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Chapter 44 – Darkness Dessolving Into Light

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1164
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Please, dance with me next.”
“No, no. Please do me the honors.”
“Wait, all of you. We agreed I’d be first, no?”

Following her dances with the princes, a crowd formed around Seletina.

Such a development was not unexpected given her exquisite grace, exceptional beauty, and her status as a Duke’s daughter.

Both Melia and Balged were left lost for words at the sight unfolding before them.

The couple’s hearts were warmed by the sight of their daughter meeting the royal family, dancing flawlessly, being in the company of nobles, and genuinely blossoming into a proper lady.

“Unlike you, Father and Mother, I wasn’t worried about anything,” Yennis said as if he’d anticipated all of it.
“W-What are you saying Yennis? Do you really think that I, of all people, would be worried about Seletina? I was confident she’d perform flawlessly from the start.” Balged said.
“T-That’s right. I wasn’t at all worried either… After all, I’m the one that taught Seletina.” Melia remarked.
“If you say so…” Yennis said with a sigh, raising his cocktail.
“That aside. Mother, isn’t it time? She appears somewhat fatigued.”

Melia panicked at Yennis’ remark and swiftly glared at the pocket watch she had tucked away.

The hour was inching closer to Seletina’s limit, just as Yennis had noted.

“You’re right. Thank you, Yennis. I’ll be right back.”

Melia spoke before disappearing into the crowd with a tense expression. Three times a day, Seletina was required to take a specially prepared medicine. And that point in time was edging ever closer.

Seeing his mother push her way through the crowd and closer to Seletina comforted Yennis.

What restless parents we have…

Yennis sighed. He then felt Balged’s hand rest on top of his short, golden hair.

Balged vigorously caressed Yennis’ short, golden hair with his rough hand.

“Father! What are you doing all of a sudden?!”

This hurts a bit.

Balged’s touch felt warm even if it was harsh and unnecessarily careless. Pushing his father’s hand away, Yennis flushed.

Watching his son, Balged smiled and his eyes filled with warmth.

“You’ve grown into a fine brother, Yennis.”
“What’s gotten over you? You’re always going on about Seletina this and Seletina that. It’s unlike you to compliment me, Father.”
“That’s not true. I’m properly watching your growth as well, Yennis.”
“…That so…” Yennis mumbled, scratching his cheek.
“Yennis. What do you think is the most important trait of a leader?”
“What with this all of a sudden?”
“Try and answer.”
“Hmm. Guts?”

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Hearing his son’s response, Balged burst into laughter.

“You too take after Melia on that front.”
“Unfortunately, when it comes to looks, I’ve taken them from you.”
“Hey! What’s with the unfortunately? I’ll have you know that I still get crowded by women at tea parties and such.”
“I’ll tell Mother.”
“Haha. How about we keep this a man-only secret?”

Yennis’ expression relaxed. He was enjoying spending time like this.

Balged had recently been preoccupied with his tasks, while Yennis had been busy studying and practicing.

Although it was a family tradition to gather for supper, they hadn’t had time to speak just by the two of them.

Maybe I should wash Father’s back next time.

Yennis thought while lifting his cocktail.

“So, Father? What is the most important trait of a leader?”
“It’s a heart capable of caring for others.”
“That… seems kind of plain.”
“Haha. Is that so?”
“It is. Isn’t it?”
“You’ll understand when you grow up. There are many people in this world who don’t possess that trait. Given the world we live in, it’s understandable… However, this is crucial for those who lead others.”
“People won’t follow someone lacking in personal virtues. People do not speak of people that lack kindness. You’re a good son Yennis. You have a kind heart that cares for your sister. That heart of yours is more precious than anything. I am truly overjoyed that you have grown into such a wonderful son.” Balged said, stroking Yennis’ head.

This time, however, Yennis did not brush off his father’s hand.

“One day I’ll grow old and the Aldelight territory will become yours. I can’t wait to see what kind of place you’ll make.”
“It’s too early to talk about that, Father.”
“Haha. I guess you’re right. Work hard, Yennis. Work hard so that one day you’ll be able to protect our land and your sister.”
“I will.”

Afterwards, the father and son duo each grabbed a wine glass from the waiter and cheered.

“Although, I still haven’t forgotten how you took my sweet Seletina and brought her into town four years ago.”
“A lot of time has passed since then, Father!”

Father and son.

In a corner of the ballroom, the two were enjoying themselves.

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

“I’m going to grab some air, Mother.”
“Okay. But be careful not to catch a cold.”
“I will.”

Seletina had been compelled to take a remedy that was alleged to be so bitter that it even caused cows to spasm after being led to a different room by Melia.

Seletina’s body had improved a little over the years, but it was still fragile. She still needed to take short breaks during these evening sessions.

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Seletina smiled as she walked out of the room, trying to hide her discomfort from Melia.

I guess I‘ll go to the balcony.

Seletina’s steps were heavy.

“This seems perfect.”

A dry, cool air wafted through the night as Seletina pushed open the balcony door. The chilling sensation on her sweating brow soothed her heart.

I should be careful not to catch a cold.

Seletina sighed and pondered as she looked at the sky.

In the midst of the starry sky, a lovely crescent moon was beaming.

“What a pleasant night.”

The moonlight-colored glimmer of the exquisite flowers in the garden below was breathtakingly beautiful.

Although the Aldelight mansion’s courtyard was exquisite as well, the royal castle’s garden was truly surreal. The moonlight and the garden. Seletina was captivated by the picturesque scene.

And to think I had no interest in flowers when I was still a man.

Seletina giggled.

“The moon is truly beautiful.”

Seletina was suddenly brought back to reality. She hadn’t even noticed the presence behind her.

Seletina’s brain was deeply invaded by the high-pitched female voice that gave the impression of a tuning fork.

The girl’s red eyes glittered like gems burning in the night, and her long, plumage-colored hair that fell to her knees glowed in the moonlight. She wore a jet-black ball gown to match her deathly pale skin.

A monochrome girl.

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The girl casually moved along, standing just beside Seletina. Seletina and the monochrome girl. Light and Dark. White and Black. The sun and the moon. The two women, who couldn’t be more different, stood right next to one another.

The monochromatic girl eventually opened her mouth to speak.

“Good evening, Orthus. I’ve wanted to meet you.”

With a joyful smile, the girl caressed Seletina’s cheek.



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