Chapter 15 – Rage

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 816
Editor(s): Robinxen


The large man who was walking alongside Gil responded to his words with evident confusion.

Gil pointed, directing the enormous man’s gaze to a spot on the ground where something was lying.

It was an arrow.

While the enormous guy carried the Yennis on his shoulder, a number of arrows, that formed a line across the alley, had been falling out of Yennis’ quiver. It appeared as though Yennis had drawn a large arrow pointing directly in his direction.

“God… When did this happen?”

The large man flung Yennis violently to the ground while scratching his shaven brown head with his broad fingers and clicking his tongue. As Yennis fell to the ground, he was completely unconscious.

“Hey! You up?” the large man asked in a low tone.

Yennis, who had just been tossed, twitched a little but otherwise remained lifeless.

“Damn it! It seems that the numbing drug is still active. He was probably unintentionally dropping the arrows. What a pain in the a̲s̲s̲.”

The big man cursed and kicked a nearby trash can to vent his rage. The sound of the large man’s anger echoed through the back alley as the trash can flew.

If you raise such a racket, our pursuer will find us. For the love of God, is your brain built of muscles as well?

Gil sighed and lit a cigarette as he contemplated.

“Walldam,” Gil said, facing the large man known as Walldam, who turned around to listen.
“Don’t make a racket. Someone will find us.”
“HEHE! Sorry, sorry!!”
“And don’t yell…”

Gil said in a fed-up tone and Walldam finally grew somewhat quiet.

He’s as big as an ox and as careless…

Gil thought.

“Leave it. Just pick up the boy. We don’t have time, and there might be someone following us. We can’t afford to mess around in a place like…”

Gil suddenly cut his sentence short.

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What is going on?!

Cold sweat began gushing out from every pore on Gil’s body.

His sixth sense was loudly sounding the alarm in his head, warning him that an exceptionally strong presence was approaching.

Gil swallowed the saliva that had accumulated.

“A monster is coming.”
“A pursuer?”
“Most likely. Be on guard.”

Gil and Walldam’s expressions stiffened as they finished speaking and they turned to look at the corner of the back alley.

Gil gently unsheathed the edge of his blade while Walldam crouched down and clenched his fists.

The back alley was plunged into oppressive silence.

Only god knows what’s behind that corner…

Gil’s battle-hardened, steel-like heart felt like it was being ripped apart like a piece of paper as the presence got closer.

The presence coming towards them was just that frightening1.

And here I was just making plans to tug tail and run if the worst came to happen…


It suddenly appeared. It was neither a demon nor a snake. Instead, it was an unusually young girl with an air of innocence about her. This young lady, however, was not a typical young lady.

She was breathtakingly beautiful. Golden hair flowing down to her waist. Pure, deep blue eyes. Cherry lips, a slender, pointy nose and smooth skin as white as the first snow.

All of these enhanced her beauty, making it seem as if she’d transcended from this otherwise ugly world.

The tension surrounding Gil and Walldam abruptly disappeared as their attention was drawn to the gorgeous girl.

“If I may, the boy lying over there is my brother…”

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The girl’s beautiful lips parted and she spoke as soon as her eyes locked onto the unresponsive boy.

Her tone was as pure and lovely as the spring thaw.

The thought that this must be how an angel sounded suddenly crossed Gil’s mind.

“It seems you’ve looked over him for me, but you don’t need to bother yourselves any longer. I’ll take him off your hands.” The girl said, smiling.

She didn’t appear to be worried in the least.

Walldam broke into a nasty smile while watching the girl in front of him.

“We can’t have that. I’m afraid this lad here is going to have to work.”
“That’s right. Work. He’s tasked with an important job and might not even be able to return home. You see, he’s about to be sold off as a slave. Truly a shame if you ask me.”

The girl kept her smile.

“So that means that you won’t let me take my brother back, correct?”
“That’s right. And… you’ll also be joining him! Don’t hate me for this!”

Walldam said as he charged towards the young girl.

Walldam reached the girl with just one step, doing so at a speed that, given his immense size, was almost inconceivable.

As Walldam’s body overshadowed the girl, he pulled out a rag that was covered in some sort of drug.

But at the same instant, a red fountain erupted from Walldam’s neck2.


  1. Robinxen: Man they’re in for a shock.
  2. Robinxen: I think this is the last chapter I have to edit for Christmas release, so what a cliffhanger.

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