[Vol 1] Chapter 2 – Beast of the Night


When Selo was a child, his grandfather always reminded him.

“Wild beasts lurk in the darkness of the night.”

Zerdonato did not say these words just to scare Selo.

For those harvesting herbs, this was a valuable experience.

“—— Listen up, Selo. The effectiveness of the herbs will differ between night and day, depending on what time they are harvested. Sometimes, even the actual effects will differ. Once you become a pharmacist, you will often go into the mountains at night. So you must remember. Even if you can’t see them, wild beasts lurk in the darkness of the night ——“

His grandfather had a very serious expression when he told this to Selo.

“The type of wild beasts that this old man is talking about, is not just those ferocious wild beasts that attack humans. No, most wild beasts actually fear humans and wouldn’t approach. But those that lurk within the night are existences that cannot tell the difference between friend or foe —— If it’s an enemy, then kill them; if it’s an ally, then help them; if it’s of no relavance, then ignore them. But you can’t identify the ones who lurk in the darkness of the night. That is the biggest issue.”

After that, Zerdonato used his rough hand to caress Selo’s head, while letting out a long sigh.

“Selo, you must be overcome your fear of the dark. At the same time, don’t forget to be vigilant. There are things in the dark. You might try to avoid them, but when you cannot avoid the darkness, you must remember to use your eyes to identify friend from foe. Have you remembered this?”

Everytime he heard his grandfather say this, the young Selo would lightly nod his head.

He didn’t fully understand the meaning behind his grandfather’s words, but he understood the dangers of the night from his natural instincts, and kept the vigilant of “what could be there”.

“Wild beasts lurk in the darkness of the night——“

Bears, boars, wolves, dryads… Even humans were a type of wild beasts.

Don’t show weakness towards your enemies.

Don’t raise a hand against your comrades.

Do not agitate unrelated people.

His grandfather’s words contained these meanings, and it was naturally all from his experience.

Perhaps grandfather Zerdonato understood the essence of darkness.

Although he was someone unsuited to small businesses, a stubborn and cold man, to Selo he was a kind grandfather.

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Although his skills as a craftsman was not amazing, his hard working attitude earned recognition from his employer Ordoba, and became deeply trusted.

Because of this, the current Selo was able to reside within the mansion and continue working as a pharmacist.

Selo’s employer was a noble, and was also one of the most distinguished sorcerers on this land.

Different from the races like fairies, humans are unable to use magic without the use of magic tools.

And due to this, humans possess both the ability to “craft” and “use” magic tools.

People have different strengths, the ability to create and use magic tools also differ from person to person. There are sorcerers that can only use maic tools, and there are craftsmen that can only craft magic tools—— But, most sorcerers are also craftsmen, and most craftsmen are also sorcerers.

The difference between the two depended on “which side they leaned towards”, using or crafting.

But unfortunately for Selo, he had no talent for neither.

He couldn’t be like his grandfather Zerdonato and craft magic tools, he couldn’t even use them.

Any magic tools would be miraculously destroyed when they are used by Selo.

Using magic tools require talent and practice, it wasn’t uncommon for people to just be able to barely use magic tools. But there were barely any that couldn’t use magic tools even after practicing as much as Selo.

Among his friends of the same age, those who have the talent of using magic tools had already entered schools in larger cities. Those who are unable to become sorcerers have also found their own path, and would go on to live independently. For the arrival of that day, harvesting herbs was an important source of income, it was also an important round of training.

And so, Selo also headed into the forest today.

“Wild beasts lurk in the darkness of the night——“

Thinking back to his grandfather’s words, he found himself in the depths of the darkness.


The dense forest blocked out the weak traces of starlight, darkness surrounded Selo.

The apprentice pharmacist cautiously trod through the forest, relying on the dim light of his oil lamp.

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The forest and mountain at night is a place you cannot let your guard down. Selo may be young, but he understood the dangers.

The left the main road, and stepped on the branches that had fallen onto the ground. His destination tonight was where the “Night Weeping Grass” were growing.

The effects of the Belfry of Beast Avoidance extended to around this area, if one was not a hunter, there was no way of entering the dense forest further away from where the Night Weeping Grass were growing.

Finally, a field of white bell shaped flowers appeared in front of Selo after climbing on top of a slope.

Because there were no trees in the flower field, the starry sky could be seen.

Seeing the open sky, Selo calmed down a bit and let out a sigh of relief.

“Hurray, the flowers have blossomed splendidly.”

He muttered happily. All of the “Night Weeping Grass” were already blooming with beautiful flowers.

This type of Night Weeping Grass was a type of herb that could only be harvested deep within the mountains.

