Chapter 723: Attempting a Cure

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

If there was ever a competition for World’s Most Obvious Bootlicker, Sima Junmo would have been first. Bar none! Now… if only he would convert all that raw talent into learning how to address me as SIR Mo Ke.

Even so, there was no reason to turn down someone so willing to offer his service. “Alright. You can feed him then. Hopefully, we can still make it.”

“No problem. You can leave this to me.”

Sima Junmo happily picked up the antidote, then with the gentlest of pinches, popped open the seal on the vial.

The blonde pilot took the opportunity to force open the zombie’s mouth, without instruction, all the while maintaining a chokehold on the zombie. Sima Junmo quickly stuck the vial into the zombie’s mouth, pouring all its content without ever wasting a drop.

A few seconds later, the zombie started reacting to the antidote. Its body began convulsing violently, as if it was going through the seizure of the century. Then as suddenly as it came, the seizures stopped. It slowly closed its eyelids like it was going to sleep.

But just when everyone thought the antidote had worked, the zombie suddenly opened its eyes. Its feral claws raked at the blonde pilot with no remorse, as if to announce to the world that it was back.

“So it failed… Dispose of it.” Faced with irrefutable proof, I could only shake my head in disappointment.

Looks like I still don’t have a way to turn them back… and killing it off now would be a lot easier than trying to preserve it for a future cure.

Without ever needing me to do the dirty deed, the blonde pilot snapped the zombie’s neck a full one eighty degrees.

Having taken care of the zombie, the blonde pilot dragged the corpse to the window, before tossing it out of the building…


A thud and a sickening splat later, the world was quiet once more…

That entire sequence of events was brutally efficient but quick. Witness to the whole process, the survivors were even more on edge now that they had a firsthand experience with my methods.

Now… onto that aunty and her five serum-drinking companions. Why isn’t there any sign of the virus on them? Is their body special in some way? But if that’s the case, six of them appearing in one single location is just too much of a coincidence…

“Kay. Now let’s talk about your situations.” I swept my eyes over the six survivors in question. “How did you guys get your hands on the serum? How much did you pay? And how many bottles did you get? Who else has drunk it? Tell me everything you know.”

“Young lady, your aunty over here has… actually…” Perhaps my little altercation with the zombie was starting to show effect, but the middle-aged survivor was a lot politer when she addressed me this time.

She started mumbling about a bunch of unrelated matters, then just as I was starting to get visibly irritated, I received a video call from Aunty Xinqing.

Naturally, there was no comparing an old hag like her to the mature beauty that was Aunty Xinqing. I quickly accepted the call.

“Officer Sima, I’ll leave the questioning of these survivors to you. I have another matter to attend to.”

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“Roger, you won’t be disappointed!” Sima Junmo acknowledged with a smile that immediately disappeared when he turned to those survivors. “You’ve all commited a crime, you hear me? Now, come quietly, and I will be sure to interrogate you lot gently.”

Then without even waiting for them to respond, he signalled for his subordinates to take them away to the segregation room.

From behind, I could hear their constant griping, but I was more than happy to chuckle at their misfortune now. In my opinion, these six were clearly up to no good; a little lesson was in order. After all, how could my detection pearl ever make a mistake? Hah! As if something made by my system could ever be a lemon? Preposterous.

“Ke, your aunty was just watching your heroic slaying of that giant monster. Well done!” As always, Aunty Xinqing was more than ready to shower praises on me without reason. “Absolutely superb! Beautiful, even!”

“Aunty Xinqing, could you use the word handsome instead? Unless my memory is playing tricks on me again, beautiful is the word you use on a girl.”

“And if your aunty Xinqing’s memory isn’t playing tricks on her, then Ke’s bio says that Ke is actually… a girl.” She then pulled up a holographic display of my personal details. The word “female” was clearly written in the gender field.

Ahhhh… damn it! I can’t believe Bitong’s single blunder is still haunting me! And Aunty Xinqing is constantly rubbing that in as well… No wonder they’re mother and daughter…

In order to avoid delving deeper into the endless rabbit hole that was my gender, I hurriedly said, “Aunty Xinqing, were you looking for me for something?”

“It’s like this. Your aunty just got into contact with a nearby SAT team, but they seem to be in trouble and need Ke’s help.”

“Oh? I understand, I’ll be right there.”

“Here’s their coordinates, they are in the same district as you Ke, the 11th District.”

“Oh right, I just uncovered an alarming piece of information…” It was only in the midst of my clever sidetracking that I remembered I actually had something important to distract her with. “I found some infected amongst the survivors. None of them had shown signs of zombification when I arrived. And their numbers weren’t low either….

I briefly recounted what happened to Aunty Xinqing.

“Understand, I’ll be sure to remind the other policemen and soldiers. But, Ke… how do you have an antidote for the virus?”

Aunty Xingqing looked me right in the eyes – I knew there was no avoiding this question then..

However, how to answer was a dicey issue as well… After all, there was no indication of me ever having such an antidote. If I was in her shoes, and it wasn’t me who was saying this, I would have definitely suspected the person of plotting something…

Naturally, I was innocent, but I had no way to logically explain the antidote… Maybe I should just dump this all on the system?

Hmmm. It could work, but I need to change the story a little…

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