Chapter 666: Lixiang…

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Silent up till now, Lan Zhi’s wife, Yang Fei, suddenly asked, “So what are your plans?”

“Nothing complicated, actually. We came here to find some exosuits to use as weapons, with which we will use to escape Southern Plains.” There wasn’t much reason to hide, so I openly stated our plans.

“An exosuit?” Lan Yue’er’s eyes went wide. “I thought you can’t bring them out of Game City?”

Game City’s being locked by an anti-theft system was common sense. But wasn’t common sense made for breaking?

I pursed my lips a little then threw a side glance at Bitong who was still fiddling with the exosuits. “That’s my big sis over there, she can hack the anti-theft system.”

“Really?” Lan Zhi seemed almost doubtful. “It’s no easy feat to crack an anti-theft system of this level.”

“It’s done.” Just as Lan Zhi voiced his doubt, Bitong called out to us, signalling that she was done hacking the first exosuit.

Her face was the picture of confidence, and while her claim hadn’t been verified yet, even Lan Zhi knew that she wouldn’t make a baseless claim like that under such situations… that would be pointless.

Even so, he couldn’t help but feel the timing of her announcement was rather coincidental, and it wasn’t long before the atmosphere turned awkward…

“Ahem. So… Sister Mo Ke…” Most likely in an attempt to break the ice, Lan Yue’er suddenly spoke up, “I saw you kick my dad off his feet just now. Are you a martial artist? Your leg was glowing too – so cool!”

I could clearly hear the excitement in her voice as she bombarded me with questions, but some records had to be set straight, “Before answering your answer, I think I need to clarify something. I’m a guy.”

“Eh?!” Lan Yue’er glanced over me, probably scanning for any semblance of masculinity. “Sister Mo Ke is a guy?”

What do you mean, am I a guy?! How am I not a guy?

Lixiang threw the girl a scornful look. “To think this human wasn’t even able to distinguish Your Highness’s gender, foolish.”

“What did you say? You’re a human yourself!”

“Hah. This one isn’t some lowly human.” Lixiang tilted her head up and arrogantly looked down upon the girl despite being shorter than her exosuit.

“You’re not?” Lan Yue’er asked with mocking incredulity. “What are you then?”

“This one is the spawn of light and darkness, a Primal Angel of the Apocalypse. And also the magical girl, Heavenly Feather of the Broken Sin!” Having said that, Lixiang raised her doll up here. “This is a clone containing this one’s sealed up memories, as long as this one undos the seal…”

Ah… here we go again…

By this point, the Lan family was beginning to give us a pretty strange look. I hurriedly interrupted Lixiang before it was too late. “Lixiang… Lixiang…”

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Hearing me call her, she promptly halted her speech, and like a proper attendant, curtsied in my direction. “Your Highness. Lixiang is ready and willing to serve.”

My ears immediately flushed at her gravitas, yet at the same time, I couldn’t help but feel a little happy… Crap. Am I turning into Lixiang 2.0? But this kind of roleplaying is pretty fun in its own way.

“So… what’s a Heavenly Feather of the Broken Sin?”

Calmly, and without any shame whatsoever, Lixiang replied, “That is the magical girl title of this one.”


“That’s right. This one has just regained the memories of her past life.” Lixiang interrupted me in that same solemn voice. Then with adoration in her eyes, she looked at me. “As expected of Your Highness, you’ve already guessed that.”


Actually, I was trying to tell you not to embarrass us in front of the outsiders…

However, as I watched her mind fill the plot holes in her delusions, I suddenly had this thought: what if she was actually telling the truth? She did seem rather convinced… Fine… As long as you’re happy, Lixiang. As long as you’re happy… But it’s still so embarrassing. Someone get me a bag to cover my head please.

“Your Highness, why are you covering your face?”

“Oh, it’s nothing… I just wanted to rest my eyes all of a sudden.”

“That is true, these foolish humans do not deserve to gaze upon your heavenly visage.”

“No… I did not mean that at all…”

How does she even twist my words like that? Every time. It must be a special ability of some sort…

By now, Bitong had hacked the fourth exosuit.

“Ke, bring Lixiang over here, they’re done.”

As instructed, I herded Lixiang to Bitong. Jiaojiao had already equipped a pink exosuit before us. Even though she was small, these exosuits had the ability to adjust their size to their wearer. At its maximum, an exosuit could accommodate an astonishing 2.5 meters.

“Look, big brother, Jiaojiao can do all these now.” Fully buckled up, Jiaojiao began enacting a series of difficult maneuvers, as if to prove to us that she was an excellent pilot.

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“Jiaojiao’s the best!” I praised her in a slightly exaggerated fashion. When she saw the smile on my face, she got even more excited and started a new round of maneuvers, only more difficult this time. They weren’t the most precise of kicks, but they worked…

Honestly speaking, if one were to compare her to a professional pilot, she would, at best, be considered an ordinary pilot. But at her age, she was already a genius. My praise was definitely sincere.

“All right, it’s my turn then.” I stowed Icy Inferno into my inventory, then boarded the purple exosuit that Bitong had picked out for me. I first gave the controls a quick warm-up then started moving towards the door. “I’ll go outside and clean up the remaining zombies. At the same time, I can test if these suits can leave Game City.”

It wasn’t that I did not trust Bitong’s skills, but a little caution went a long way -not like she was against this idea anyway.

Barring the Lan family whose abilities I still wasn’t familiar with, I was the only one present who could survive even without an exosuit.

The girls naturally had no objections to my suggestion. They trusted my abilities, and they knew I was the most suitable candidate here.

“Sister… Brother Mo Ke… are you really planning to go out? But it’s dangerous out there, maybe we should all stay here instead.” Upon hearing that I was about to leave the room to test the exosuit, Lan Yue’er was the first to voice her concern.

“I won’t deny the dangers, but we can’t stay here forever. Besides, sis has already hacked the anti-theft systems, so all that’s left is to test it out. Someone has to do this job.”

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