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Chapter 74 – Nim (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1740 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 872 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Nim hurriedly lowered her head again, as she didn’t really dare to raise her head to face them – her timidity was likely due to having been raised in a production facility since she was born. Her mother had taught her ever since young that she should lower her head when meeting others so that she wouldn’t be bullied.

“Ahh, no need to be so reserved. All of us elves are one big family, so you don’t need to treat us like you do the vampires. Oh, by the way, what’s your name?”
“N… Nim…”
“Is that so? Miss Nim, please finish the bowl of hot soup by the bedside and then go take a shower. After that, wait for me to take you to that person. That person wants to speak to you…”
“That person?”

Nim was rather confused, but before she could ask for an explanation, the maid had already left.

‘This is all so confusing-’

Nim was really confused about everything right now.

‘-Just who are they? Are they companions or enemies?’

No matter what, even if she had to do it by herself, Nim would rescue Princess Mirabelle.


-Nim started feeling anxious when she thought about that kind and friendly princess, so she started slowly walking out the door. In fact, she even began to start running in the hallway. However, the problem was that there were too many doors here. Nim didn’t know which door led out of here so that she could go find Mirabelle.

“I don’t care, I’ll just open a door at random!”

Nim decided to gamble and directly opened one of the doors. However, she actually reached the central hall, where many caped individuals were gathered – no, more accurately speaking, they were elves. It seemed that they were discussing something.

When the door opened, all of them looked in Nim’s direction.

Er, had she come at a bad time?

“Good timing. Allow me to introduce myself first. My name is Doris Croft, and I am the vice-captain of the elven royal guards…”
“Vice-captain… Miss Croft? I… My name is Nim, and I don’t have a family name…”
“Is that so? I want to ask you, when you were muttering about a princess while unconscious a few days ago, were you referring to the elf known as Princess Mirabelle Brillana?”
“Princess Mirabelle!? Are all of you here to help Princess Mirabelle? She was captured, so I want to please request you to go save her…”

After Nim said this name, it was as if a switch had been turned on inside her – she became really anxious.

“No need to rush. Do you know where she was taken to?”
“N… no, but the girl who took her away seemed really familiar…”
“Really familiar? Could you describe what she looked like?”

The vice-captain was quite serious as she looked at Nim who had her head lowered in thought.

Currently, the elves’ information network was completely sealed. If the elves could determine the identity of the vampire who took Mirabelle based on Nim’s description, then even the weak elves would be able to save the elven princess.

“She was wearing black and white clothing, and had blonde hair, a girl who appeared to be delicate and cute…”

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Doris widened her green eyes after hearing Nim’s description. Doris appeared to be really afraid or panicking? The other elves also had eyes widened as they stared in Nim’s direction.

“W… what is it?”

Nim was the only one who was really anxious as she asked this. She could tell that everyone else seemed to have really frightened expressions.

Doris was the one who calmed down the quickest. She had probably forced herself to settle down.

“Miss Nim, the vampire that you saw was probably-”

Doris then stated the name of the vampire girl that Nim had described-

“V… vampire queen!?”

Nim widened her eyes in astonishment as well when she heard this.

‘-No wonder Princess Mirabelle couldn’t compare to her speed even though the princess was so fast. I never thought that she was actually the vampire queen. That makes sense now-’

“Don’t panic. Right now, we’re just making guesses. We need to send someone close to the queen’s castle to keep surveillance. We must be cautious. Otherwise, one person might affect everyone here. If what Lady Nim says is really true, then we’ll have to wait on stealing Princess Mirabelle back…”

-No, if the vampire queen kept a tight watch, then it would be almost impossible to steal Mirabelle from her. The odds of succeeding at that were even lower than escaping from this castle. Thus, they could only plan appropriately and prepare for the worst possible outcome.

“Damn it…”

They had no method at all right now. They could only rely on luck. When would the vampire queen take Mirabelle out of the castle? Only then would they have a chance to try and rescue her.

Although Nim didn’t understand how severe the situation was, she was still worried about whether or not Princess Mirabelle could be rescued.

“Right, what exactly is your relationship with the princess? Why was she taking you along with her while escaping from the auction house?”


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