The effects of harvesting it in the morning or night were different. When it was picked as a bud in the morning, it is a nutritious herb, while picked at night in full bloom, it would become an ingredient for vitality potion.

It can be used as cigarette when it is rolled up within a piece of paper or a leaf after mixing and drying it with other medicinal herbs, then drying it again after a period of fermentation.

Since it could be used to raise one’s concentration, it was a type of herb favored by many sorcerers, but because it was complicated to process, buying it from elsewhere would cost a lot.

So, creating the tobacco used in the Ordoba mansion became Selo’s duty.

Selo didn’t smoke, but for his master Ordoba and the craftsmen, smoking was a hobby that was hard to get rid of.

(… But, grandfather said that it was bad for the body.)

Fino also said that “it smells disgusting”, and so avoided tobacco.

He once attempted to convince Ordoba to control the use of tobacco, but it seemed like this type of herb was related to the crafting of magic tools. Thinking back, his grandfather Zerdonato used to smoke as well.

After arriving at where the Night Weeping Grass were grown, Selo sat down in the shade where he could see the entire field of flowers.

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He couldn’t pick the leaves yet.

The Night Weeping Grass which blossomed at night has a special trait, and that was where its name originated from.

After midnight, when human and fairies have fallen asleep, this plant would let out “shushu” sounds like a little animal.

Apparently it was the the screeching of nocturnal insects within the area, but this theory was never proven to be true. But altogether, when the sound resonated, that was when the Night Weeping Grass would exhibit its effects.

Collecting it when it was weeping would make it an excellent herb.

Selo quietly waited for that moment to come.

He leaned back on the tree and gazed up into the night’s sky.

The stars shone brightly as well tonight.

At the corner of the night’s sky was “Kramkram’s garden”, where the stars gathered, an area of with all the colors in profusion.

Rumours said that it was where the gods lived, they had come here to create this world, then returned there.

Holding his hands up towards the sky, just within the area where his palm covered, was a world of myths.

When he was younger, Fino often told him about it.

The hardworking Fino who was also a sorcerer was very knowledgeable of the origins of the myths and the legends of gods. Teaching Selo who was younger than her may have been a way of revising what she had learnt.

The goddess of crops, Kelen, and the goddess of harvest, Elekna, dragged other gods into their sibling quarrel.

The legend of how Nirwario The Artisan God’s disciple, Lulubu The God of Crafting, disregarded godhood to become a human.

The reason for the forced separation of the goddesses of gemini, Ketica and Shutika, who loved each other deeply——

Fino told him all sorts of stories.

There was also a legend about the Night Weeping Grass.

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“Selo did you know? Night Weeping Grass would cry because it is waiting for the deceased lover that will never appear no matter how long it has waited ——“

Until now, Selo still remembered her lisp, and the look on her face as she told the story.

About one to two hours later, when Selo was drowned in his memories, the sound of “weeping” could be heard beside his ear.

The sleepy Selo that heard the sound hurriedly stood up.

Shu —— Shu —— The surrounding Night Weeping Grass wept loudly.

They didn’t all start weeping at the same time, but after a few seconds, the number of weeps gradually increased.

The sound of weeping spreaded around like a wave.

At the same time, the top of the flower field was covered with a milky white light.

Little particles of light rose up from the flowers into the night sky.

Not long later, the scene started to look like a waterfall of light rising up towards the sky.

The power of spirits undetectable by humans is stored within the Night Weeping Grass. The moment when the power stored in the morning is released at night —— that was the most suitable moment for harvest.

Selo hurriedly harvested the leaves around him with his hands.

The chorus of Night Weeping Grass echoed throughout the night.

The weeping continued, and began to seem like a commotion of merriment.

It was rather loud.

The white bell-shaped flowers slightly vibrated, some of them also shook as if they were dancing.

Within most of these shaking flowers were insects.

To flowers, insects were important symbionts that carried their pollen. The pollen would stick onto the insect as it rolled within the flowers.

Selo felt a pang of headache from the noise created by the weeps of the Night Weeping Grass, and the friction between the stems and the leaves, so he quickened his pace to harvest.

The duration of weeps was only five minutes, there was no time to leisurely wait around.

He concentrated on his work, and placed the harvested leaves into the basket.

Right now, his concentration was only on the Night Weeping Grass.

Because he was too concentrated with work, Selo didn’t notice his surroundings.

—— So he didn’t realize something approached him from “within the darkness”.

Their footsteps were covered by the weeping of the Night Weeping Grass. “That shadow” approached Selo as if it was gliding.

A wild beast hidden within darkness ——

That existence stared intently at Selo.

The beast stared at the unknowing Selo, and pulled its bow from afar.

The arrow in its hand stored the radiance of thunder, without an arrowhead or a fletching, it didn’t even have a physical shape.

