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Chapter 676: Ill Tidings

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Even with us helping to clean out the bridge, there were still a good number of zombies left. Northern Waters Bridge was a landmark in the city. Naturally, it was packed to the brim before the virus. It still was, but just with zombies. Zombies who weren’t cooperating with us in this clean up.

After that battle with the scorpion-tailed skeletons, the police officers were all worn out. 8931’s idea was to call for backup, but just as he tried to do so, he received shocking news instead. HQ had just been assaulted! His next thought was to rush to its aid, but barely a minute later, he received news of the Police Chief’s untimely demise…

“What!? The entire police headquarters is gone?!”

When I was told this news by him, I nearly jumped out of my skin. That was the main base of the police force we were talking about! Other than being guarded by exosuits, they also had mobile armors stationed there. In the confines of this city, there was basically no other area that was as well-defended. And for such a secure location to just be destroyed like that… Crap…

Who’s left now? The army? That’s right, it has to be the army…

“Leader, I want to return to HQ to have a look!” 3739 made the request, however he was quickly rejected.

“No, I forbid it. With his dying breath, the Chief gave the order to protect the civilians… We still have a mission to complete, and until it’s done…”


“I know your feelings, but now’s not the time. Have you ever considered that if even our HQ can be destroyed so quickly, that means there’s a power strong enough to wipe out HQ before the Chief and the others could even react… Until we are sure that the enemy is gone, you returning would achieve nothing… In fact, you would have played right into their very hands.”

“As if those zombies are even worth fearing!” 3739 roared in defiance. “I can take care of them myself!”

“In other words, the ones who destroyed HQ weren’t even zombies…” 8931 answered in a calm voice that was almost spine-chilling. “Think about it, those scorpion-tailed Scorpid skeletons you just fought were resurrected by that mysterious foe. If they have the ability to reanimate a pile of bones… Do you honestly think that there are only Scorpid specimens kept in the city? If I’m not mistaken, our local museum even has a complete skeleton of a Mammuthus in its collection… that’s a Disaster-class right there. There are plenty of rich people who keep Primal beast skeletons in their collections as well. There’s a high chance those were reanimated as well.”

“Even so…”

“Idiot!” 8931 finally lost his cool at his stubborn subordinate. “Just use your brain for a second! Do you think I do not wish to go back as well? But we mustn’t forget our duty! Protecting the citizens is our mission right now! If you want to die, that’s your own business, but your death is not going to accomplish anything…”

3739 hung his head in silence for a good long while. Finally, a faint sobbing could be heard. “My younger brother was a comms officer in HQ…” Having said that, 3739 finally broke down.

“Sigh… I’m sorry… I was too harsh just now, but if you still insist on going back…”

“No… there’s no need for that… If he’s still alive, he would have contacted me already…”

From the looks of things, 3739 seemed to have come to terms with his younger brother’s death. However, I could still tell that he was extremely upset, even through that exosuit of his.

Finally, after a moment of silence, the cleanup resumed in earnest.

Even though Northern Waters Bridge wasn’t the only route connecting the north and south, this bridge was particularly famous amongst the tourists. Meaning, if any survivor were to have the same idea as us, they would most likely choose this bridge. That was why we had to clean up the bridge before leaving, else we would have already rammed our way through with our exosuits.

With everyone’s help, the cleanup took another half an hour, after which the zombies were completely wiped out, to the relief of a very exhausted crowd of survivors.

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Those not used to such strenuous work were already down on their bums, resting and chatting.

8931 took this opportunity to move aside the zombie mountain so the survivors could pass through faster. Having done that, he turned to us and said, “After your break, you guys can leave… Even though I don’t think your odds are high, there’s still a chance…”

“Is it the army who is guarding the outskirts?”

When 8931 first hinted at a potential blockade, the first suspect I thought of was the army sealing off the city to prevent the virus from escaping. However, there shouldn’t be that many of them, else they would have already marched into the city.

So what was he trying to imply with that suggestion? Did he truly mean to just have us try our luck? After all, the soldiers of Gaia were no less professional than the police officers – I highly doubted they would just let us pass like that.

Illegally, then?

“Perhaps, but there’s no harm in trying. And even if you bump into soldiers, you guys could just stay under their protection.” 8931 laid out his reasoning, though that first bit was probably enough to get him fired.

I gave it some thought, then came to the same conclusion. Yet just when I was about to thank him for his advice, the skies suddenly darkened…

Rather, it turned green…

In what looked like the northeastern direction, an eerie fog started surfacing over the horizon, blotting out the sun in a green pall. Because of our distance to the source, all I could see were those clouds. Even so…

Trouble- something must have happened over there!

Soon after, the skies were filled with horrific wails. The dead were crying. Struggling, even. But no matter how much they tried, a mysterious force seemed to be dragging them towards the northeast.

As more souls started flying away, the green fog only grew thicker…

“Oh no! That’s the direction the army was supposed to enter the city… Don’t tell me…” I could hear 8931’s voice quivering at that point. The fear was palpable even from my standpoint.

“Are you saying the army is under attack?” I immediately asked, shocked just as much as he was. “That’s where the army is located?”

“Impossible… how could they even have the power to defeat the army… they have mobile armors with them…” 8931’s eyes were wide with disbelief, but all the clues led to one disturbing conclusion.

“Big brother… Qiaoqiao can hear some strange sounds…” Qiaoqiao shuffled up to me, clearly spooked by what was going on.

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