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Chapter 16 – Captured

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3521 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1921 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

How could there be such a monster?

Mirabelle sweated nervously as she kept glancing at the blonde-haired girl who was approaching. Nim called out to Mirabelle in concern.

“I’ve already paid money, so you belong to me. Without mentioning anything else, I’ll absolutely never allow you to escape…”

The blonde-haired girl’s words were filled with an iciness that didn’t have a trace of emotion. She really did sound just like a stereotypical cold-blooded vampire. Mirabelle never expected that this girl who seemed the same age as her would say something so dominating as her first sentence.

In any case, did this mean that this blonde-haired girl was the so-called [Master] who had paid 300 million gold coins to purchase her?

Upon closer inspection, the blonde-haired girl really was quite cute. Her blood-red eyes shone with spirit, and she had a high yet dainty nose. Her cherry lips that opened and closed seemed much cuter than those of any vampire noble’s.

Mirabelle really wanted this girl to bite into her—

No, no, no, just what am I thinking? She’s a vampire, and my enemy. How can I think like this?

Yet, Mirabelle didn’t know what to do in this current situation.

“Stop! A mere product dares to steal another slave? We’ll never forgive you when we capture you!”

The vampire guards below were already beginning to climb up the buildings. They didn’t have the cheat-like physical abilities that Mirabelle did during her ultimate technique’s activation.

Thus, the vampires could only climb up the walls onto the rooftops in order to chase her. Hence, Mirabelle no longer had the time to care about this icy blonde-haired loli in front of her.

-Mirabelle’s primary goal here was to escape.

“I’m sorry about how much money you spent to purchase me. Although it’s a pity that you spent 300 million gold coins, please find a different blood slave elsewhere…”

Mirabelle politely bowed to the blonde-haired girl. She then began to jump between the rooftops and ran off into the far distance. Meanwhile, the blonde-haired girl stood stunned where she was as she watched Mirabelle’s figure fade into the distance.

This elf slave actually dared to apologize to her future master that was about to take away her freedom, and was even confident enough to think that she could escape successfully?

She seemed like such an interesting child. Such physical abilities meant that she possessed a certain [special quality] that Heather was really interested in. For some reason, Heather’s ice-cold heart started beating again.

Heather originally thought that she would never be interested in anything again. Yet, the unexpected occurred. For the first time ever, she became interested in another girl, Mirabelle. Heather’s heart kept beating quickly. This was probably the evidence of her interest. However, Heather was unsure if this was evidence or not, since she hadn’t felt interested in anything for so long already.

-At any rate, all she had to do was capture that child, right?

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“Erm… are you the vampire noble lady who purchased that blood slave? We truly apologize that our auctioned product actually escaped. This is our first time seeing such a thing, so we truly do apologize.”
“No need…”
“No need to apologize. I’ll go capture that child. Since I’ve already paid money, that means that child belongs to me…”

The blonde-haired girl then forcefully stomped with her feet, causing an enormous crack to appear on the rooftop. Her eyes also started glowing blood-red, which was a sign that a vampire had become serious.

-This was evidence that a vampire was using the power of blood in their body.

Mirabelle found to her astonishment as she ran that it seemed like the vampire guards weren’t chasing after her. She couldn’t help but look behind her, which then caused her to widen her water-blue eyes in astonishment.

“Is this for real!?”

Mirabelle’s blue eyes reflected how the blonde-haired girl jumped a distance of 5-6 buildings in one leap. The blonde-haired girl was charging straight at her. Mirabelle never expected that a vampire would be able to keep up with her speed.

Actually, Mirabelle didn’t suddenly gain great physical abilities. She had simply used her ultimate technique, which was capable of modifying data. Mirabelle had swiftly rewritten her dexterity stat and raised it to the maximum, which was how she had her current physical abilities.

Her original plan was to run all the way back to her home, but now she had to change her plan. Since there was a vampire following her so closely, she could only temporarily run around in circles.

Even though Mirabelle’s special ability was to modify data, there was actually a time limit. Currently, she was only capable of modifying data for about five minutes. Using this ability also really drained her stamina.

Mirabelle’s stamina was running out after running for just a little while. Yet, she gritted her teeth and forced herself to continue jumping from rooftop to rooftop, until she reached a place where the wall separated the inner city from the outer city.

The only ones here were Mirabelle, Nim, and the blonde-haired girl, all standing on the same rooftop. Mirabelle was no longer able to keep going as she collapsed on this rooftop.

“Huff… puff… just how long… are you going to chase me for… puff…” Mirabelle wanted to ask this question since there was only one vampire chasing her now.

“Haha, of course until you surrender. What, is this it for you already?” The blonde-haired girl stood next to Mirabelle and inquired with an ice-cold smile.