The weeping of the Night Weeping Grass covered the presence of the shooter.

And so, the shooter shot the arrow of thunder towards Selo without hesitating.


Tonight, Fino sank into her overly soft bed, gazing blankly at the dark ceiling.

She had dinner with her family tonight after a long time.

To tell the truth, it wasn’t that happy.

The only other person present with her adoptive father was that squad captain called Helmbekt, and he was very good at starting a conversation.

He spoke a lot on topics that many noble ladies loved to hear, such as the trend of clothes and playthings in the capital, and the production by the Royal Theatre. If the listener wasn’t Fino, then they would definitely be very impressed.

But to Fino who didn’t care much for trends, these topics didn’t matter, she had to continuously put up a courteous smile to muddle through.

Fino didn’t hate the trend, but always felt like it was irrelevant to herself who was at the countryside.

But she wasn’t completely uninterested in what Helmbekt was talking about.

When eating dessert, Fino became very interested in a topic he brought up.

“Speaking of which, Ordoba-sama. Did you know? In the far west, there are rumours of the disappearance of the Majin Fandal and the ‘Staff of the Magic God’ ——”

Hearing what Helmbekt said to her adoptive father, Fino’s eyes blinked a few times.

Father seemed surprised as well, the fruit knife he was using was also dangling in midair.

Majin Fandal ——

To those wanting to become sorcerers, this name was a kind of belief.

This world had “Six Sages”, existences that protected special magic tools.

Majin, Gakujin, Seijin, Kojin, Bujin, and Ryujin ——  

They were responsible for managing and guarding the magic tools that the gods had left on this land —— the “Divine Tools”.

The “Magic God’s Staff” that holds the power of creation.

The “Music God’s Harp” that can waver hearts.

The “Sacred God’s Stone” that was imbued with the god’s blessing.

The “Artisan God’s Golden Hammer” that can forge everything anew.

The “War God’s Blade” that can slice through what cannot be seen.

And, the “Dragon God’s Horn” that the Dragon God broke off himself.

Majin Fandal is the current sorcerer that guards the Magic God’s Staff.

His background is unknown, all that is known about him is his outstanding talent shown in his teens. As an elder now, he has become the most talented sorcerer known to man.

According to the rumours, this kind of person had gone missing, this was unbelievable.

“How.. Is this confirmed?”

Towards Ordoba’s question, Helmbekt revealed a bitter smile.

“No, this is only a rumour. This is after all a rumour from afar, it’s very difficult to determine its validity. But, if this was true, then there’s going to be a lot of trouble.”

Helmbekt replied using an intrigued tone. This was a weird incident in a faraway foreign country, to him it was only “interesting and weird news”.

Ordoba nodded seriously.

“That’s true. Sacred items have been stolen by heartless people before —— if it wasn’t handled properly, another “Sin War” may occur. I hope this is only a baseless rumour.”

Fino could empathize with her adoptive father.

Rumours were something very irresponsible, and were often exaggerated.Even interesting things would lose their original meaning after being exaggerated.

The rumours that started this spring were also very exaggerated.

“A deal between the royalty and Magic Race, slaughtering all their relatives——“

For a rumour to become like this, it could be viewed as adverse.

There was also no method of determining the validity of Majin Fandal’s disappearance.

Even Helmbekt who brought up the topic only said it was a baseless rumour.

“Majin is old, so if the rumour said that he passed away, it would be more believable, but it said “disappearance”, that’s really weird. However, among the remaining Six Sages… No, aside from Majin Fandal, it should be Five Sages, there is a rumour that their servants are starting to search for Fandal’s whereabout. I hope nothing happens.”

Hearing his words, even the sweet dessert started to lose its taste.

Fino actually knows this sorcerer named “Fandal”.

But, she never brought it up to her adoptive father, and of course there was no way for Helmbekt to know.

Before moving here, when she was living with her mother —— “Majin” Fandal once visited Fino.

Fino doesn’t remember what he looked like —— actually she couldn’t even see.

At that time, Fino had lost her vision due to the sequelae of her high fever,

The one who cured Fino’s eyes was Majin Fandal.

Mother and Fandal seemed to be acquainted, Fino still remembered her mother happily thanking the Majin.

Before the bandages were taken off Fino’s eyes, Fandal had already started his journey and they never saw each other again after that.

That’s why to Fino, Majin Fandal is a great benefactor.

(That grandpa… is missing?)

Fino laid on her bed and let out a sigh.

Because she had never seen his face, his appearance didn’t appear in Fino’s mind. But, she still remembered his soothing voice.

“Little miss, allow me to grant you a new pair of eyes ——“

That affectionate voice had saved the younger Fino.

“… No, I can’t sleep.”

