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Chapter 111 – Surprise Attack

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 881 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“BWHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” A cry that resembled a gong shook the bridge at the south gate of Ulbdor. The Gigantian Woodback had gathered all his strength in his arms and was about to swing his axe.

“Kill it!” Imitia, flitting around the giant spider’s feet like a flea, shouted and left the scene in an instant.

Seeing her run, all of the doubts left Woodback’s mind. The battle-axe, gleaming as it reflected the sunlight, finally swung down. A powerful blow burst through the air, ripping through the sky and roaring down like thunder.

The blow, which seemed like it could easily shatter even bedrock, was about to strike the giant spider head on.

“Argh?!” Woodback was brought down by the giant spider’s legs.
“Woodback!” Imitia let out a piercing cry.

The giant spider whipped its head around, changing its target to Woodback sprawled on the ground. With its eight legs crawling in a tangled manner, the giant spider slid across the ground, approaching Woodback at an astonishing speed.

“Damn it!” Woodback cursed out.

The area was already littered with viscous threads spat out by the giant spider. Consequently, Woodback’s huge body got caught up in the surrounding webs, becoming immobilized.

He tried to lift his arms but the tenacious webs refused to let go. Yet, the threat in the form of the giant spider was looming ever closer. Two of its sharp legs swung up and were about to pierce the Woodback’s body.

There was no time to cry out for help or pray.

“GWHAAAAAAAAAAA!” Woodback snarled and exerted all his might to rip his arms off the webs. The skin on his arms tore off, however, he managed to regain freedom despite blood dripping down his arms.

With the will to live and a warrior’s underlying strength burning in the depths of his eyes, Woodback caught the two legs just in time as they swung down.


The giant spider seemed slightly stronger. Its sharp legs were slowly and gradually closing in on both of Woodback’s shoulders.

Woodback’s magnificent muscles shrieked, and the muscles in his arms were about to snap under the giant spider’s sheer force. However, despite his face flushed bright red, Woodback managed to squeeze out a few words.

“Imitia… do… it!”

Right after, a gray wolf crossed his vision. Imitia leaped between the giant spider and the giant, thrusting her wand, which flickered like a firefly, and exclaimed,

“Winter Scorching Serpent! (Gheen Bulg Deo Bevras)”

In a moment, a serpent of blue flame cunningly leaped from the wand wielded by Imitia. It was mighty and long, with each of its scales blazing azure and reaching high toward the heavens.

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As soon as the serpent seized its prey with its glimmering crimson eyes, it roared and devoured the oxygen around it. Heat waves burst from it, and the giant serpent wrapped around the giant spider’s body, and then… exploded.

A blue, rigid pillar of fire scorched the heavens and the earth. A storm-like hot wind blew away the sticky threads scattered around the area. However, neither Woodback nor Imitia were safe from the explosion.

The rolling Woodback managed to catch Imitia’s body as she was blown away, creating a handbasket to protect her from getting hurt.

The giant spider, burned by the blue flame serpent, screamed unbearably. It was a repulsive cry, like that of a possessed woman. The unpleasant cry stirred the nerves of the soldiers of Ulbdor as well as the small spiders around them, riveting them to the spot.

This was Imitia’s second High Magic spell. A Mage who could use High Magic spells twice a day was undoubtedly not normal. She had just taken a Potion, which could heal wounds and fatigue but was not effective in restoring Mana.

Crouched in Woodback’s hand basket, Imitia felt intensely drained and nauseous. Woodback, who protected her, was worried sick about her condition.

The column of blue flame eventually began to dissolve in the sky and fizzle out. The seared air was pushed by the spring breeze, and coolness began to return to the area.

The burned-out giant spider stood its ground. Since its body was originally black, it was difficult to see how much damage had been done by the flames.

Woodback leaned back slightly and opened the hand basket, lowering Imitia, who was still crouching in his hands, to the ground.

“Imitia… you okay?”
“I’ll live, can’t say the same for the spider though. Look at that poor b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲, all burnt up and pathetic. I’m the best mage in the world.”
“He was completely black to begin with.”
“That’s true, but… Argh…!”

Imitia wanted to protest but she was unable to stand up immediately. As she collapsed to her knees, she could not resist the urge to vomit brought on by her Mana overuse.

Her throat seared, her stomach churned, and the unpleasant feeling of the inside of her brain having turned into a cocktail tormented Imitia.


Unable to resist, Woodback raised an anxious voice, but Imitia’s quiet voice interrupted him.

“Woodback, carry me and fall back… Quickly.”
“It’s still alive…”

Immediately after, the giant spider exhaled smoke from its mouth like a steam engine, and its eyes lit up a deep red.

(I will kill you all!)

Its hatred seemed almost audible.

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