Chapter 41 – Honesty

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3165 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1955 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle immediately spoke that person’s name out loud.

“Reyne Miren. Could she be the one who did this?”
“Impossible, she doesn’t seem like the type who would do such a thing…”

Kirsten immediately rejected this possibility right after Mirabelle said it. She refused to believe that Reyne would secretly do such a thing behind their backs.

“It’s difficult to know what a person is truly like. The evidence all points at her, no matter if it’s the fact that she has a conflict with me, or that she’ll automatically win our hunting competition if I’m locked up until the date of our competition. Do you really think that she didn’t do it?”
“Yes, it’s possible that she did it, but that doesn’t mean that she has to be the one who did it?”
“At any rate, she’s the prime suspect. We must properly remain on guard against her…”

Mirabelle’s way of thinking was quite logical. Reyne was the only person who had any conflict with them.

However, Kirsten’s sixth sense told her that Reyne wasn’t the one who had done such a thing to them, and that there was someone else who had managed to sway the elven queen.

-Just who could it be?

At this exact moment, an announcement was put up on the public bulletin board.

[There’s an unspeakable relationship between Kirsten and Mirabelle, which is why the queen has locked them up.] 

Naturally, Reyne Miren also saw the announcement on the bulletin board. Not only Reyne, the other spectators were also pointing at the bulletin board.

“Impossible. Kirsten and her? That girl must have seduced Kirsten in order for things to become this way!”
“Reyne, wake up already. If it was just one-sided by Miss Mirabelle, why would Kirsten also be captured as well? You should understand this quite clearly!”

Mia was standing by her side and trying to talk sense into Reyne while holding onto her shoulders with both hands. By saying that Reyne should understand quite clearly, Mia was referring to how Reyne had previously confessed to Kirsten and been adamantly rejected.

“Anyways, I refuse to admit it! I absolutely won’t admit such a thing!”

At this instant, Reyne turned around and rushed out – she directly ran out of the town’s front gate and outside the safe district.

As Reyne ran, tears kept dripping from her eyes, while the weather suddenly became extremely dark. -It seemed like it was about to rain.


Mia called out her name and wanted to chase after her.

However, an entirely black-clad elf pulled her into a small alleyway.

“The current weather isn’t suitable for going out. You can’t go out…”
“Let go of me, you’re just an ordinary guard, so don’t get in my way when I’m trying to find Reyne!”

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Mia struggled furiously and broke free from the guard’s iron grip. At the same time, Mia also drew a dagger from her waist and prepared to stab at the guard-

“Oh? Milady actually knows how to play with daggers…”
“You must have been the one, right?”
“Whatever could Milady be referring to?”
“Stop pretending. You were the one who exposed the matter between Mirabelle and Kirsten…”
“What are you going to try and say next? Milady, it’s almost about to rain, and children should quickly go home, don’t you agree?”

As the black-clad person said this, she immediately went up to Mia and powerfully grabbed Mia’s wrist.

This grab forced Mia to let go of her dagger, which caused a clear ringing sound when it hit the ground.

“I am an intelligent human being, not a magical beast who doesn’t have any intelligence whatsoever. That’s why your tactics aren’t suitable against me at all, Milady…”

As the black-clad person said this, her hand struck Mia on the neck and knocked Mia unconscious. The black-clad guard, whose face was completely covered, then carried Mia away on her back when she saw that Mia was unconscious.

“The creature known as a human is far more terrifying than a magical beast…”

She said this deeply meaningful statement to the already unconscious Mia.

Mirabelle glanced at the dense clouds outside the jail window. She and Kirsten were currently sitting on the bed and watching the lightning and thunder outside.

“It’s raining, and it seems like it’s a torrential downpour…”
“Yeah. Just how long are we going to be locked up in here?”

Kirsten hugged her own legs and curled up her body. It sounded simple to stay an entire night in jail, but Kirsten couldn’t rest well at all, since she had never been in jail before. She never expected that she would be jailed for such a matter.

“I’m so sorry for bringing so much trouble to you, and even causing you to be jailed.”

Mirabelle glanced at Kirsten’s sad face and once again apologized to Kirsten while feeling great regret.

“No no no, I don’t mean to blame you at all. Compared to me, I think that you should feel even more uncomfortable here? You’re the [original princess], after all. I think that this should be your first time ever in jail?”
“To be honest, I’ve been locked up in a cage more than once before. When I was captured by the vampires, not only did they lock me up in a small dark room, they even chained up my hands and feet.”
“This is the first time that I’ve ever heard you mentioning these things. In that case, what happened to the other elves who remained in the original elven territory?”
“That place is no longer the elven territory that I knew. The male elves were enslaved by the vampires and forced to do heavy labor, while the young and cute female elves have their fates completely controlled by the vampires, like pets…”
“That’s so pitiful. What will happen to the elves treated as pets?”
“Some of them will be eaten as food. Some of them will become eternal blood slaves. A majority of them are just pets without even their own wills…”

Kirsten couldn’t help but show a terrified expression as she listened to Mirabelle.

