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Chapter 525: Call for Aid

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Having just sent away Jeerah, another guest arrived soon after. This time, it was a horse, an overlord nightmare steed.

Not too long ago, the Purgatory Shadowcats came seeking Mo Ke. He was still out gallivanting about the Western Human Realms at that time, so they left without result. It was from that point onwards that Mo Na, who had made it her life goal to capture Mo Ke’s heart, started paying attention to the invasion of the undead army.

She discovered that the Undead was searching for something, and worried that they would one day attack the capital as well. That was the point when she decided to send an SOS to Mo Ke. Naturally, she also missed her papa.

The nightmare steed, Mournwraith, was the Overlord of the Purgatory Warhorses. The one who had made the decision to seek out Mo Ke to begin with were the Purgatory Warhorses. Because of his relationship with Mo Ning, he was in a way related to the Purgatory Warhorses… putting aside the question of his gender for the moment. Of the clans in Purgatory, they were objectively the closest to Mo Ke.

Yet even before this whole invasion nonsense, the Purgatory Warhorses were actually quite comfortable to have Mo Ning accompany Mo Ke. As the mate of Mo Ning, he not only had potential, he had a powerful figure looking out for him as well. He himself had three Original Sins blessing him. Strictly speaking, he only required a large amount of souls to reach the Demigod-tier. Emphasis on the word, large.

When Mournwraith first laid eyes on Ferti’nier, he immediately realised that something had changed in the Fallen Angel. As for what it was, he couldn’t be sure. She just seemed more bewitching than usual. Even with his innate resistance to psychic magic, he still lost himself for a second there.

“Overlord Mo Ke?” Mournwraith tactfully asked. “Is that Overlord Mo Ke?”

“Hm? That’s me.” Ferti’nier quickly caught herself. She quietly accepted the Mo Ke label, having no intention of revealing her identity to outsiders. She proudly lifted her head up high and peered down at Mournwraith, lips curled into a mysterious smirk. Such was her beauty that, despite her obvious disdain, the nightmare steed couldn’t help but feel attracted to her.

“It has only been a while but the change in you has been…” Mournwraith had seen the original Mo Ke before, back when he invaded the Purgatory Warhorses. He was a little feminine then, certainly not to the extent he was now.

The fact that Mournwraith was here seeking help from Mo Ke showed that he held authority within his clan. In fact, he wasn’t just any old overlord nightmare steed. His shadow was actually created from another overlord nightmare steed. In other words, he was the equivalent of two overlords!

“Let’s just cut to the chase, what do you want from me?”

“Oh… before that, may I know if Mo Ning has returned with you?”

Faced with Ferti’nier’s overbearing presence, Mournwraith was a little unnerved. He quickly diverted the topic, in hopes of recovering some of his initiative. Unfortunately, even this was proof that she had him at a disadvantage.

“Oh. Mo Ning…” She stroked her chin in thought for a moment, then shook her head nonchalantly. “She should still be in the Western Human Realms. I’m sure she will come home when she wants to.”

That being said, Mo Ning was summoned there by Mo Ke. So unless Mo Ke performed the reverse summoning, Mo Ning basically had no way of returning to Sable Radiance. Unless she was sealed for some reason or another…

Mournwraith stayed silent. Somehow, he got the feeling that if he pressed this issue further, an accident of some sort might happen…

Throughout all that, Mournwraith deliberately averted his gaze from her. His instincts told him that if he were to linger on her eyes for long, his mind might fall into an abyss.

With Ferti’nier’s overwhelming power, even a bug would fall in love with her.

