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Chapter 92 – Sniff, Sniff, Lick, Lick

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1092 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Uh, um, Urania?」
「Est is watching us, so…」

Est is the name I gave to the former slave girl. It’s inconvenient if she stays nameless, considering that she’ll be at my side from now on. I base her name on Estelle, a name which means star. I named her so in hopes she’ll find her own brightness, even if she still can’t see any meaning or value in her life right now.

「Nn, I’m showing her.」
「Punishment. Est, don’t move from there.」
「I-if the Missus orders so.」

Est might have misunderstood something, as she seems to think ‌Urania is my wife. Well, sure, she is right in a sense since we are lovers, but our relationship still isn’t at that level. Urania, however, who previously was against my decision to keep Est close, was ‌delighted upon hearing Est call her that.

After this, while I couldn’t correct her, the servants of the mansion only watched over us with warm smiles with no one chiding us about this. Well, yeah, it’s fine. Honestly, I’m still not ready for it, but I do hope that we’ll reach that point‌.

The issue here isn’t that though, it’s Urania ‌on my lap. Other than that, it would be my hands ‌tied behind the chair and Est obediently sitting on the bed with her eyes on us.

「H-hey, Urania?」
「Can we at least do this with no one- 「No.」 」

My suggestion was immediately rejected. Why…

Presently, Urania is sitting on my lap. That ‌is still fine and all, but Urania is ‌nuzzling her nose against my neck. Earlier, I felt so ticklish that I tried to squirm away, which resulted in her using the leftover “Bind” magical item to tie me to the chair.

「Fuuu…… haaa…… fuuu…… haaa……」

I guess she’s done enough nuzzling, since this time she took deep breaths ‌close to my head, neck, and chest. It seems like she has some sort of rotation going on, as she first nudged her forehead against mine and took deep breaths as if to take in the scent. From there, she traces the side of my head, moving down to my nape, then deep breaths again. Then from under my jaw to my chest with another deep breath. After that, she moves away for a moment and then back to my head, repeating the process.

「Aahmn… Nhmn…… Pwahmn…」

After several rotations, I felt a sudden tickle from my ear, causing me to involuntarily shriek. It looks like Urania ended the previous rotation and started nibbling on my ear instead.

「Lily, shut it.」
「Mnh!? Nmgh-!」

I was then about to protest by reflex, but Urania sealed my lips and blocked me off. She then entered a new rotation, now licking the tip of my nose, then my lips, which she then turns into a kiss, all while nudging our foreheads together. After repeating that for a while, she drags her tongue from my nape to the base of my ear, which she then nibbles on once again.

I can see Urania’s tail wagging vigorously in the corner of my eye, and her ears standing straight up as she breathes deeply on my chest… Wait? Isn’t this that thing, how dogs show affection!? There were kisses slipped in too, so it’s probably a level higher than that, but if I think of it that way, Est watching should be……

With that in mind, I stole a glance at Est’s direction and saw her holding her hands over her eyes. However, considering how wide the space between her fingers are, how red her ears are, and how she’s literally squealing in a small voice, she’s absolutely watching.

And her reaction ‌isn’t of someone watching a dog and her owner, but that of a young girl seeing some stupid love birds flirting in the streets. That’s right, now that I think about it, since beastkin like Urania are the majority in this world, this way of showing love between lovers might be the default instead.

「Mnh… lickchuu…」

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Ahh, this is bad, I’m feeling embarrassed again. As that went through my mind, Urania surprised me with a lick on my chest. Naturally, since it’s only on the part exposed by the slightly opened collar of my dress, it didn’t reach my cherry tops. It startled me, causing me to let out an uncharacteristic gasp.

「Waaait! Stop! Stop it, Urania!」
「Mmn… chuu

Despite my flustered pleading, Urania’s head steadily dug itself under my clothes. Still, it probably couldn’t go too deep with only that narrow collar opening. Urania momentarily retreated and this time, she began cramming her head in from the bottom hem of my blouse.

「Wait! That’s even worse! Urania!!」
「Mn… No… Objections are forbidden.」

It felt as if a strong current ran through my spine. I then felt a stinging pain and a sweet numbing sensation flowing into my head. It’s nothing I’ve ever felt before. Honestly, I thought nothing could feel like this. Because of this shock, my protests and objections were swept away.

The “Bind” restricting my arms were originally cast by me, so I can always remove them if I wanted to. And while Est is in this room on Urania’s order, it’s not like she’d prioritize Urania’s orders over mine. I accepted all of this exactly because it’s my punishment.

However, what’ll happen from here on isn’t something we can just show.

「Mnh…… Nn?」

I undid “Bind” and embraced Urania, who’s still under my clothes.

「Est, could you leave the room for a while?」
「Hye-Yesh! Shertainly!」

I then had Est exit the room. Everybody in this mansion knows that Est was the earlier intruder, but ‌everybody is also aware of my intention of sheltering her. Many of the servants sympathize with her, so some maids would probably look after her. Reina might even give her some proper attendant training.


I stood from the chair with Urania still in my arms and dove into the bed.

「That’s enough punishment! Now it’s time to have some fun!」

Well, only as much fun as I can endure though.1


  1. Silva: Are we moving to the R18 realm? Or is the author going to do a mini time skip to put a damper on our b*ner? Find out in the next chapter! NEXT WEEK!
    Fire: Dammit! Leaving us in the dust like this!

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