She had assumed her being unable to fall asleep was due to the rumour Helmbekt mentioned, but now that she thought about it, its because she had taken a nap on Selo’s bed earlier today.

Noticing this, Fino sat up.

In these restless nights, she had gotten used to go and find Selo to improve her mood. However, it seems like he wasn’t here today and the shawl she had left there had been handed to her by Kardena.

(Since he was giving it back, it would have been better if Selo gave it back to me directly——)

Although she was thinking as such, Selo had just been scolded by Ordoba, so he probably didn’t want to get into even more trouble.

Kardena seemed to have said that Selo was going into the mountains to harvest some herbs tonight.

He was only a fourteen years old teenager, and Fino was worried about him going into the mountains at night by himself. Although the “Belfry of Beast Avoidance” was still in effect, Selo was unable to use magic tools and wasn’t proficient at handling a sword.

Most importantly, Selo had a cute face like a girl’s that would make people want to prank him. Seeing those trusting eyes would even make Fino waver.

Selo didn’t seem to notice her worries.

Thinking about the young man in the mountain, Fino let out a long sigh.

—— He cannot become a sorcerer.

He can’t use magic tools.

He was unable to use even the simplest magic tools that children can use.

“That’s why, he is undeserving of your friendship——“

She did know when Ordoba had once said that to her.

“You’re not a child anymore, keep that in your mind.”

“You and him live in different worlds.”

“One day, you will marry into another house, don’t always say some irresponsible things.”

Every time Fino got scolded by him, she would rebut him and run to Selo.

——Recently Selo seemed to take the initiative in keeping a distance from me. I feel so lonely.”

“Selo seemed to have forgotten ——the things from the past.”

Fino muttered, then feeling thirsty, she walked out of her room.

Her eyes had already accustomed to the darkness, and so she didn’t feel any unease walking in the dark corridor. She walked down the stairs without a lamp.

At this moment, some kind of footstep could be heard.

(A servant…?)

Thinking this, Fino shouted.

“Is anyone there?”

——There was no answer.

But, she definitely felt someone there.

The surprised Fino walked forward vigilantly. Although the mansion didn’t allow unauthorized personnel in, but the Magic Knights Squadron were here today.

She got ready and peeked her head over the corner of the corridor——

A small figure dashed into the room next door.

It looked like a child, but not a human. But since she only caught a glance of the shadow, she couldn’t make sure, judging from its posture though, it looked like a wild beast with four legs.

An animal like a dog, cat or rabbit.

But —— At its waist seemed to be a very short “sword” sheath.

A short stature and carried a weapon, it could be a young goblin.

Goblins are short monsters that live in the forest, they have no language to communicate with, but have the knowledge to use simple tools, and lived in a horde. They won’t appear within cities or towns, but would attack travellers to steal their weapon and food. They were one kind of wild beast that people have to take care against.

However, as far as what Fino has heard of, they stood on two feet like humans, and they were not as agile as that shadow.

“Someone! Wake up!”

Fino shouted and walked backwards.

It didn’t matter if the other party was a wild beast or something else, if they were hostile to herself, then they must attack with caution.

After that, the sound of a window opening could be heard.

Fino chased from the rear and halted in front of the open window, then she bit her lips.

Right now, she didn’t have any magic tools for self defense, she can’t chase recklessly.

“Someone! Come here quickly! There’s a thief!”

After shouting “thief”, Fino knitted her eyebrows. She couldn’t tell if the escaped figure was a thief, she wasn’t even sure whether if it was a human or a beast.

“Ojou-sama! What is it!”

Soon after, several servants that heard the commotion rushed over. Ordoba also showed up not knowing what happened.

Fino used her hands to suppress her racing heart, and said to the servants.

“Just now there was a weird figure here —— When I approached it, it escaped from the window in the room. Check if anything is missing. Also, please increase the security around here, we aren’t sure if it was human.”

Hearing Fino’s words, Ordoba’s expression darkened.

Speaking of the items that are most in danger, that would be Ordoba’s important collection —— Those rare and valuable “magic tools”.

Those who had their eyes on magic tools won’t only be human. In this world, there are many other races aside from humans, although Fino had not met any of them, it was said that among the wild beasts, some could also speak human language.

It didn’t matter what the intruder was —— From the small footprints on the mattress in the room, it was likely to be non-human.

Ordoba and Fino opened the window and looked outside.

There were weird footprints underneath the window. They traced through the courtyard and went towards the town, but the footprints disappeared in the middle.

A servant’s shout could be heard from the corridor.

“Master! The lock on the kitchen door is broken! There are also traces of disarray on the racks in the storage room——“

Fino’s body stiffened.

This was the first time she encountered a thief ever since she moved into this mansion.

