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Chapter 523: A Counter Plan

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Even though the Undead had started their invasion of Sable Radiance, their highest combat strength was capped at the Demigod tier.

At the end of the day, this was a territory under Lucifer’s jurisdiction. Their invasion was against the rules to begin with; but if they were to limit the majority of their troops to that of an overlord or less, Lucifer should not interfere either. Even so, there were already over ten overlords assaulting Sable Radiance right now, and that was only the strength they had shown on the surface.

Because of the seal on Sable Radiance, the residents of the region found it hard to raise their level to that of the Overlord tier. The Demigod tier was a foregone dream. Thanks to that, there was barely any resistance from the various clans in Sable Radiance. Especially not with the large showing the Undead brought to bare; that dimensional link was something they had to obtain.

Dressed in the typical black robes of a skeletal mage, Karlston was the commander of this invasion force. In this expeditionary force, there was no higher authority than him. Yet that wasn’t just because the majority of the troops he commanded were mindless or close to mindless. Undead above a certain tier possessed an intelligence not inferior to a human’s. As for what tier that was, that really was a question of the species.

Karlston’s forces easily swept through the lands of Sable Radiance, scaring away any clan who was unfortunate enough to be in their path. When the enemy was an undead, surrender wasn’t even an option; they would rather you were dead, after all.

In barely a week, Karlston’s army had turned into the main villain of Sable Radiance. No one dared raise any opposition, choosing instead to flee if they even got word of the approaching army.

The clans of Sable Radiance had no interaction so far with the undead army. Rather, the undead army itself had no intention of coming into an agreement with the clans of Sable Radiance. They didn’t need to. Why solve matters through negotiation when you could do it through your fists instead? That was how most combat races thought; the Undead were no different.

Since stepping into Sable Radiance, Karlston had been using the magical tool given to him by the Skeleton King to search for the dimensional link. Unfortunately, he hadn’t had any luck so far, despite his best efforts.

While time wasn’t a problem for the Undead, the whole point of Karlston even leading an army here was precisely because they were looking for a quicker solution!

Yet instead of making progress with his main objective, he ended up only riling up the local natives and perhaps converting some of them into undead. This seemingly wanton destruction spree forced the poor natives of Sable Radiance to band together into a temporary alliance.

But even that had problems as well. The disparate clans had their own misgivings with each other, grudges even, thus they hadn’t been able to come to an agreement or elect a leader. The initial idea was a good one, but old grievances weren’t easy to forget, especially not bitter rivalries…

In order to mediate these differences, the highest powers amongst each clan, the various overlords, came together for a meeting, only to end in failure as well. No one wanted to compromise with the other and a fight nearly broke out in the end.

Thankfully, the fight was averted by the more level-headed amongst them. It was only then that it dawned on them: they had no one powerful enough and also trustworthy enough to lead the pack.

After all, would anyone willingly give up absolute authority to an enemy? The invasion was a priority, but what if the leadership was handed over to a bitter rival, only to have that rival send their entire clan off on a suicidal mission?

At this rate, Sable Radiance was doomed…

Amidst the head-wrecking, an overlord of the Purgatory warhorses suddenly remembered Mo Ke and made the suggestion to elect him as the temporary commander.

This suggestion was easily approved by those who knew him.

First off, he was actually the Overlord of Sable Radiance. He was the ruler of the region, appointed by Lucifer’s clone himself, his authority couldn’t be questioned on this front.

Secondly, while his own strength might not be much to look at, he had a Devil King idol. That construct’s defences were known to be impervious to any tier below Demigod. Plus, it could even exhibit the power of one, should its driver be capable.

Finally, Mo Ke owned an army of Abyssal golems! This was the strongest reason out of the three. Each golem was at least six-star, with some reaching seven-star. Like his Devil King idol, these golems were famously difficult to damage for creatures of the same tier. Furthermore, as long as they had the materials to craft these constructs, they would have an endless supply of troops to throw at the undead army. Even losing a golem wouldn’t be a problem, seeing as they were mindless constructs anyway. At least that was so for the people thinking of making Mo Ke fight for them…

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