Chapter 175 – Event No. 7 Wall Break

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1262 words
Editor(s): Fire

With the sixth event finished, Shoggo’s job ends here for now. The performance test is roughly done now and we’ve even done some fine-tuning. So in the meantime, we’ll keep her in Selena’s [Dream] and maybe deploy them during this summer vacation.

『And now, let us move onto the next event! Event No. 7, Wall Break!!』

Whoops, putting Shoggo aside, I need to focus on the event’s progress right now. Matching Sharl’s commentary, I produce several large blocks midair. These blocks slowly fall down and combine together almost as if they were Tetris blocks, constructing several layers of walls, and then a gigantic square wall enclosure. Written on each side of the enclosure is A, B, C, and D respectively to mark each team’s spot, which each participant was pointed towards.

『These walls are specially made by Lady Lily! In the middle of them lies a treasure, so the first to destroy the walls and get their hands on it will be the winner!』

Just as the name implies, the seventh event is a contest of breaking the walls I created. For the placements, the first to destroy the walls will be the first place. The moment the first placer takes hold of the treasure, the placement of the other participants will be decided based on how much they destroyed at that point.

『Now then, allow me to introduce the participants challenging the seventh event! Team A; the very manifestation of firepower! Tebby!! Team B; while she hasn’t had any conspicuous achievements so far, will she have something to show this time!? Kiara! Team C; while not flashy, he has confidence in his accuracy! Kerry! Team D; isn’t his favorite wind magic a bad match here? Magnus!』

Sharl introduced the participants but…… Honestly, I can’t think of this as anything other than a free win for Tebby, this event. These three from other teams haven’t really stood out much in the games up until now. Rather, all teams other than team A seem to have assigned their top rankers in the earlier events.
If I had to choose who would have the slimmest chance of possibly winning, it would be Kerry if he manages to figure out the way to beat these block walls, I guess? Or possibly Kiara if she ever shows her concealed abilities like Jassie.

『And now, let the event… begin!』
「”Flame Lance”」

On Sharl’s signal, the event begins. And simultaneously, Tebby’s clear voice was followed by the activation of magic. All of the flame lance’s destructive energy was directed to the wall to minimize the waste, it’s a nearly perfect “Flame Lance”. A normal wall likely would have been blasted to smithereens by that attack. And even walls produced by magic probably wouldn’t be able to withstand it unless it was imbued with plenty of magic power. However, that’s not enough.

『Tebby immediately went for a “Flame Lance”!! However! The wall is still there! It’s somewhat gouged out and shows some charring, but it’s still going strong!!』

Don’t think that this wall I made would be so simple to handle. Nonetheless, it’s only the exterior that looks fine, the inside is practically crumbling already. I designed it with the intention of resisting even Tebby’s magic in mind, but it seems that Tebby is much better in magic manipulation than I expected, as the destructive impact completely affected the insides.

「How about this! “Explosion”!」
『Tebby now used detonation magic! It’s a more powerful attack than the “Flame Lance”! The first wall crumbles away!!』

The first wall that already took plenty of damage with the first magic crumbled, unable to withstand Tebby’s “Explosion”. As expected of the sorcerer specialized in the fire attribute magic which is specialized in destruction. If there’s a next time, I should assign Tebby to event management instead…… Honestly, the other students wouldn’t be able to compete with him.

『Tebby quickly destroyed his wall, but how are the other teams faring!?』

Following Sharl’s words, the video feed on the midair monitors changed from Tebby to the other students. Kiara and Kerry are tapping the walls and hitting them with weak magic, seemingly trying to examine something. Both of them don’t have high-powered magic, so they’re likely searching for points that can be destroyed even with weaker power.

What they’re doing is not wrong. There are two methods of defeating these walls. The first is to repeat high-impact high firepower magic as Tebby did. The power of the magic, the ability to manipulate so that the impact hits the wall properly, and the magic power to repeat this are necessary for this one.

The other is to find the weak point of the walls like they’re doing. If you keep in mind how these walls were blocks that fell down at first, it should be clear this isn’t one big solid structure. It’s just that blocks of varying sizes locked together intricately and became one wall. Because of that weak links on the wall where the blocks lock together exist.

「Should be here.」
「It’s here!」

It seems like the two of them discovered their wall’s weak link at nearly the same time. The two fired magic on these places and successfully collapsed a part of the wall.

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The two tilt their heads simultaneously, but just because it’s a weak link doesn’t mean that it would instantly destroy the wall in one hit. Even if you attack a weak link of a wall made of numerous blocks, only one portion will get destroyed. Still, it seems that they’ve immediately realized that as they searched for more weak links to damage them.

『Kiara and Kerry are steadily destroying their walls. Team C seems to be going somewhat faster? As for Magnus, he’s gone all rapid fire! He’s firing off magic one after another! However, he seems to be somewhat lacking in power!? The wall isn’t taking much damage!!』

In contrast to the two steadily demolishing their walls, team D’s Magnus plans to do it like Tebby and destroy the wall with multiple spells. Having said that, a wall that Tebby couldn’t break in one hit would never be broken so easily and it seems like he’s casting continuously as much as his magic power will allow him.

「”Wind Slash” ”Flame Arrow” ”Flame Lance” ”Tornado” ”Flame Sword” ”Wind arrow” Dammit! Nothing’s working!!」

The wall seems to be gradually getting chipped, but since each attack on its own is too light, it can’t quite collapse the wall. I made this to match Tebby’s firepower, but I might have made it too sturdy.

『Whoops! While we were observing the other teams, Tebby had broken through the third wall! There’s only one wall left!!』

While the three are still struggling with the first wall, Tebby has broken through the third wall in a blink of an eye. And then he immediately started preparing to destroy the last wall.

「This is the end. “Explosion”」
『Tebby! He easily broke the last wall and took the treasure inside! This marks the end of the event!!』

The seventh event was undoubtedly Tebby’s complete domination and Tebby finished in first place. The second place was taken by Kerry who diligently damaged the walls, the third Kiara as she was lacking in power, while Magnus ended up in fourth place as he couldn’t destroy the wall.

With this, there’s only one more event. This long Magic Mastery Festival is now nearing its end.


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