“I understand. Continue chasing the thief, I will check the laboratory.”

Fino quickly passed by her adoptive father’s back.

“Father, do you have any ideas…?”

“Are you talking about the backgrounds of the thief? How is that possible. But I have an idea of what they have their eyes on. If it was really a thief, then they should have their eyes on my collection.”

Ordoba clicked his tongue and quickened his pace towards the laboratory, then he stood in front of warehouse door nearby.

There was a lock that keys can’t open here —— A magic lock called “Admonition of the Ancestors”.

It looked just like a stone tablet that was fixed onto the door, there was no resemblance of a lock at all.

However, there were seals carved on top of the tablet, any sorcerer could tell its purpose.

Fino didn’t know the method of opening the lock. One could randomly set the unlocking sequence upon installing this type of special magic lock. It could not be opened without fulfilling the pre-set condition.

It could be opened with a chant and resonation with another magic tool, it could be through fingerprint or voice checks, it all depended on the user.

To Ordoba who lacked any relatives outside of his adoptive daughter Fino, the magic tools protected by this lock were akin to family.

There were naturally no signs of the lock being opened. But, the cautious Ordoba wasn’t satisfied without seeing the actual items, so he reached his hand towards the lock.

Then, he used a soft voice that Fino couldn’t hear to say several words, and quickly moved his fingers around.

The stone tablet on the door slowly floated up and separated in two halves as it shone brightly and became uneven.

Ordoba illuminated the room with a lamp.

Seeing the neatly arranged precious magic tools, the adoptive father let out a sigh of relief and locked the door once again.

Even Fino was not allowed into the warehouse, she didn’t know what type of magic tools were inside and was not interested.

“Was there no problem?”

“En, seems like it wasn’t destroyed. Apart from me, no one can open this door.”

Although his tone was firm, he appeared to be very anxious previously. Ordoba had a large physique, and a serious expression, no one would expect that he was surprising sensitive.

Just then, Fino noticed something.

It didn’t matter how much commotion the servants made, or how brightly lit was the mansion——

The guests did not show up.

The Magic Knight Squadron was living elsewhere, but their captain Helmbekt and his guards were staying in this mansion.

“… Did the people of the Knight Squadron not appear?”

Ordoba lightly muttered.

“What are you saying? Unless you think the thief’s identity is…”

“I didn’t say anything.”

Fino calmly replied, but Ordoba helplessly lowered his shoulders.

“Helmbekt-san and the rest said they would go out just now. They will come back later. Don’t hold such weird suspicions.”

“Go out —— At this hour?”

Fino became more skeptical, but hearing his daughter’s words, he knitted his eyebrows.

“He probably brought his subordinates to the bar. I heard that the knights continued to train during the journey, so they may have gone to train as well. No matter what, they shouldn’t have any relationships with the intruder. Unless the thief looked like a knight?”

Hearing her father’s question, Fino shook her head.

“No, it looked like a small beast with four legs, but because it was too dark… I couldn’t see all too clearly.”

Ordoba knitted his eyebrows in surprise.

“You said beast——? Then it seems like it isn’t the ‘Magic Race’.”

The words that came out of her adoptive father’s mouth made Fino tilt her head.

“Magic Race? The Magic Race which appears in legends?”

The Magic Race did appear within the world of legends

In the ancient times, the gods created everything in this world, calling it a “gift”. Aside from the six Divine Tools, the many difference species of animals and plants as well as the land itself, even feelings and fate were all gifts from the gods.

But, the world also created things that were not the “gifts” of the gods.

Side products, leftovers, twisted, useless thing, evil force, cursed existence —— Scholars have many hypothesis for these existences. But, these beings without the blessing of the gods, they were called the “Magic Race” in the world of legends.

This concept only existed in legends and had no solid evidence.

That’s why, Fino was undoubtedly confused when her adoptive father mixed up reality and legends.

Fino looked up at Ordoba, a bitter smile appeared on his face. Knowing that his precious magic tools were safe, he seemed to be at ease.

“Haha, you didn’t know. ‘Magic Race’ is a code between fellow sorcerers. They have no official name —— Recently, there is a weird rumour. But it doesn’t matter. It’s rather late, I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

Fino was quite interested in the content of the topic, but Ordoba immediately ordered the guard to increase the security of the mansion.

After her adoptive father left, Fino surveyed around uneasily.

Although nothing was stolen, Fino still walked into the corridor without the servants knowing.

She walked towards Selo’s home.

Selo went to harvest Night Weeping Grass, and so he might return very late at night.

He shouldn’t be back yet, but Fino was still worried whether his home was messed up by the intruder earlier.

Fino turned around to the new servant and said softly.

“I’ll look around the mansion, if there is anything then report to father.”

