16 Receiving a Pledge of Loyalty

Iris took some distance from the village and landed on the ground.
There was still no grass around here, only wilderness.
In other words, it was okay to rampage on a big scale. It won’t bring any harm to nature.
Marion and Jessica landed too following Iris.

「Fufun. Are you okay with such a deserted place to be your grave? 」

Said Marion in a voice full of confidence.
That being said, only her voice was full of confidence as her limbs kept trembling.
Most likely, she tries to show off before her mother.
It’s kinda cute.

「Well then, the one, who loses his consciousness or dies, loses. Since I’m going to be present, do your best, you two」

As usual, Jessica nonchalantly said something dangerous.
Iris didn’t plan to die as well as she didn’t plan to kill someone for such a stupid reason.
Let’s somehow make her cry and admit defeat.

「All right then. It’s going to be dangerous, so Punigami should stay away」


「Eh, Punigami, you want to fight too? You can’t. Here, don’t be so persistent…ei! 」


Iris gently pushed Punigami away.
Since his body was round, he rolled away in an amusing manner.

「Alright. Let’s begin」

「Y-You can come at me anytime!」

Marion’s voice wavered ever so slightly.
Perhaps, her trauma from the previous two times was showing itself.
Most likely, she planned to have Jessica fight instead of her when she came back home in tears.
However, Jessica, who deeply cherished her pride as a dragon, didn’t agree to this and put Marion through hellish training as she tried to arrange a rematch–or so Iris speculated.

With her being so pitiful, let’s end this swiftly.


Iris energetically jumped and headbutted Marion.


Marion let out a scream of pain.
However, that wasn’t an end of Iris’ assault. She grabbed Marion by her cheeks and twisted.

「Atatatata, itatatata!」

「Do you surrender, do you surrender!?」

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「Not yet!」

「Such a stubborn fellow!」

「It huuuuurts, moooooom!」

Marion was completely in tears.
Iris felt like she became a bully.
However, if she were to give up so quickly, Jessica won’t forgive Marion.

「Marion, do your best」

Jessica swung her tail as she tried to encourage her daughter. It seems that she wanted for this to keep going.

「Uu……how about this! 」

Marion rolled on the ground trying to crush Iris between her and the ground.
However, no matter how heavy the dragon is, it won’t be enough to cause Iris to collapse.
She didn’t mind and kept twisting Marion’s cheeks.

「It huuuuurts! Mou! Let go, let go of meeee! 」

「I will when you surrender」

「Mother will be angry if I give up!」

Marion screamed as she rolled around.
A considerable centrifugal force was applied to Iris’ body.
Nevertheless, she didn’t let go.

「Uwaaaa, you are too persistent for a little girl!」

Marion flapped her wings as she screamed and made an acrobatic turn in the air.
Then, she followed by spitting fire from her mouth.


Iris, who was near the mouth, was hit by tremendous heat.
That being said, that was nothing more than just fire. 「Achichi」would be enough even without a barrier.

「Ah, my clothes caught on fire because of my carelessness!」

「Ahaha, idiot, idiot! Nudist! 」

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Marion said as if she was having fun.

「W-What did you say!?」

Iris’ clothes completely vanished in the fire.
That was my only pair.
I only have my pajamas beside that.

「I won’t be lenient anymore!」

The angry Iris released a strong slap on Marion’s cheek.
It was accompanied by a deafening sound.
Marion’s screamed「Hogo! 」her eyes turned white, and her giant body fell on the ground.
The ground trembled and a big cloud of dust appeared.
In the middle of it, Iris grabbed Marion’s tail and pulled with all her might.
Marion turned into a curved shrimp! [1]

「Hogyaaa! You can’t, stooop, a dragon’s body doesn’t bend that way! 」

「I will if you give up」

「Give, I give up! I surrender! So stop hurting meee! 」

Once she heard that, Iris let go.
Having regained her freedom, Marion ran towards her mother in tears.

「Motheeer, sorry, I lost!」

「Alright, alright. Although it’s regretful, you did your best. Iris-chan is just slightly overpowered」

Surprisingly, Jessica didn’t scold her defeated daughter but instead patted her on the head with her wings.
She seemed to be the type of dragon that could give her approval if you approached the matter seriously.

「All right then. My daughter did her best…….and now it’s my turn.  Fight me, Iris-chan! 」

「Un…..sounds troublesome…..」

Somehow, Iris expected such a development.
With Jessica showing so much concern about dragons’ honor, she couldn’t go back defeated.

「Well. it’s okay, I guess. But would that really be the last time? 」

「Yes, that’s fine. You should stay back, Marion……well then, here I go」

Red magical power gathered in Jessica’s mouth.
Dragon Breath……or so Iris thought.
Several magic circles materialized around her.
Twenty four in total.
Red magical power overflowed from the magic circles as they released scorching beams at Iris.

Their power was in a different league compared to Marion’s Dragon Breath.
However, in addition to the twenty four beams, there was one more coming from Jessica’s mouth.
Quality and number, both were absolutely different from Marion’s.

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A world-shaking explosion occurred.
However, Iris completely guarded against it with her barrier.
Not even a single spark landed on her.

「Ara…..I must admit I didn’t expect you to guard against it……」

Jessica let out a voice of hesitation.

「Jessica-san is indeed in a different league compared to Marion. However, as an opponent, you are no different. Alright, let’s end this」

Iris unleashed rainbow-colored magical power from her body.
Then, she cast a gravity manipulation spell.
She increased gravity ten times below Jessica’s feet.


Jessica couldn’t endure the sudden weight and collapsed on the ground.
She did her best to stand up but she felt ten times heavier than usual.
It wasn’t that easy to stand with these conditions.


Marion approached her mother trying to save her.
However, because of that she was hit by the tenfold gravity and sprawled right next to her mother.


「Marion! Kuh……this gravity magic…..isn’t supposed to last for long, I think…….! 」

Jessica, even in pain, created twenty four magic circles one again and bombarded Iris.
But every single one of them was deflected by a barrier and didn’t reach her.

「I can’t be…..using gravity magic and defensive barrier at the same time…….moreover, this magical power……Iris-chan, are you a demon……..?」

「So you’ve found out.  Yes, I’m a demon. The daughter of the Great Demon King. What are you going to do? Do you still want to fight? I still have some strength to spare」

Iris strengthened the rainbow-colored magical power radiating from her body as a display of power.
The wilderness shined brightly.
Even Iris considered it too bright, so she closed her eyes.

「No…..I surrender……It’s my loss」

And so it was settled.
Iris returned the gravity to normal.
After that, Jessica raised her body……however, she immediately lowered her head and said in a submissive voice.

「Iris of the demon race. I hereby swear loyalty to you」

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「Un. Don’t mess with that village anymore…..wait, loyalty!?」

The conversation became complicated once again.
Come to think of it, at first, Punigami tried to pledge his allegiance too.
Perhaps, it’s normal for monsters to pledge themselves to demons.
Even though eating and sleeping were all Iris wished for.


  1. Some meaning was lost in translation but, basically this means: overwhelmed by someone’s power/assumed this pose

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