At the end of the day, Ferti’nier and Mo Ke were two entirely different devils. Mo Ke insisted to the bitter end that he was a male, so no matter how feminine his body actually was, he objected to the feminine side of himself. Ferti’nier was a different story entirely. She was the Devil King of Lust. Her ability to bewitch was beyond words. Genderless or not, her very being was enough to enhance Mo Ke’s feminine guilles to its utmost limits. Furthermore, Mo Ke’s body was made in the image of Ferti’nier to begin with, barring his non-existent mounds…

In a lot of ways, this form of subconscious enthrallment was the most troublesome to deal with. Back in the days, Mo Ke was able to make use of this enthrallment to subjugate countless devils. The amount of devils who threw themselves into the fire just for a smile from him numbered in the thousands. Unfortunately, his innate opposition to being treated as such hampered his charms from being fully utilised. If not, there wouldn’t be many in Purgatory who weren’t already kneeling at his knees.

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“In truth, I am here because of the Undead invading…” Mournwraith began to briefly explain the situation, including the fact that over ten overlords from the Undead army had shown up. Initially, he was intending to hide this fact, or at least downplay it somewhat so Mo Ke did not just back out right away. However, he ended up spilling the beans anyway… all thanks to a single wink from Ferti’nier.

For the most part, what Mournwraith came to tell her was in line with what Mo Na had already told her, except his report was more detailed.

With the information he told her, along with the conversation Mo Ke had with Lucifer’s clone, and her own confidential information, she roughly came to a conclusion about what the Undead army were doing here. They were looking for something. She couldn’t be sure what it was they were looking for -a relic; a creature; a coordinate; or maybe even a rock- but she wasn’t about to let them get their way.

Regardless of why Lucifer sealed up this place to begin with, the fact of the matter that this was now her territory! How dare those Undead mess up her backyard like that?!

Mournwraith clearly had his own ulterior motives for seeking her out now, but she did not care. With Mo Ke’s body, she was now at the peak of the Overlord tier. Adding in that Gem of Authority hanging around Mo Ke’s neck, she could even take on an Undead demigod if she wanted.

“Come, let’s have a look see for ourselves.” Grabbing onto a puzzled Mo Na, Ferti’nier flapped her wings with a grand flourish and flew past the capital’s walls.

Mournwraith stared blankly at the distancing figure. His plan was to have Ferti’nier bring along some of the Abyssal golems, but the other party did not even allow him time to make this request before speeding off.

“Don’t just stand there, we need to keep up with them.” Mournwraith’s shadow suddenly spoke up.

“Mhm.” Mournwraith quickly replied then galloped off into the air as well. As he chased after Ferti’nier, he muttered to his shadow, “Brother, have you noticed that Overlord Mo Ke has been acting strangely?”

“What’s strange about her?” His shadow snorted at his face. “What could be strange about our beautiful lady Mo Ke?”


“Didn’t I say to keep up with them?! Hurry up!” He anxiously chided his corporeal counterpart. “Look! Her silhouette is getting smaller by the second… hurry up! If you don’t hurry up, I will take over the flying myself!”

“Right. Right. I’m going already…” Mournwraith nearly sighed in exasperation. “But, brother, are you sure you’re feeling fine right now? Any strange sensations in your head?”

“You’re the one with strange sensations in your head. In fact, your whole family has… I mean… In our whole family, you’re the only one that’s strange in the head! Just look at how generous and elegant lady Mo Ke is. How can you even stand to be apart from her for a second? So hurry up already!”


Ferti’nier ended up flying for a good few hours with Mo Na in her arms before finally reaching the gathering point for the various clans. Based on the distance travelled, she most likely would have taken several days if she had brought along the golems.

The various overlords of the clans were all gathered beneath a volcano. It could be said that the strongest denizens of Sable Radiance were all gathered here right this very second: the Fire Elementals, the Purgatory Warhorses, the Demonic Fire Sprites, the Demon Fire Salamanders, the Purgatory Shadowcats, and even a Demonic Fire Igneous Giant that was taller than the Devil King idol…

Demonic Fire Igneous Giants were entirely made up of blackish-red igneous rocks. They could be said to be of the magma element, but their current form was because of their fusion with the flames of Purgatory. This fusion ended up being a beneficial one, boosting their prowess to new heights.

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