Chapter 62 – Confrontation

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2756 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1278 words
Editor(s): Fire

「I plan to introduce you to my grandchild Adan as we have dinner. In the meantime, how does a three-day test period sound to the both of you?」
「Nh, no problem.」
「It’s alright.」

We didn’t hear anything about a test period but since a number of tutors have run away from the Iglesio estate up until now, it’s probably important to them. After all, you’ll be wasting a lot of money if you keep paying people that would just end up running away.1

「We’ve prepared a room for the two of you on the second floor. O~i, could you guide them to their room?」
「Yes, understood.」

After old man Kent called out loud, a maid silently arrived right behind us.

「Well then, allow me to guide you to your room. You two will be staying in a double room, will there be any problems with that?」
「No, please guide us there.」

The place we were led to was a small, cozy room furnished with two beds. The reason it feels small probably is because the place might just be a single room fitted with furniture for two people. The bed is a bit worse compared to the dream bed I made but besides that, it’s the most comfortable bed I’ve ever laid down on in this world.

For now, I decided to hand some stuff over to Urania while we have some free time. This time, us D-rank adventurers are going to need to take this Adan kid down a peg or two. To do that, me and Urania are going to need to have a few anti-magic tricks up our sleeves. I don’t think we’ll be able to humble him immediately during this dinner, but nothing beats being prepared.


As we were doing various preparations, we were called for dinner, so we decided to get ready to head out. With 【Dream Fabrication】, I made myself some new clothes. I’m still reluctant about wearing skirts, so I decided on a deep navy trouser-style dress. It seems like Urania brought her own clothes, a bright blue one-piece dress, and it looks really good on the adorable Urania.

 「My my!2 What lovely dresses you have! How adorable, truly fitting of being called “Faires”!」

As we arrived at the dining room, grandma Fiona suddenly stood up and began praising us to death with her hands clasped together. Seeing her excitement, Urania and I ended up getting bright red from the embarrassment.

「This grandma is extremely fond of cute things, you see. Ho ho, we shouldn’t keep our guests standing, right?」
「Oh, my apologies. Come here, sit down. Would you two be fine with grape juice? Wine? No can do, wine is for adults only. Oh? You two are already adults? Hmm, but still… right?」
「Ahh, haha. We’re fine with just the juice.」

Seeing grandma Fiona continuously talking nonstop without listening to us, it really gives me the old auntie feel. Look, your granddaughter sitting right in front of us is getting real pouty… wait? A girl?

「Does everyone have a drink now? Well then, before we have a toast, let’s finish the introductions. These are our guests, D-ranked adventurers Ms. Lily and Ms. Urania. And this is my grandchild, Adan.」

No matter how I cut it, the grandchild old man Kent introduced to us was clearly a girl. She had white hair and a healthily tanned skin. Her looks paired with her white one-piece dress gives the impression of an active young lady, but the look on her face ruins it all.

She had a displeased look up until earlier but the moment her glass of grape juice arrived, her expression instantly warped into a grin. A grin clearly saying that she just thought of something.

「Now then, a toast to our new meeting, cheers!」

That’s right, the moment we all raised our glasses and everyone except the girl said their cheers, she took action and hurled the contents of her glass at Urania.3

「Ha! D-ranked adventurers? There’s nothing these weaklings can teach me! Go home drenched wet!」

It seems like we’re going to have to educate her immediately. She’s not even looking at what’s happening right in front of her. In contrast, her smugly puffing her chest makes me cringe.

「Haha, your granddaughter is pretty energetic.」
「Nh, reminds me of my little brother.」
「What are you playing it cool… for…?」

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He, or rather she, finally shifted her sight on the table and was left surprised. I caught the grape juice Ada4 splattered before it reached Urania and turned it all into a floating purple ball of juice. And since I naturally can’t just spill it all over the table, I slowly emptied5 my glass of grape juice and moved the purple ball above my glass before undoing my magic.

With a snap, the ball turned back into normal juice and perfectly fell into my glass. Since I noticed what Ada intended to do from the look on her face, I prepared a “Levitation” magic beforehand. I already gave Urania a ring loaded with “Barrier” magic, so she would’ve been safe even without me doing anything. Still, since I’m next to her and there’s really no need to go out of the way to show our cards when it’s not even an emergency, I decided to block it with magic.

M~m, the juice is really good. And Ada, don’t be so wasteful like that, slowly savor the taste.」

Saying so, I once again cast “Levitation” on the grape juice in my glass and launched it to the glass in Ada’s hand.6

After that, she silently finished her food and immediately went back to her room, so I guess she didn’t like the fact that her first prank missed. Well, this is probably good enough for our first contact.

「My apologies. She really doesn’t lend an ear to my words.」
「I guess that’s a bit unexpected. Still, it’s alright. We’ll manage somehow.」

It seems like she listens to her father, the Sage of Leo, but she practically ignores old man Kent’s words since he didn’t inherit the title of sage.

「Rather, your grandchild was a girl?」
「What? You didn’t know?」
「Well, the name…」
「Ahh, well about that…」

The Sage of Leo had been men for generations. In their long history, there have been several female sage candidates, but none of them held the title of sage. However, the Sage of Leo four generations ago gave his daughter a masculine name. That lady was old man Kent’s grandmother, who although was a woman, managed to become a sage without any issues and fully demonstrated her talent and capabilities. Ever since then, the Iglesio household has made it a tradition to give their children, even their daughters, masculine names, he said.

「Now then, what are your thoughts?」
「If it’s all just like the one earlier, then it’s pretty cute. Not a problem. The problem is, if we will be able to meet up with her from tomorrow on. It seems like she doesn’t like us after all.」

Well, from how she looked, she’ll probably just come to mess with us on her own. First, we should counter her then make her acknowledge us herself.


  1. Lyly: Yup, need to hire trustworthy people
  2. Lyly: Definitely not an Ara ara moment, but same energy
  3. Lyly: Killkillkillkillkill
  4. Silva: Here Lily changed the way she addressed Adan to Adan-chan, which is a cutesy way of calling someone, so I opted to use Ada instead of Adan.
  5. Silva: Drank
  6. Lyly: Stay stylish, stay cool
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