“Is it still possible for them to recover their own wills?”

Mirabelle clenched tightly onto the marking on her leg when she saw Kirsten’s expression. This was the marking branding her as a blood slave, the humiliation of being a vampire’s pet. This was a brand that might never disappear from her body for her entire life.

“That’s impossible. Their wills were already gone right from the moment of their births. The way of thinking that vampires are their masters will be deeply implanted in their brains and passed on from generation to generation.”
“This… this is basically no different from…”
“That’s right, this is basically no different from being dead already. No, it’s actually something far more disgusting than death. The elf slave must eternally provide blood for their vampire master until the master’s death. Only then will the subordinate blood slave be able to die. This is a process that might take several hundred or even several thousand years…”

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Mirabelle spoke out loud about this cruel reality.

Kirsten recalled how Mirabelle had previously committed suicide, yet then mysteriously came alive again.

“Could it be that Mirabelle, you’re also…”
“That’s right, I’m also a blood slave, a blood slave that was previously enslaved by a vampire. That’s why I said that I’ve been locked up in these types of places more than once before…”

Kirsten pounced into Mirabelle’s arms and felt pain in her heart as she hugged Mirabelle.

If Mirabelle was still the girl that Kirsten had just saved, Kirsten wouldn’t have felt such empathy for her. However, things were now different. Mirabelle Brillana was her irreplaceable companion.

“Mirabelle, rest assured, no matter what you were before, I won’t dislike or be disgusted by you. I will stay by your side…”
“Th… thank you…”

Mirabelle had a look of surprise when Kirsten pounced on her to hug her. She felt really warm in her heart after she heard Kirsten saying such a thing.


The two of them thus silently hugged each other and felt each other’s warmth, which they both needed right now.

At this moment, a guard pushed open the door to enter the dungeon. The guard instantly saw the two girls hugging each other.

“Oh my, am I getting in your way?”

Kirsten and Mirabelle instantly separated from each other with red faces when the guard said this. Neither of them dared to look directly at the guard.

“I might as well give you some advice. Since you two are already intimate with each other to this extent, you might as well agree to the queen’s condition of your marriage so that you can simply go home and be intimate with each other there.”
“This… this isn’t being intimate at all. This is just like a type of greeting…”
“Honestly, I truly don’t understand you two. Why aren’t you willing to just get married when you already have such a relationship? Countless girls have been locked up in here before just for seeing each other naked, and have been forced to get married when neither girl has any feelings for the other. You two are quite lucky already, since you already have some feelings for each other. Isn’t that much better than being forced to marry a stranger?”

Kirsten looked at the ground with her red face while she immediately refuted the guard’s words.

“Stop… stop joking, only Mirabelle and I can decide matters between us, and we absolutely won’t change our minds because of you forcing us…”
“Fine, fine, you two really have such a strange fetish. You actually like being intimate with each other in a jail cell…”
“As I said, that’s not how it is!”

No matter how Kirsten tried to explain, it didn’t seem to convince the guard.

Mirabelle put her hand around Kirsten’s shoulder to stop her from arguing with the guard.

“You can just think of it like that. Now then, why have you come to see us?”
“I’m simply here because the queen commanded me to bring you to her room. The queen wants to have a private discussion with you…”

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“Me?” Mirabelle pointed at herself with great surprise.

“How about it? Will you go or not?”
“I’m going. Of course I’ll go…”

Mirabelle immediately exited the wooden jail cell after she watched the guard unlock it. Kirsten wanted to follow right after Mirabelle, but the guard stopped her.

“Sorry, the queen didn’t say that you could also come out…”
“You… you can’t bully us like this…”

The guard instantly locked the jail cell after Mirabelle came out. Kirsten was locked inside with a furious expression on her face.

Mirabelle walked over to Kirsten and said, “Don’t be angry now. I’ll talk to the queen and try to find a way for you to come out. Besides, at most we’ll just have to get married, that’s nothing much. Additionally, I’ve already said it, haven’t I? I don’t mind if it’s Kirsten.”

“Yeah, hurry back, or I’ll get lonely…”

Kirsten had an expression of being unwilling to let Mirabelle go. Her expression seemed to have already accepted how things were now.

“Alright, I’ll do my best to save you from there, Kirsten…”

Before Mirabelle left, she gently kissed Kirsten on the back of her outstretched hand. Kirsten instantly blushed bright red.

Saying something like [the two of them can’t get married before understanding what each other really thinks] was just a lie. To be honest, after Kirsten experienced so many things with Mirabelle, she really wanted to marry Mirabelle. Kirsten couldn’t help but want to take advantage of the situation.


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