Chapter 29 – Made some Desserts too

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

Urania repeatedly praised my cooking, but it was really no big deal. Well, moving the molecules just like in a microwave oven did considerably speed up the cooking process, but what I made was no match for a professional’s food made with time, effort and care. Besides, I’ve tasted better food too. If you give my cooking fifty points for its taste, then the ”Gray Cat’s Inn” owner’s cooking would be about five hundred points more delicious than mine.

Still, being told that my cooking’s delicious makes me feel it was all worth the effort. While I’m at it, I make a simple dessert from the Ria fruit Urania picked outside and also a dried potato from our stock of preserved food. The Ria by itself is too sweet, but this world’s potatoes are really light in flavor, so mixing them would make it taste just right. I’m basically just using the potato as filler.

I vibrate the Ria’s molecules, heating it up and removing its moisture, and diced it into cubes. Then I do the opposite to the potatoes, heating it while adding the removed water from the Ria, crushing it and mixing it up. Then I mixed the two of them, mold it in to shape, and then toast it using a light “Burn” Magic, completing a simple snack. I really wanted to cook it on the frying pan, but I still don’t have the confidence in controlling molecular motion that well.


Urania putting her hand on her cheek while saying that was quite charming. In the past, I saw a commercial saying 「I like girls who eat a lot」 or something, but looking at her smile, right now I really think so too.

「Whoops, I ended up being swept by the mood and cooked more, but we were in the middle of deciding our current objective, right?」
「That’s true.」

Yeah, since I said I can make something as simple as a soup, Urania was brimming with curiosity and took an interest in it, so I ended up cooking more, but we were supposed to be in the middle of discussing whether or not we’d stay here for the night. Still, I may have taken a short time to cook it, but as we were already cleaning up before I started cooking dessert, a lot of time already passed. So right now, it’s already sundown.

「We’ve already fixed the food problem. There’s no problem spending the night here.」
「Well, that’s true, but…… umm…… is it really alright? Maybe I should just go……」
「Enough, I’m getting real irritated with you.」

Saying so, Urania places her hands on her hips and scowls at me with a displeased look. Bringing up something that she’s not worried about is annoying, she says. And after preparing her food, what am I even saying right now. If she hated me then she wouldn’t even touch the food I made, and would even immediately get away from here. Yup, she’s really angry at me.

「That’s all, we’re done. We won’t talk, about this anymore.」
「No, that’s…」
「We are, done.」
「…… Understood.」
「Also, if you get hungry, just tell me. Sucking my Life Essence, is fine.」
「No, that’s-!」
「Then, will you suck from other people?」
「Then, suck mine. Can you control yourself?」
「That’s-, Of course. It’s alright now, I think. But, umm, we have to do that, you know?」
「If it’s just a kiss, then I don’t mind. (Rather, you doing it with others, is bad.)」

Hm? I couldn’t quite hear that last part, but if Urania says so, then I don’t have any reason to refute her. And she even ends up saying 「Or, do you hate, doing it with me?」 sounding a bit depressed, so I just lost my right to refuse.

Rather, what am I even doing, making this good girl feel depressed. Now I’m just being a disgrace of a man, right? Well, I’m a woman now, though.

That’s why I should man up right now. Doing this on purpose is really embarrassing, but I should probably be the one to take the initiative. I slowly approach Urania and……

「I’m sorry. I don’t hate it. Rather, I’m re~ally happy about it. From now on, I’ll be relying on you.」
「You’re getting, too carried away.」

After kissing Uranina, she goes ‘Hmph~’ and looked away from me. Still, I know that she isn’t really rejecting me. Since I’m a Succubus, with a kiss, I can read other people’s thoughts on the surface. If I do something even more intimate, then I can read appropriately deeper thoughts, but that doesn’t matter right now.

But of course, if Urania really hides her displeasure then I probably can’t tell, but from what I feel right now, it seems that she doesn’t hate it for real.

After that, we had another argument about who should stay up for the lookout. In contrast with Urania, who doesn’t want me to be the lookout because I just recovered, I also want to let her rest, since I ended up sucking out enough Life Essence to make her pass out, so we ended up arguing for a while.

Since we had no other choice, we decided to both rest at the same time and I secured our safety by casting “Mirage” at the cave’s entrance, camouflaging it with Magic, and layering it with a Magic barrier to obstruct the entrance using “Protect”. We decided to rest, but……

「Why the same bed?」
「Since there’s only one, of course.」
「No, well, we have sleeping bags too, though…」
「You can properly rest, when sleeping in a bed. Besides, it’s wide enough.」

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Yup, Urania and I are sleeping together in the same bed. I haven’t thought about the size when I made it earlier, but this bed has more than enough space for the two of us to lie down. Of course one of the main reason for that is probably because we’re both small, though.

Although I could make another one with 【Dream Fabrication】, if Urania starts asking me where it came from, I’m not going to be able to gloss it over, and as expected, two beds this big stored inside my Storage would be too suspicious. That’s why I insisted on using the sleeping bag, but since we ended up going back to the same argument, it’s decided that we use the same bed.

Frankly, our conversation earlier ended up making me over-conscious about a lot of things, so this is a bit hard for me; but since Urania is sleeping by my side with complete faith in me, I can’t betray her trust. I’d probably continue feeling anxious until morning, is what I thought, but it seems like you really can’t ignore your body’s fatigue. I ended up falling asleep unexpectedly easily.


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