30 Easy Victory

The black monster noticed Iris and the rest and turned its heads towards them.
Then, it opened its mouths and spat three beams.
Even one of those rays had enough magical power to obliterate the village.

「Eclipse, let’s send it back」

「Un. I understand」

Iris and Eclipse put a reflective barrier and intercepted the beams.
It didn’t only reflect them but even managed to send them back to the black monster.
There was a big explosion and the black monster’s figure was shrouded in flames.
The shockwave reached all the way to the village but was also diverted by Iris and Eclipse.

「Mother, let’s attack too!」

「Yes, yes」

The two dragons simultaneously released their dragon breath.
The already burning monster released an anguished howl after being exposed towards even more heat.

「Un, it’s still in one piece. It’s strong indeed」

「Ah, it’s running here while burning. You can’t go to the village, ei! 」

Eclipse invoked supergravity and made the monster sink into the ground.
With this, its movement stopped.
However, even after that, the monster’s body remained intact.
Even though a little roughed up.

「Amazing. It’s still trying to stand up」

「Eclipse. Maybe you should apply gravity to its insides instead of its feet」

「Insides? Inside its stomach? 」

「Yes, yes. It’s difficult when it moves but it’s still now. Even that thing should die if pressured from the inside」

「Big Sister Iris, so smart」

「A-Am I? Thanks…….then let’s do this together」

「Un, together. Let’s crush the monster」

Iris and Eclipse hand each other hands and joined their magical power.
Then, they made a black sphere capable of applying thousand times the gravity inside its body.


The monster screamed. For the last time.
It collapsed as it splattered the blood around but, even that blood, ended up being sucked inside.
Bones and meat mixed together and it turned into something indistinguishable.
Soon enough, after it was compressed to the limit, it turned into a giant dense dumpling floating in the air.

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「Such magical power………the sisters together defy common sense……」

Said Marion in frustration.

「Ufufu, That how demons should be. Pledging allegiance was worth it」

「Mother! You can’t do something like pledging allegiance! 」

The mother-daughter pair has completely relaxed.
However, they couldn’t leave that dumpling near the village.
That said, they couldn’t eat it either. It didn’t look very healthy.

「Alright. Let’s kick it into space and dump it there」

「I’m kicking!」

「Is this even alright?」

「It’s alright, teya!」

Eclipse accelerated towards the dumpling.
Utilizing the momentum, she gave it an adorable kick.
The dumpling soared towards the sky.
It didn’t stop until it became a star.

「Amazing, Eclipse. You can blow it all the way to space by yourself」

「Something like that is easy」

「I see. As expected of my little sister. Pat pat」

「Eeh, I’m being patted」

As Iris patted Eclipse, she heard a shout from below.
The moment she heard that, she looked down and saw Sheryl riding on Punigami.

「Iris-sama! Patting Eclipse-chan where I can’t reach is cheating! If the fight is over, please come down and share Eclipse-chan with me! While at it, let me pat Iris-sama too! 」

「Big Sister Iris, Sheryl is getting lonely」

「I guess. Let’s return. Marion, Jessica-san, let’s go」

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「It’s not like I wanted to pat you myself!」

「Ara, Marion. Then I’ll pat for both of us」

「Eh, that’s unfair!」

Actually, that monster had enough power to destroy the world but no one cared anymore.
Instead of that, they were busy being carefree.

「……Great Demon King-sama. Apparently, it lost. But be at ease. This time, it didn’t switch sides. It properly died! 」

「Oh, it’s a step forward! I’m counting on you for the next one………don’t be happy that it died! Make the one that can actually win! 」

「Please, don’t be unreasonable. It the first place, I don’t even know myself why Iris-sama turned out to be that strong. It accidentally want well……it’s hard to exceed that」

「Damn it, are there no smarter demons around here!?」

「Even if I’m like that, others often call me the brain of the Kurifot continent」[1]

「Demons’ lack of personnel is too depressing!」

The Great Demon King held his head as he sat on the throne.
However, worrying about it was useless, so he had a drink and went to sleep.

It would be a while before I’ll be able to resume writing it [2]


  1. They are doomed. 
  2. Author’s afterword. He’s totally writing it now, though. 

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