She couldn’t say that she was going to Selo’s home.

If she said it to Kardena, she would have replied “It’s too dangerous”, and stop Fino. But the new servant was tried by Fino’s strong attitude.

Holding a portable lamp, Fino arrived at the courtyard, the surroundings were darker than she had imagined.

In the sky above the mountain, a large moon rose from the east, it should brighten up the night a while later.

Fino passed through the small forest in the courtyard and arrived in front of Selo’s door.

It was pitch black inside the small house without its owner, even Fino who has long become used to this felt a little fearful.

She opened the unlocked door and walked inside.

Although she was just here at noon, but it still looked terrifying on the outside. Now inside, she could feel at ease. Because she can smell Selo’s scent, Fino stopped and uttered.

“Selo—— It seems like he’s not back yet…”

Fino muttered to herself, and placed the lamp on the table.

This lamp was also a magic tool, the official name being “Light of the Night”. It was a beginner’s magic tool for lighting, even children could use it.

It wasn’t a high class magic tool that could be used for prolonged periods of time, as it will deteriorate over time, it must be changed after a year of usage, thus it could be treated as a consumable. For any magic items used in daily lives, it wasn’t uncommon for them to be thrown away after usage.

But, even if its magic tools like these, the moment Selo tries to use it, it will miraculously break.

Everyone says that it’s because he has no talent for it, like it’s his weakness, but Fino could not agree with such an analysis no matter what is said.

Although hearing people speak poorly about Selo annoyed her, she had a feeling of dissonance that everyone missed something.

(Selo… really can’t use magic tools?)

Fino thought this to be unbelievable. Especially since Selo’s grandfather Zerdonato is an excellent magic tool artisan.

Since Selo inherited Zerdonato’s bloodline, it was very unnatural that he was unable to use magic tools.

Fino surveyed Selo’s room.

The suspicious person didn’t seem to have come here, the room was no different from its usual state.

It’s just that the magic tools Selo’s grandfather had left behind were placed on top of the table.

Because Selo couldn’t use magic tools, these things were just “the deceased grandfather’s remnants.”

The Bell of Beast Avoidance, Key of the Snake, and the unknown black rock——

Selo couldn’t use any one of them, but he treasured these magic tools.

Anything important to Selo, Fino would value just as much.

Fino used her delicate fingertip to lightly tap the black rock.

It was neither cold nor hot.

The rock had a normal temperature, it was smooth like a person’s skin, but also very hard at the same time.

But, most importantly —— “What kind of magic tool was it”, nobody knew. It might still be unfinished, or it’s a rock with a special purpose.

Using her fingertips to tap the rock, Fino begun to wait for Selo’s return.

—— She was kind of worried about the incident this afternoon.

She was discovered here by her adoptive father, then —— Selo was most likely warned again.

Fino could imagine what her adoptive father said, she also knew Selo must be in a sullen mood. Because Fino understood his careful personality.

But, compared to Selo who was both a servant and a child, Ordoba’s anger was more towards Fino who was his adoptive daughter and a noble.

Ordoba was very dissatisfied with her actions as a noble, his younger sister, Fino’s mother also had a similar personality and had discarded the family name of Doriarudo.

As a result, before her mother died, Fino didn’t know her own family background, and did not know that noble blood flows within her veins.

(It was originally not such an amazing household——)

013 Although she was quite apologetic towards Ordoba who was very concerned with the appearance of nobility, Fino really thought so.

In simpler terms, Fino knew that their views were different, and having her own views restricted would cause her to suffer.

Selo’s existence to Fino could be said as a type of salvation. As long as she was in front of him, Fino could be herself and not the “ojou-sama of nobility”.

Leaning forward with her elbows on the table, Fino used her fingertips to tap the black rock.

“Selo, why aren’t you back yet…”

Her chest was rather restless tonight.

And so, Fino continued to wait.

She stopped applying mana into the lamp, and so the “Light of the Night” lost its radiance, the room was soon shrouded with darkness.

Fino caressed the black rock, and about an hour later, she was already half asleep —— At that moment, the door creaked.


Fino reflectively stood up and ran towards the door.

However, the person standing there wasn’t Selo, but Kardena the maid.

Seeing Fino in the room, she knitted her eyebrows and sagged her shoulders.

“… Ojou-sama, I saw that you haven’t returned to your room, and thought you might have come here —— Now, follow me back. Before Ordoba-sama finds out, let’s go.”

Kardena grabbed Fino’s elbow and pulled Fino with a lot of strength.

Fino was confused, but still left Selo’s home reluctantly.

“You actually discovered me here, Kardena.”

When she was sleeping in Selo’s home at noon, Kardena seemed to have seen her. Fino heard later that heard that when she was sleeping, Kardena only called her name and didn’t enter the house.

