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Chapter 84 – I…

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1170
Editor(s): Robinxen

A terrace where moonlight fell.

Exposing herself to the cold spring breeze, Eleanor did not mind the chill. Her heart was leaden, but her body was hot like a raging fire. A sense of sorrow, like a dull ache in the gut, and a refreshing resolve, like freshwater, ran through her whole body.

Her brother’s resolve. Him getting close to Seletina. The prince and the princess. With determination, her brother took a different path than Seletina. Believing that one day that path would mix and overlap with Seletina’s path again.

Eleanor certainly felt alienated by this. She was jealous of the way her brother spoke with Seletina. However, watching Seletina and Elias, Eleanor had finally convinced herself. At the same time, she also made a decision

That’s why she couldn’t be there.
Eleanor slowly closed her eyelids.

Seletina is departing tomorrow.

The light of resolve twinkled dully in Eleanor’s jade eyes as she opened them again.

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

The day of departure arrived. The sky was clear.

Elita exhaled as she pushed the last of the luggage into the back of the wagon. Caper’s eyes glared at it with abhorrence.

“How great for you that you can stay with Lady Seletina.”
“Fufu. I know right. Leave Lady Seletina to me and you go enjoy your vacation.”

Caper loudly clicked his tongue at Elita’s remarks.

Seletina was to accompany the delegation to the Empire, but she was to have only one attendant. When Caper heard this, he joyfully asked Seletina to go, but his request had been denied.

All because of…

“Hey, pipsqueak. Make sure not to let any funny people get close to Lady Seletina. That’s all I ask of you.”
“Of course. Leave it to me. As long as these eyes can see, I won’t allow anything to happen to her.”
“Be careful of when you’re asleep. Also, try to keep Lady Seletina from drinking. And lock the doors tight. And,”
“Yea, yea. I get it. You’ve been saying the same things over and over again. What are you, a broken record?”
“But, it’s just… You, yourself, said that the delegation is full of men. Of course I’d be worried.”
“If you keep talking like an old man, you’ll become one.”

Elita snickered. It was decided that Seletina alone would be inconvenient given that she would be a lone female, so it was decided that Elita would accompany her. Even Caper had no choice but to accept it. However, he poked and prodded at Elita, hoping that he would be able to entrust his feelings to her.

However, in the end it had escalated into their usual arguments. Surprisingly, the two of them seemed to be quite close.

“That aside, where is Lady Seletina? You’ll be departing any moment now…”
“She’s been looking all over for Lady Eleanor to give her thanks. Though, I’m not sure just where the princess is wandering about.”

I’m running short on time. Seletina glimpsed at the pocket watch and tucked it messily into her pocket. Where? Where is she?

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Seletina strode down the corridor, her golden hair swaying in the wind.

Seletina had no particular feelings about Eleanor’s sudden disappearance in the garden the day before. She thought that Eleanor must have remembered something urgent and left.

However, today… Even on the day of Seletina’s departure, Eleanor had not shown herself once. She, who always cared, worried and looked after Seletina, had not shown up once.

She was not in the usual garden or in the plaza. Seletina had even visited Eleanor’s room but she wasn’t there as well.

Why do I feel so sad?

Seletina’s face contorted.

Eleanor had always been concerned about her and had been encouraging her. She had even looked after Seletina during the time she’d been in a coma.

I… I want to express my gratitude.

With that thought in mind, Seletina ran around the castle.

Her body was warm and slightly sweaty, and her hair, previously groomed by Elita, was now slightly disheveled.

Where? Where is she? ….! There!

Seletina breathed a sigh of relief when she caught sight of the back of the girl’s silvery, flowing hair.

She was on a small balcony that offered a great view of the garden. Resting her hand on the railing, she looked down at the castle with a languid expression.

“Princess Eleanor!”

Seletina’s bell-like voice rang out in the hallway. In response, Eleanor slowly turned around and…

“What is it?”

A slight doubt settled in Seletina’s chest. The atmosphere around Eleanor felt different from usual. The girl that looked like the sun locked her icy cold gaze onto Seletina.

Seletina stiffened slightly but hurried over to Eleanor.

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“Good morning, Princess Eleanor.”
“Sure. I see that you’re still here.”
“What? Y-Yes, I suppose I am. We still have about ten minutes before we leave, so I thought I’d come and say hello…”
“No need. Hurry up and leave where you’re headed.”

Seletina’s voice trailed off in confusion. Seletina’s vision grew blurry. Then, a slight emptiness settled in her heart, accompanied by a dull ache.

What happened to her?

Seletina’s heart felt like it was being crushed.

“Princess Eleanor… Is there something wrong with you today? Did I do something to offend you?”

Seletina inquired, her voice filled with uncertainty. It felt as if she were clinging to Eleanor like an abandoned dog. Eleanor’s clear hostility left Seletina perplexed.

Eleanor turned her steely eyes towards Seletina and let out a heavy sigh. Seletina’s attitude was truly getting on her last nerves.

“Offended? You’ve offended me from the moment you appeared. Do you know how I felt when I was supposed to be the star of the ‘Spring’ and then you came and stole all the attention?”
“And here I even went out of my way and tried to play a kind princess. I was just trying to be nice to you because you showed some talent after the incident. But you have no physical strength whatsoever. Even if you became a knight, I didn’t think you would be of much use to me, so I stopped pretending.”

Seletina’s eyes were filled with disbelief. Her expression distorted with guilt and despair.

In response, Eleanor flinched slightly, biting her lower lip with anger.

“Just when I thought it’d be refreshing now that you’re gone, I have to see your face again. Fine. I’ll tell you my true feelings.”

Eleanor said with an icy gaze that pierced through the frightened Seletina. Eleanor cursed abominably.

“My humiliation during the Spring. The fact that all the gentlemen who adored me turned their attention to you. The way I had to act all kind towards you. The depression I felt when the princes flirted with you.”

With each line, Seletina’s spirit seemed to chip away. Her expression faded, and she became increasingly downcast.

“Let me be clear,”

Eleanor stated firmly, staring at Seletina once again. Gold and silver met, blue and jade colors intertwining.


A spring breeze blew through the area.

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