Chapter 177 – Event No. 8 Conquest 2

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1064 words
Editor(s): Fire

—Tebby POV

Immediately as the event started, I launched a message to the sky. It’s not part of some strategy we planned as a team, it’s something I decided to do on my own because my teammates told me that I can do as I like.

If we’re being rational, then rather than wait at the courtyard, it would’ve been better for me to go and capture the other team’s flags. And if I had to be stationary, then rather than an isolated battle area like this courtyard, it would’ve been better for me to camp before our team’s flag to protect it.

But I’m not being rational here. My heart, my emotions, my instinct is screaming at me to settle things here at all costs.

Ah, someone finally-… -arrived!!」

I threw a fireball at the water lance that suddenly flew towards me, evaporating it. A wind blade was cunningly shot together with it, but I blocked it with a wall of fire. This attack is probably from Miss Hermie.1 Just when I was pondering about my first opponent, I felt a chill run down my spine.

「From above!? “Explosion”!!」

A large boulder that was never there before suddenly appeared right above me and is falling down. And naturally above it is Miss Urania. She made a boulder too large for me to burn with my flames and is attacking me from above. As expected of her, I suppose.
Still, my flames don’t just burn. If it’s just a boulder then I can blow it up. Some splinters are falling on me, but it’s no big deal. Since Miss Urania was riding directly on top of it, then she must have sustained significant…… it seems like she didn’t. She judged that the boulder wouldn’t withstand the explosion, jumped from the boulder, ran on a wall, and disappeared. All I could see was the silhouette of her running, my eyes can only barely follow her.

So my opponents are Miss Hermie who is skilled with various spells and the most incredibly speedy Miss Urania. They got the first attack and they’re sufficient as opponents anyhow.

「Now! Let’s begin!」


—Hermie POV

Ugh, jeez, this is crazy…… Seriously, what’s with these flames? He’s completely fired up now…… The once beautiful garden courtyard is now a burning purgatory. A flame serpent is slithering around Tebby and in the sky are several birds of flame. This is all made from his magic, so I can’t help but be surprised.

I’ve been sporadically casting water magic against him, but instead of weakening his flames, it only seems to me like it’s making them burn more intensely.

I’m still doing better off than Urania. She daringly weaves through the firebirds and the flame serpent to draw near Tebby but just like the first time, Tebby counters Urania with explosions blasting the ground along with her. One mistake could result in him getting hit by the explosions as well, so I suppose he’s very much confident with his magic control.

Haahaa…… too close……」
「Oh? Urania, a short break?」
「Just, a bit.」
「I can likely take you out easily right now.」
「Feel free to try. If you can beat that, that is.」

Urania provokingly stares at me. Geez, I know, okay? It’s frustrating, but winning against that is impossible for me alone. No, I realized it ever since the third event. Even with Mahara, it’s impossible for us two. Heck, even with everyone from team C, we’re still sure to lose.

And I’m sure that Urania is thinking the same way. If not, she wouldn’t have gone out of her way to show up right in front of me.

「I’ll cut to the chase. Let’s join forces.」
「…… That was quick.」
「You have, any other plans?」

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Geez, are you telling me that you can read me like an open book? Or is it her instincts speaking? That sounds more convincing to me. Anyway, with this, we have a temporary alliance. Unfair? Let people say what they want. As long as I win, the methods are secondary.

「Let’s do it! Urania!」
「Nn, leave it to me!」

To support Urania who just flew off like an arrow, I used wind and water to create a tornado. The tornado dragged down the flying firebirds on its path while the flame serpent approached the tornado to engulf it. Obviously, this tornado contains volumes of water. It won’t dissipate that easily.

My job here is to help Urania get a clear path. With the birds and serpent gone, nothing blocks Urania’s path and that explosion magic should be difficult to cast rapidly. With no obstacles before her, Urania closes in on Tebby in a blink of an eye.

Her first attack from the front was blocked by a flame wall as though this was anticipated. Her second attack was a roundhouse kick to the back as she pulled her fist back to her body, but it was dodged by Tebby. Her third attack was an axe kick which was then parried with explosion magic.

These attacks were all that my eyes could follow. The sound of small explosive hits continues on. I know that Urania is attacking each time this happens, but how is Tebby even blocking her? Don’t tell me that he’s using explosion magic rapidly?

Honestly, I never imagined Urania and Tebby to be this equal in close combat. Urania is thoroughly focused on hit and run tactics so she hasn’t received any lethal counterblows, but I don’t know how long this would go on. Tebby himself doesn’t seem to be capable of getting the incredibly quick Urania off of him, but all he needs to do is wait for Urania to get hasty or run out of stamina.

Just one attack, I’m sure I can reach that genius right now but I have my hands full controlling the tornado, so I can’t support her any more than this.

Oh? Was I late for the party?」

As the flame serpent and the tornado were locked with each other in the courtyard, a streak of lightning fell upon them as though to tear them apart.


  1. Lyly: Okay, the author definitely read too much harry potter before writing the school arc

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