Chapter 712: Rescue Mission(1)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Pfft. Qiaoqiao would rather die…”

As always, Qiaoqiao’s little raspberries and spots of mischief were cute and endearing. While she might have seemed like a ball of perpetual energy, she always made sure to get the necessary amount of sleep.

“Mum, the factory we were in was just attacked. There was no way to collate the data, and I’m afraid that bio-exosuit was also…” Bitong began explaining the events of the factory.

“An attack?” However, it seemed like Aunty Xinqing’s mind wasn’t on the lost data at all. “Did you guys get hurt anywhere?”

“We’re fine.” Bitong shook her head. “Ke was so awesome back there. There were too many monsters for him to finish killing, but he easily escorted us out of the factory.”

“As long as everyone is fine.” Aunty Xinqing finished the rest of her coffee at that point. “Right, I’ve just had my assistant tally all the available forces in Southern Plains. This includes policemen, soldiers, and special forces. However, it would be difficult for them to locate you, so you would have to figure out that part on your own. After all, not everyone can be as strong as our little Ke.”

Southern Plains had definitely gotten much more dangerous overnight. Yesterday, the worst we had to worry about were zombies. Halfway through the day, skeletal beasts started popping up. Then, in the middle of the night, countless ghosts started roaming the city as well. Had if not been for the system giving me that top tier bloodline, I would have probably kicked the bucket by now…

If even someone as powerful as me was having difficulties, the rest of the normal civilians must have had it way worse.

I had no hopes of those forces Aunty Xinqing mentioned meeting up with us. I just hoped that they could stay alive till we found them.

“We will start with rescuing those survivors first. That hoodlum is not exactly known for being kind.”

In fact, that tri-colored hoodlum was violent, lustful, and more importantly, dangerous. I was very much concerned about the wellbeing of the survivors…

Even though this might have sounded rich coming from someone who had abandoned a group of survivors just yesterday. Those survivors were at least armed with entertainment exosuits. It was my opinion then that they could make it out safely. Furthermore, their cowardly antics did not sit well with all of us… and cowardly was being generous. Some would consider what they did treacherous.

The survivors under the rule of that tri-colored hoodlum were different. They lived under constant tyranny, especially the women, who no doubt had suffered unspeakable treatment.

Absolutely abhorrent… there was no way I could stand for such cruelty to women!

However, there was still one nagging bit of information that bothered me.

The last time we left that tri-colored hoodlum, he was stuck in an elevator with his lackeys that had turned into zombies. That hoodlum had even drunk the so-called Gene Enhancement Serum, and was beginning to show signs of zombifying himself.

No matter how I looked at it, he did not seem like the type who could pull off a miraculous escape… unless he did not zombify at all! Instead, he awakened some sort of supernatural ability…

That had to be it!

The evil really do prosper! Well, if the heavens won’t deal with this scumbag, I will!

“It’s a shame about the data, but what matters is that you are all safe. Even so, I need you all to understand that this mission isn’t like the previous encounters you’ve had. This is a rescue mission. The incident has to be handled well if the Federation is to regain some semblance of trust back from the masses.”

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“I understand, Aunty Xinqing. Don’t worry, those hoodlums won’t stand a chance.” The moment I recalled those scenes of him forcing himself on the women, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of anger well up in me. My face darkened as my voice grew low. “I will show him that the rule of law still exists. And if they wish to perpetrate evil in Southern Plains… I will make them understand that even if the law can’t touch them, I can!”

“Very good, Ke. Your aunty caught all of that on camera. She will upload it onto the web later on. That way, everyone will know how righteous the Goddess of Hope is.”

“Eh?! Did I just accidentally ham it up?”

“Not at all, that was just you being honest with your feelings.” Aunty Xinqing gave me a cheeky wink. “Alright, do your job well, your aunty is rooting for you.”

Regardless of whether or not those were my honest feelings, Aunty Xinqing was a lady who went through with what she said.

Honestly, this wasn’t a bad arrangement for me. Uploading that video would probably increase my follower count. And I really wasn’t lying either. I did believe myself to be just! More believers meant more points for me -definitely a good thing.

Long story short, saving those survivors was now a mission I had to accomplish flawlessly, whether it was for my sake or for the Federation’s.

“Let’s go, time to rescue those survivors.”

“Got it.”

“Your Highness is too generous with mere mortals.”

“Big brother is the coolest!”


With that little debrief over and done with, we followed the map’s directions to the hot springs inn. Thanks to our exosuits, the travelling time wasn’t as long as before.

Wings spread wide open and Icy Inferno in hand, I took the role of vanguard, while Floater guarded our rear with her detachable bits. Since Lixiang had no exosuit of her own, Qiaoqiao ended up carrying her while Bitong guarded the front.

Compared to yesterday, we not only encountered zombies along the way, we bumped into a number of reanimated beast skeletons as well. Had it not been for this crisis, I would have never expected so many beast corpses to be present in Southern Plains. An unfortunate discovery for us, seeing as those beasts were even more ferocious in death than they were in life.

Roughly half an hour later, we safely reached our destination. Along the way, we took care of a number of skeletal beasts, including one skeletal Coatl. However, with Icy Inferno in hand, even a massive foe like that was taken care of in a couple of swings. In under ten seconds, that menacing monster was nothing more than a fat wad of 500 points.

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