. Like Heaven and Hell…

But in actuality, I was completely innocent. In fact, I wasn’t aware of what those fire elementals even did.

To the students, however, the fire elementals acted completely on my command. That was how normal fire elementals, with their lack of independent will, would act. Naturally, the students weren’t aware that my fire elementals were different thanks to the abilities I gained from my Fallen Angel bloodline. Yet that wasn’t something I could just explain, so I left it as it was.

After that peeping attempt, two similar attempts were made, and they were all punished duly. From that point on, the kids realized that I wasn’t just a pretty face, I was pretty good with my fists as well.

Coming back to the present, the kids knew to shut up the moment I straightened my face.

“Let’s leave things as is for today. Tomorrow will be your final day of training. I hope everyone will get sufficient rest and face what’s to come with your best.”

“Yes, Instructor!”

After dismissing them, I returned to my own room for some quiet thinking on my ever so comfy bed. The topic – how to get them to work together.

Despite their showing today, I had to admit this first batch of students were exemplary, as one would expect of the elite of the elites.

They might be young, but they had at least completed one quest before being chosen. A quest being tasks like wiping out bandits, hunting down some monster, etc. Essentially, they had spilt blood before.

However, they were still too impulsive, thanks to their age. Their desire to prove themselves was no less apparent.

Under normal circumstances, a fully-equipped magitek knight with a normal pilot would display a five-star’s power. But its defenses were well and truly that of a six-star’s, closing in on a seven-star. But that was no reason for the kids to be complacent.

According to normal procedures, the first batch would have been chosen from the king’s personal guard, and after six months of proper training, they would be fit for service. However, as luck would have it, war came knocking on their doors earlier than expected, and the king had to choose this batch of kids instead.

However, making me an instructor for these kids had a hidden objective as well. Or rather the king had no need to tell me anyway. The king wanted shock troops that could turn the tide of war. Evidently, such a company would need a leader as well. That wasn’t to say that the king did not just choose me because there was no other option, but the former was a consideration as well. After all, a person who could kill an overlord with magitek armor was definitely powerful enough to be the leader of this new army. This would be his way of binding me closer into his orbit and sending me off to war.

After all the fortune he spent on constructing my Wyrm was very much something I could never hope to afford, given the amount of epic-grade ingredients used. I was definitely more trustworthy than those overlords who might or might not even support him.

One good turn deserves another… and all that.

On my part, gratitude aside, I actually needed this kingdom in my plans. Thus I wasn’t about to let them perish either.

Plus a desperate situation only served to better demonstrate the power of these magitek armors.

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Now was the time to bring forth my great magitek revolution! Press forth, and light the way to a new age!

There was no telling how long the kingdom of Ertalon had prepared for this war. But their army of 200000 was more than enough to storm across the continent! In comparison, Andassis was the soldier who was caught with his pants down.

The fact that their northern region actually turned on them meant that there were likely moles in the other regions as well.

If the overlord stationed in the north was a turncoat as well, then 200000 was most likely not an accurate representation of the true threat…

That was why the Andassean king dared not employ the other overlords even in this dire situation, lest he invited disaster into his ranks.

The king only had his own troops to rely on, and not those of the other lords’. But 200000 was just the number of frontline troops Ertalon brought to bear. After all, to mobilize such a large army, one needed a large logistics network as well.

All things considered, Andassis was like a candle amidst a storm.

In medieval times, such a bloody change of power often meant that the previous ruling family was put to the sword. In contrast, competent ministers and lords might even be elevated in the new kingdom, whether it was just to placate the people, or genuinely to keep their talents. This was so for the Western Human Realms too.

Basically, there was no point for the nobility to aid the royal family in such a dire situation. It was just a simple matter of self-interest.

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