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57 Godly Power, Restored

「What a miracle……the dragons escaped without fighting….. Guardian Deity Iris……her power is beyond imagination……」

The viscount said as he admired the dragons’ retreating figures.

Of course, it was the power of friendship that sent them away, but no one bothered correcting the misunderstanding.

「Well then. Let’s break some pots. Suspicious pots only」

Muriel took the initiative in entering the mansion.

「Let’s see. Which pot should This Mistress break?」

「Ah, Muriel-sama, there is no need to be hasty! This floor is full of expensive articles……the pot received from Gashe-sama is in the basement!」

The viscount rushed inside in a panic.

Iris and the rest chased after him.

Then everyone together descended into the basement.

The viscount tried lighting up a candle, but, since Iris created a magical light, his efforts went nowhere.

「Oh, Iris-sama can even create light on top of repelling the dragons……」

The viscount completely became one of Iris’ believers.

「Hey there, Viscount. Even I can create some light, you know?」

「This Mistress too. As long as This Mistress restores her power」

The two Guardian Deities retorted.

「I can do that too, even while being a human…..」

Katie hesitantly added.

The viscount noticed his blunder and spent the rest of the journey in silence.

A gray basement waited for them at their destination.

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It had the appearance of a storage room with all kinds of bottles, barrels, and boxes arranged inside.

There was a locked door deep inside where the pot was kept, according to the viscount.

「I can feel the flow of magical power from that room even without my detection magic」

「I think so too~」

「Viscount, hurry up and open it!」


The viscount opened the door as he was told.

There was a small room inside.

It was only big enough for two humans to lie down.

A plain pot stood there.

It didn’t look like a valuable collectible at all.

There were no guards stationed near it either.

However, it was indeed a pot connecting Heaven with the world below.

「No jaa! Guardian Deity Punch! Guardian Deity Kick!」

With a furious roar, Muriel slammed the pot with her fist.

Following with a swift kick.

The pot broke in pieces without any suspense.

Apparently, its durability was on a level of ordinary porcelain.

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「Ah, the flow of magical power disappeared~」

「True. How is the seal, Muriel?」

「Mumu……the power is welling up within. Let’s test it out!」

Having said so, Muriel jumped.

As a result, she smashed headfirst into the ceiling and fell down.

「Hey, Muriel. Did your two hundred years of stupidity come back together with your power?」

Said Roshe in exasperation.

「No ja……it doesn’t hurt as much as I thought. Great power flows within This Mistress’ body! Godly power, restored!」

Muriel twirled around in joy.

「I’m glad for you, Muriel-sama. As a member of Great Temple of Divine Will, I’m honored to be a part of this」

Spoke Katie with tears on her face.

Is Great Temple of Divine Will full of weirdos who are moved to tears looking at the sight of a goddess smashing into the ceiling?

Well, perhaps Katie is a special case.

「I’m happy for Muriel-sama too! This is the true birth of Three Pillars of Silverlight Barony! Amazing! Accept a prayer from me! Hyahhou!」

Sheryl took Katie’s hands as she danced while screaming.


Katie followed the flow while lacking a complete understanding of the situation.

「My my. Come to think of it, Silverlight house has always been known for its unrestrained positivity. The lord and Guardian Deity are both oddballs. Are they related as a family?」

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Roshe shrugged to the side.

Iris agreed with her opinion.

「You aren’t wrong」

「…..Iris. You are one of the pillars of Silverlight barony too」

「That’s true…..are you grouping us together!?」

「Considering your background, you are quite an oddball of a goddess yourself, don’t you think?」

Roshe grinned as she replied.


Punigami couldn’t help but agree.

Indeed, Iris is a demonic biological weapon of Great Demon King’s origin.

After a sudden twist, she became a Guardian Deity.

Rather strange development, if you think logically.

However, she refused to accept being lumped together with Muriel.

Not as a god but as a single individual.

「She’s family! Sis Iris is family too~」

「…..Eclipse. Do you even understand what you are saying?」

「I do. Everyone living in Silverlight Barony is a friend, right?」

She said with a smile.

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A ridiculously adorable smile.

Being treated by Eclipse this way is a matter to be happy about.

「By the way. What are we going to do with this viscount?」

Muriel pointed at the small figure of the viscount the moment she finished her dance.

At that time, the viscount visibly trembled.

「Un…..the deeds of his ancestors are beyond forgiveness, but the current viscount is an unrelated party. How about we forget about it?」

Sheryl, who was furious just a little while ago, calmed down as time passed.

The tone of her voice turned mild once again.

However, a certain Guardian Deity voiced an objection.

「No. Knew the purpose of this pot all along. It’s the same as maintaining the seal. Didn’t you think that by restoring Muriel’s power you’ll put your precious apples in danger?」

「That….I mean…..」

Bullseye, the viscount couldn’t find the words to retort.

「Calm down. Isn’t it fine, Roshe? It took a while but This Mistress’ power is back. Iris revived the land while I was out of commission. Eclipse is adorable. Everything is great.」

「Is that so?…..If the lord and Guardian Deity say so, I have nothing to add. My father is at the root of this problem and I failed to notice that. And besides, were I a better Guardian Deity, the viscount wouldn’t have relied on that pot」

「Don’t beat up yourself. Let’s get along as neighbors. Both Gashe and his ancestors aren’t present anymore, let it slide!」

「…..Thanks, Muriel. I’m glad to have you as a friend」

「 No ja! Besties forever」

「……Besties, huh」

「Why are you grumpy all of a sudden!?」

Muriel screamed unexpectedly.

Iris and the rest laughed at the side when they saw that.

You could look at her antics forever.

Silverlight Barony of old must’ve been a wonderful place under her protection.

Of course, it’s fine as it is now, but with the addition of Muriel, it’s bound to become even better.

「Alright. The lord and Guardian Deity can’t be absent for too long. Let’s go back to the village!」


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