Kardena sighed.

“It’s not about knowing or not, in the middle of the night, ojou-sama couldn’t have gone anywhere else… Seriously, this will cause trouble for Selo. That child is already fourteen, if he’s always with ojou-sama, he wouldn’t have any time to himself.”

Hearing Kardena’s complaint, Fino also sighed.

She needed Selo, Selo also needed her —— Fino had deep faith in this.

So she wasn’t happy with Kardena’s comment.

Furthermore, Fino had no intention of being a hindrance to Selo or hold him back. She was just worried about Selo tonight, and did not stop him from harvesting herbs.

As long as there was still time for the two of them aside from that ——She only hoped to treasure the time they have together.

She thought that Selo also shared that feeling, no matter how small.

Kardena pulled Fino’s hand and led her back to the mansion.

The commotion caused by the suspicious person seemed to have ended, and silence returned to the mansion. There was still no sight of the knights.

Gazing out of the window, the giant moon had reached its peak.

Other stars merely seemed like small specks of light. In comparison, only the moon gave people a clear impression of being “nearby”.

The moon was larger than the faraway mountain, if the image in front could be painted, then about a quarter of the painting would be covered by the moon.

Seeing the height of the moon —— Fino felt a sudden sense of unease. 

“Kardena, do you know what time it is?”

Because she slept a while at Selo’s home, her concept of time was very fuzzy.

Kardena lightly tilted her head, and whispered.

“It’s just past midnight… Is there a problem?”

Fino didn’t know how to answer that.

Selo should be back by now.

No matter how slow, if he wasn’t back within an hour, then it would be weird.

“Ne, Selo went up into the mountains. Will he be alright…?”

Kardena nodded to the worrying Fino.

“Selo will be fine. Even if he encountered the intruder that ojou-sama discovered he will be fine —— That child’s luck is pretty good and he’s quite brave.”

These words made Fino even more worried, she held down on her own chest.

“Selo, he isn’t “brave”, just “slow”. Can I go to meet him?”

“Of course not, it’s already so late.”

Kardena immediately stopped her.

This was the natural reaction as Kardena was both her maid and her security guard.

Fino thought for a moment, and continued to say using a dejected tone.

“Then can I go on a ride using the Celestial Wooden Horse? Taking a walk at night is very pleasant.”

“—— Ojou-sama, why can’t you give up. No matter what, I won’ allow you to go out. Selo will be back soon, don’t worry about him.”

Kardena replied using a tone unlike that of a servant and pushed Fino into her bedroom.

Originally thinking that she would stand guard in the corridor, Fino didn’t expect her to follow inside.

This troubled Fino. Compared to before, she was far stricter tonight. It seems to be the result of her nap at Selo’s home.

“Hey! Are you going to stand guard until I fall asleep…?”

“Yes. Tonight, I will not let ojou-sama escape from the window.

Kardena calmly repled.

“… Nnngh.”

Fino didn’t know what Kardena was thinking about ——

While she reached her hand into a small pouch on the table.

“——Nevermind, it can’t be helped. Then good night. Kardena.

“Yes, please take a good rest, ojou-sama.”

Facing the relaxed Kardena, Fino revealed a saint-like smile.

“No, the one who will sleep is you.”


Fino pointed the defensive magic tool in her pouch —— “Fainting Perfume” towards Kardena’s nose tip, and lightly sprayed out a bit of mist.

This wasn’t a normal drug, but a magic tool that needed a small amount of mana input to use.

Kardena’s eyes soon became cloudy and weakly fell onto the floor.

“… Sorry, Kardena. I’m really worried about tonight’s circumstances.”

Just now, Fino had an unexplained sense of unease.

She wasn’t completely confident in her own intuition, but was just too mindful to fall asleep.

Letting Kardena sleep on her own bed, Fino changed into more comfortable clothing to travel in.

She knows the location of the Night Weeping Grass. Although it was kind of far, she would arrive without much trouble with the Celestial Wooden Horse.

And so, Fino silently left the mansion under the moon.


In the field of Night Weeping Grass, Selo was harvesting the leaves.

The small particles of light rising from the flowers caused his vision to blur.

The weeping sound had not stopped, and he started to feel paralyzed, the sound began to seem like endless ringing in his eardrums.

If it was only a patch of Night Weeping Grass, then the “shushu” sound would seem like the weeping of sadness, yet the chorus only sounded like unwanted noise.

In the echoing weeps —— Selo suddenly heard another sound.

“Danger! Take cover!”

As the young man’s voice rang out, the ground beside Selo suddenly stood up.

The ground became a rectangular wall, and the sound of cracking could be heard from the other side.

