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Chapter 105 – Companion

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: Unknown words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“What is that?!” Seletina exclaimed as she leapt out of the Shadow World, resembling a flying fish.

They found themselves outside Leverence Street Gate.

Looking back, they witnessed a scorching pillar of fire that had just burned through the night, similar to the Light Magic of Flowing Shadows.

The pillar of fire originated from the garrison, the same place Seletina and the others had managed to escape from.

As they thought about the people who had helped them, they worried that something might have happened to them. At the moment Eupho placed his slender hand on Seletina’s shoulder, trying to reassure her.

“It’s fine.”
“Fine? But that’s…”
“That’s probably Lady Younashi’s doing.”

Even though Eupho told her that, Seletina’s eyebrows remained furrowed.

That was Grand Magic… I don’t know what she did, but that woman is no ordinary writer, that’s for sure.

“I want to ask something.”
“Permission. I’ll answer as long as I know the answer.”
“Just who is Lady Younashi? Why is she searching for witches? What’s the real reason behind her helping me?”

Seletina inquired with genuine curiosity. Eupho, in turn, shrugged his shoulders.

“Outside scope. I can’t answer.”

Despite the evasive response, Seletina didn’t hesitate or think twice. She hadn’t expected him to answer truthfully from the start.

“In that case, can I presume that you know the answer, but cannot tell me? Or is it that you can’t tell me because you don’t know.”
“I cannot answer your questions in regards to Lady Younashi. I don’t know so I can’t answer you, but even if I did know I wouldn’t answer you.”
“Quite alike aren’t we, both me and that woman.”
“This is what adventurers are. That’s why Lady Younashi hires us, and also why we like to work under her.”
“I understand.”

Seletina replied, exhaling a breath tinged with resignation. She gazed at the perfect circle of the moon in the sky.

Younashi, huh. I don’t feel like being cautious of someone I owe a debt to, but it can’t be helped.

Seletina thought, running her fingers over her slightly dry lips. The image of the pillar of light she had witnessed earlier continued to fill Seletina’s mind.

Only a witch or a being with comparable power could cast a spell of that degree. Maybe a dragon… No, it can’t be.

Lost in thought up to that point, Seletina pushed aside her contemplations. Realizing that pondering the situation wouldn’t yield any conclusion, she considered it futile for the present moment.


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“Sup our dear angel, it seems everything went smoothly on your end as well.”
“I’m not your angel.”

Just then, Lichter and Yopha emerged from the Shadow World. Lichter seemed somewhat out of it. However, having witnessed the Shadow World, no one could blame him.

Meanwhile, Eupho and Yopha, having reunited, exchanged fist bumps.

Seletina double-checked her equipment and securely fastened her treasured sword to her waist belt.

“Okay, Lichter, let’s get going. By now, Lord Zeeney must have discovered my escape from the garrison in Leverence. We can’t be certain pursuers won’t come after our tails. We should head for Ulbdor immediately. Kauf and the others have arranged horses for us a little further ahead.”
“Wait a minute! Why, Ulbdor? Weren’t you just going to escape?”

Eupho asked with an unusual hint of impatience, stopping Seletina as she was about to depart.

“I initially came all the way to the Empire due to some business with the Belbed Caravan. I heard that they’re currently in Ulbdor, so I’m going there to meet with them.”
“Are you aware what’s going on in Ulbdor right now?”

Seletina nodded solemnly.

“I know. I’m aware that it’s on the verge of falling to the hordes of Demons.”
“Question. If you know that much then why’re you going?”
“To help of course.”

Eupho and Yopha sighed in disappointment. They couldn’t hide their flabbergasted expressions.

Lichter noticed the exchange of glances between them and shook his head.

“Just so you know I’m not going to see Imitia Belbed.”
“What? Then why?”
“To fight with something strong.”
“You’re an ever bigger dummy.”

Once again, they both let out a heavy sigh. Eupho then placed his hand on his chin over the face veil, looking contemplative.

“Seletina, how many horses are there?”
“I see…”

Eupho and Yopha faced each other and sighed once more. Then, they turned to look at Seletina.

“We’ll come with you.”

Seletina was taken aback by the unexpected suggestion. She couldn’t help but wonder whether they were doing it out of goodwill, or if there was something more to it.

“No, no, You’ve helped us enough. Lady Younashi’s mission for you was to bring us out of Leverence, right? You don’t need to go to such lengths.”
“It’s fine. Lady Younashi definitely knew this would happen. It’s because she knew that, she sent us to protect you. That’s why we probably have to stay with you.”
“Just what are you… If you come with us to Ulbdor, you might really die.”

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Seletina warned. However, neither Eupho nor Yopha showed any change in their expressions. It was evident that their silent determination to follow her was palpable.

A short distance away, Lichter chuckled at Seletina’s bemusement while playing with his hair.

“There’s no harm, is there? If they want to come, let them. The more people we have the better our odds of survival.”
“I know, I know, but still…”
“You’re both fine with this, right? Just so you know, we won’t be paying you.”
“It’s fine. We’re doing this on our own accord.”
“There you have it, our dear angel.”

Lichter added with a smirk. Seletina had nothing more to say. She nodded solemnly, though she seemed disapproving of the idea deep down.


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