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Chapter 536 to 539: Summary

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

(TL: Sample of the summary I was planning to do if the patrons on Patreon voted to summarize these chapters instead. You may ignore this chapter if you wish, it’s not part of the daily schedule. )

Ke’s Journal Entry #536

I’ve learnt quite a few things from this supposed big sister of mine.

First off, she really wants to have my child…

Second: apparently my strength is similar to that of a Four-star Superhuman. A Superhuman is a human modified by the Federation Research Lab to be more powerful than an ordinary human being. The Newtype Project, she mentioned it was called. Apparently, this has been going on for a hundred years already without any new breakthrough. Fun fact: the scientists have several theories to explain this lack of progress. Something about the Creator placing limits on humans, or perhaps the air has somehow limited our evolution.

Another fun fact: I have no idea what all that is about. But she said I shouldn’t be a Superhuman, based on the test Qiri ran on me; Qiri’s her AI butler. Her first suspicion was that I had been kidnapped for this Newtype Project, but she found no traces of the Superhuman drug within me.

Till now, she has no idea why I disappeared for half a year. Still… it feels nice to have someone put in so much effort for me. Seeing her so troubled makes me feel a little guilty.

She also ordered a new electronic implant for me. Apparently, that’s how people perform basic functions like storing money, monitoring my health, messaging, shopping, playing, etc. It also serves as an identification method. Without it, I can’t really go anywhere or do anything.

Apparently, my lack of an electronic implant was why she initially thought I had been kidnapped by some mystery organization -the Newtype Project isn’t just limited to government organizations. Private and underworld companies were interested as well.

Also, she bought me some clothes. I seemed to have liked long-sleeved shirts in the past so she bought some of those as well. However, the first piece she took out was a one-piece dress. Expensive, according to her. I should wear it, but why does it feel like I’m sacrificing something really important by doing so?

I’m sure it’s nothing. After all, she’s my childhood friend, and I’ve already lost my memories, what else can I lose at this point?

End of Entry #536

Ke’s Journal Entry #537

Ahem… I know I wrote my previous entry not too long ago, but I’ve been learning a whole lot of things since I started.

For example, my big sister, Duanmu Bitong, really likes the dress I have on. But if I’m supposed to have worn this in the past, why does the breezy feeling between my legs feel so weird?

Anyway, I had my electronic implant imprinted into my skin today. Apparently, the shape and color can be altered, something which she told I should do later on.

For the time being, a problem seemed to have popped up. My personal data is gone. Rather, there is no record of me in the system. My big sister was really furious when she heard that.

I still remember her saying:

“What do you mean there’s no such person?! Ke has been living with me since he was born. From kindergarten to elementary school to middle school… how can he not exist?! It must those blasted Federation bigwigs who wiped out Ke’s personal data… blast! Don’t let me find you people… or else…”

She wasn’t very happy. That was why I had her teach me about the electronic implant to distract her. According to her, the shelf-life of this implant is over one thousand years and it recharges itself. Unfortunately, I can’t use it since my personal data is gone.

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The act of operating the user interface for the electronic implant felt rather familiar. Stuff like closing the windows or pressing buttons felt natural to me. Seems like even memory loss can’t wipe some things. Even so, tapping on the air feels strangely new.

End of Entry #537

Journal Entry #538

Another interesting discovery I made today: apparently, this big sister of mine has a doppelganger! That doppelganger looks slightly older than her, and her name seems to be ‘Mama’, according to what I overheard. I have no recollection of ever seeing her, but that’s nothing new at this point.

Based on what little I managed to glimpse, this ‘Mama’ seems to be in some kind of mechanical research lab. Mostly idle banter between the two, but Duanmu Bitong said she wanted to help fill me in my personal data near the end of the call. ‘Mama’ seemed okay with it, but she was quite in a hurry when she said that. Also, she’s coming to visit in a few days.

Turns out Mama isn’t just her name as well, she’s actually Duanmu Bitong’s mother!

Naturally, I wasn’t just being a busybody while all that happened. I made sure to choose a design for my electronic implant. I ended up picking a purple feather in the end. The process, however, was quite strange. I felt strangely drawn to a black feather design, but the color felt off, so Duanmu Bitong suggested I change it. According to her, this feather signifies a Fallen Angel. I chose purple because it just felt right. Also, that’s my hair color.

My personal data was filled out, but there were issues. According to the perpetrator, this is what happened…

“Hmm? Ke’s personal information? That’s easy. Don’t forget, we grew up together. Your blood type and weight have already been measured by Qiri. Your photo was taken as well. As for schooling, we went to the same kindergarten, the same elementary school, the same middle school. Same class as well. I just have to make some minor changes and fill in Ke’s name.”

That was all fine and dandy -I’ll forgive her lazy copy-pasta job- till I realised that she forgot one very important parameter: gender!

“Whoopsie… I think I forgot to change that… tehee”

Nutsacks… she can’t change it till a year later too…

Well, at least she gave me some pocket money to buy stuff. Apparently, it was left to her by my father. I’ll forgive her for now at least…

End of Entry #538

Journal Entry #539

Dear diary, today I’ve come to an important realization. The most important one yet! I want to save all the beautiful girls in the world! Adorable ones too. I will save them all from the vast ocean that is loneliness!

Why? Well, it all started with the games my big sister bought for me. A shoujo game, to be exact. She gave me some centuries-old antique game where you select conversation options from a text box, with the goal of conquering a girl. Simple. Or so I thought.

For the past few days, I was busy playing all manners of games. From the antique text game above, ancient RPG games, to even Holographic games. Apparently, these were ancestors of the VR games we have now. They used an AI to project an interactive environment around me. VR games required a game capsule, which I did not have. Duanmu Bitong wouldn’t allow me to use hers, but she ordered one for me. I think she just doesn’t want me touching her games…

Anyway, back to the shoujo game. Out of all the games I played in the past few days, this one impacted me the most. Those girls… how pitiful! The moment I saw them, I knew I wanted to… Nay. It was my duty to save them all! For that reason, I had Lingling, my new AI, search up an old walkthrough to help me.

Ah… that moment when I got the perfect harem ending and the CG rolled… absolute perfection! My life is complete! Weeps.

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Now. I won’t say I dislike the holographic games – they make the girls pop up, after all. But nothing beats finding that hidden ending!

Naturally, I went to share my joy with Duanmu Bitong. To which she said…

“I thought I told you to only pursue the Senna route?”

“Yes, but what’s wrong with a harem?”

“That ending is a selfish ending. A harem where only Ke benefits. A scumbag Ke like that… should just die!”

I did not expect that reaction. Isn’t it sad that only one of the girls gets the main character in the end? Don’t they have to marry as well? Are you really fine with letting them grow old alone?! I am trying to save lives here!

Duanmu Bitong is just too narrow-minded!

Speaking of her, I’ve been wearing the dresses and skirts she’s been giving me these past few days. But all the male characters in those games all had pants while only the females wore skirts… Have I been scammed?

Anyway, after all some arguing, and some talk of Brother Cheng dying, it all ended well.

“Not at all. I wasn’t trying to make my Sister Bitong unhappy! I just want everyone else to have a good ending as well! But if Sister Bitong doesn’t want that, I won’t insist then… because… because… Sister Bitong is all I have in my life now!!!”

Thinking back on that declaration… how embarrassing… but I really meant it. Saving the world can wait, I guess. There’s no point if Sister Bitong becomes unhappy because of that.

End of Entry #539

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