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Chapter 18 – Gossip

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

「Yeah. A female solo, who’s a Mage, and can use Storage Magecraft. And in addition, made Philip faint and so on. Each one is a subject for discussion.」

It seems like the number of female adventurers is quite low. With the rate being one female for every five males, and since most adventurers have already formed parties, they end up forming parties with other female adventurers. That’s why free girls like me are rare, it seems.

At the same time, it seems like free Mages themselves are quite rare too. Generally, after learning the basics from Training School, most end up forming parties with fellow Training School students. Rather, there’s a Training School, huh. I feel like visiting for a bit, but can I still enroll now…?

And topping it all off was Storage Magecraft. To be exact, mine is the Race Skill 【Dream Storage】 so it’s different from that, but the part where you can put things away is the same. By the way, my 【Dream Storage】 takes the target into my dream. As the dream is a space which I can change as I want, I can maintain the target’s state as much as I like.

Well, so to speak, I can stop time and stop things from rotting, and conversely, I can speed up time and make things age and weather. I can also manufacture and process things as much as I want, but I can’t make something from nothing, so raw materials become necessary. It may seem a bit useless since I can make things by using 【Dream Fabrication】, but things created by using 【Dream Fabrication】 are just dreams, after all. If I need food or things that will most likely lose their original form, then preparing it using 【Dream Storage】 would be the only valid option.

And about the Storage Magecraft used by other people. I’m told that it uses Magecraft to create a small-scale dimensional pocket where you can store things inside. The amount that can be stored reflects on the amount of Magic Power the caster had at the time of creation, and since it seems like the Spell Formula used to make the pocket dimension has various descriptors that can be appended, the state inside the pocket dimension can be modified. Of course modifying it will cost more Magic Power, so most Storage Magecraft users just put most of their Magic Power into enlarging the space, or so I’m told.

「That’s why everybody knows about you. Specifically, everybody’s desperate to have you in their party.」
「Like this?」
「Yeah, like that.」
「You damn brat! Don’t ignore me!! I’m telling you that the D Rank Party “Gale Viper” is going to make use of you!」

I was listening to the dog-eared girl aka Urania’s gossip, and like this, some jackass just suddenly comes to grab me. As expected, it seems like I’m a person that everybody really wants to take into their party, but since it’s also become a rumor that I’ve turned down Grim March’s invitation, the more decent parties just look from afar without calling out to me.

But the idiot calling out to me right now is different. They look down on “Grim March”, saying that the party only ranked up this far because of luck and even spoke of their terribly stupid delusion that 「The only reason we’re stuck on D Rank is because the guild’s holding us back!」 proving them to have stupidity beyond saving. Obviously, I don’t intend to join a party with those kinds of people in it…

「Uhh, I can do them in, right?」
「If it’s between adventurers, as long as there’s no one injured, it’s fine.」
「Okay, well then. I ask, with the black chains of restraint, let this insolent fool be “Bound”!」

Making up a random chant, I used “Bind” Magic. This way there won’t be any wounded and now that I even sealed his mouth, I can go without hearing that unbearably annoying voice. I did considerably hold back more or less, but he couldn’t even react. Aren’t you too weak?

「Damn ⓑⓘⓣⓒⓗ! Don’t get cocky!!」
「You want to ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓘⓝⓖ die!?」

It’s probably “Gale Viper’s” members, the crude idiots put their hands on their swords. Right now, we could just end it as a foolish dispute, but you won’t be able to avoid punishment if you draw those, you know?

The others also seem to have noticed “Gale’s” intent and started getting flustered. Well, it’s also my fault for provoking them by purposely ignoring him because I got irritated by his excessive arrogance. Luckily, if I restrain them with “Bind” now, we can probably still gloss it over. In that case……

「I as-「What’s this commotion!?」」
「It’s the Guild Master!」

When I promptly started casting my fake chant, a loud angry voice echoed through the guild. It seems like the Guild Master of Motsi’s Adventurer Guild has arrived. It’s a common plot cliche, but when the Guild Master gets involved things turn into something big.

「Master! Punish her! Even though our Leader was going to kindly teach her the basics, she just suddenly used magic!!」
「Is that true?」

Like that, a guy from “Gale” fed the Guild Master some half-truths, but things don’t work that easily.

「It’s ⓑⓤⓛⓛⓢⓗⓘⓣ. When I was having Urania teach me some things, the guy lying over there suddenly forced himself in our conversation and started soliciting me into his party. Since I don’t feel like joining anyone’s party for now, I ignored him but since he suddenly grabbed hold of me, I restrained him for my own safety.」
「Are there no discrepancies?」
「Also, they were about to draw their swords.」

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I indifferently explained the truth, and the Guild Master asks Urania for confirmation. Urania nodded silently, and after that, I deliberately added the part they’ve kept quiet about. I don’t particularly need to cover up for them, so that’s not my problem.

「Shut up! Damn lying ⓦⓗⓞⓡⓔ!!」
「Ignoring other people’s kindness, you ⓢⓛⓤⓣ!!」
「Silence!! You fools picked a fight like this with some rookies last week, right? I’m sure that I’ve told you that it’ll be the last time I’d let it fly, right!? Is there anyone who was here from the beginning? Hmm, Rylbert and Jinyas, huh. Alright, come! Tell me everything that happened! You fools go to a different room! Sorry, but I’ll need to get the details from both of you, too!」

We’re supposed to be the victims here, but, well, having a neutral stance means that he does need to listen to all sides impartially, huh. And just when I finally happened upon a cute girl, I ended up getting dragged into some trouble. No, I’m the one that ended up dragging Urania into trouble, huh? I ended up giving her some problems.


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