“Yeah… I can’t go on anymore, so please stop chasing me…”
“Princess? Milady, please let the princess go, and I’m willing to accept any punishment as a product who tried to escape! But, the princess, she…”
“My affairs have nothing to do with you? What right do you have to interfere with my decision? You’re not the thing that I want here-”

The blonde-haired girl had an ice-cold expression as she looked at Mirabelle who was collapsed on the rooftop. No, more accurately, it should be said that the blonde-haired girl saw nothing but Mirabelle ever since the chase started. All she wanted was the elf known as Mirabelle Brillana. She didn’t care one bit about anything else.

“You can disappear from my sight. She must remain, because she belongs to me.”

The blonde-haired girl declared this in an icy voice, sounding like she was declaring Mirabelle’s death sentence.

“D… Don’t joke around, I definitely won’t become your blood slave!” Mirabelle felt a wave of mysterious anger inside her chest. Naturally, she loathed the vampires, as vampires had killed her family.

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How can I just allow myself to be captured here? Absolutely not! Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely not!!!

Mirabelle recalled how her mother was currently collapsed on the ground of their home. Thus, she clenched her fists and used all her strength to crawl, struggling to get up. Yet, she still listlessly collapsed again, as she really had no energy.

“Damn it!”

She was incapable of moving even a single finger. This was the side effect of Mirabelle’s data modification power.

The data modification would only last for five minutes… basically, the data would be restored to its original value after five minutes had elapsed. Additionally, Mirabelle would be rendered into a catatonic state for approximately three to four hours.

N… no, despite this, I can’t lose face as the princess of the elves. I must escape from this damned vampire’s clutches.

“What’s the matter, princess?”

Nim, who was next to her, kept shaking Mirabelle with concern. Nim didn’t have any idea what to do, since Mirabelle had brought her here. Although Nim knew it was likely nothing more than an extravagant desire, she still wanted Mirabelle to take her away. But right now, Mirabelle was actually thinking-

If Nim gets captured here as well, then we’ll have lost even more.

“Nim, since things have become like this, you should escape, even if it’s by yourself. Hurry and escape before other vampires come chasing here!”
“How could I possibly just leave the princess alone and run?”

Tears started dripping down from Nim’s eyes for some reason.

Nim was originally a cowardly girl to begin with. In such a situation, she was of course even more afraid than normal. Mirabelle had wanted Nim to escape, thinking that it would be better for at least one to escape.

“Hurry and escape. If you don’t escape, both of us will be punished, rather than just myself.”
“I agree. I’m only interested in her. You’re really in the way, so disappear for me already,” the blonde-haired vampire stated coldly.

Mirabelle never expected that the vampire girl would think the same way as her. The vampire girl was actually willing to let Nim escape? That was really unexpected.

“She’s right, so you should escape even if it’s by yourself! Nim!”

Mirabelle used a tone that sounded like she was chasing Nim away. Nim looked between the other two with an expression of not knowing what to do. However, her tear-filled eyes soon became filled with resolution. Nim then reached her arms out and blocked the way of the blonde-haired girl.

“Princess! I’m not the type of girl who’s a coward. Princess wants me to escape even though you’re in danger, but how could I just abandon you?”
“Nim… you idiot…”

Mirabelle unwillingly watched Nim stand in front of her protectively.

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However, Nim immediately started trembling all over in fear due to the powerful killing intent emanating from the blonde-haired vampire.

“If you dare to block my path any more, then I’ll kill you. A low-level elf like you really doesn’t know what’s good for her, trying to block my way. She already belongs to me, so she has nothing to do with you. You think that there’s anything I can’t obtain in this vampire city?”

The vampire girl’s blood-red eyes gave off a frightening glow in the night. Nim had been raised by vampires ever since young. She was naturally afraid of vampires, and now her [fear] was magnified to the maximum.

The blonde-haired loli silently glared at the trembling Nim. She then went around Nim… slowly walked over to the collapsed Mirabelle’s side and picked her up like a valuable treasure in a tight princess carry.

“Now then, obediently come home with me. You already belong to me, my cute little elven princess girl.”
“I accept you capturing me, but don’t touch Nim…”
“Haha… of course, that’s no problem, but do you really think you have the right to negotiate with me?”

Mirabelle was currently completely helpless to resist. Naturally, she had no power to negotiate anything right now. Still, the blonde-haired loli didn’t touch Nim, just as she promised. She simply glanced at Nim who was crouching in fear before leaving this place.

The blonde-haired loli then looked at Mirabelle in her grasp. It really was so fun to watch her prey who had an expression of wanting to resist but being unable to resist. Not to mention, this elven princess girl had such a familiar sensation about her.

“Don’t think that I’ll obey you just like this. I’ll definitely escape from you!”

Mirabelle looked directly at the blonde-haired loli with a defiant expression. However, the blonde-haired loli simply smiled. She then said something that truly scared Mirabelle as she held the latter.

“Just you wait. I’m going to train your body such that you can never leave me.”


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