Selo didn’t know what happened and stood dumbfounded.

“Selo! It’s too dangerous there, come here!”

The sound seemed to meld with the weeping of the Night Weeping Grass.

Turning his head, he saw a military uniform clad youth ——

In his hand was a staff shaped magic tool as he ran towards Selo.

“Ah? Helmbekt-san?”

Confirming it was the captain of the Royal Magic Knight squadron he had met today, Selo was even more confused.

Just as he was unable to understand what was going on, a loud crack could be heard from the stone wall next to him.

“Come over here quickly! The wall won’t hold on for much longer!”

Helmbekt shouted, and stabbed his staff into the ground.

As he pulled out the staff once again, another stone wall erupted beside Selo.

The Night Weeping Grass let out a “Ss! Ss!” sound as they were uprooted. On the other side of the wall, the third crack could be heard.

Selo hurried over to Helmbekt’s side.

He immediately grabbed Selo’s back and waved his staff-shaped magic tool. The arrows of light from within the forest were vanquished by his staff.

Although he wasn’t sure what kind of magic tool that staff was, Selo recognized those incoming arrows.

“Bow of Spring’s Thunder” —— It was a beginner magic tool often used by hunters. When hit by the arrows, the victim will suffer a shock of electricity.

Its precision was dependent on the archer’s ability like a real bow. The arrows are just electricity, and would not pierce through the victim’s body.

The victim will usually lose consciousness due to the paralysis —— If they were unlucky, then the heart may be paralysed. In simpler terms, this is a weapon used to seal the enemy’s movements and not for killing.

The archer was hidden within the forest, and couldn’t be seen. Perhaps sensing that the rock wall has not fully cracked, the flurry of arrows stopped.

Helmbekt, who suddenly appeared and saved Selo, showed a relieved smile.

His handsome face was covered in sweat.

The young military commander lightly patted Selo’s back.

“It’s great that you’re alright. It was really dangerous just now,”

Not knowing what happened, Selo was very confused. However, it was true that Helmbekt had just saved him.

“Yes, oh right —— Thank you very much. But, why are you here…”

“Of course it was to protect you. Although I do feel apologetic, but I had been following you.”

Hearing his reply, Selo was speechless. This means that he had already predicted the possibility of Selo “getting attacked”.

“Protect me, why? Also, who was the archer just now…”

“I’ll explain later —— Incoming!”

Helmbekt grabbed Selo’s elbow tightly.

Immediately, “Lightning” fall upon Selo’s location.


Although weaker than real lightning, getting hit by it wasn’t a laughing matter either.

“It seems like that person is proficient at thunder-type magic tools. Not bad!”

Helmbekt exclaimed, using his staff to tap the ground several times.

“Rise, Rock Dolls!”

All around the flower field, dolls created from the soil responded to his call and stood up.

Their movements were slow, but they numbered many.

However, compared to the number of dolls, Selo’s consciousness was elsewhere.

“Ahhhhhhh! The flower field of Night Weeping Grass…!”

Since the roots were uncovered along with the ground, the rare Night Weeping Grass habitat was reduced to a sorrowful ruin in a few moments.

Although there were sufficient harvest tonight, the growth of the Night Weeping Grass was endangered.

“Stop it! If you continue, these precious herbs will…”

“Now’s not the time to worry about that!”

Helmbekt’s rebuttal became one with the wind ripping sound.

A sudden wind blew over Selo, who was protecting his head with both hands.

Immediately afterwards, the freshly made rock dolls were split into two and crumbled onto the ground.

Selo raised his head and saw the shadow of the assassin at the corner of the flower field.

“…. Ah? A girl…?”

Selo stared at the shadow surprisingly.

Standing there was a girl in all black with a cold mask across her face.

Knee length boots and short skirt, gloves that covered her arm and mask that covered her face, these were all black.

Aside from her white shoulders and waist that was revealed, the most eye catching thing was the giant “scythe” in her hands.

The length of the handle was about her body height.

The curved blade had a black engraving that seemed like traces of blood, making it terrifying at first glance.

Under the moonlight, Selo couldn’t help but link the scythe in front of him to that of the Grim Reaper’s. Her eyes were covered by a mask with a thin line, strengthening his imagination.

On the girl’s back was a bow.

That was most likely the “Bow of Spring’s Thunder” that had been used to shoot Selo.

The shattered rock dolls that Helmbekt had just summoned was still moving. Even though they were split in half, they could still use their two limbs to creep forward.

The masked girl swiftly waved her scythe.

Her clear voice rang out between the chorus of the Night Weeping Grass.

“O brave Thunder God Nemuare, please aid your humble servant——“

Hearing her whisper, Helmbekt’s expression darkened.

“Selo, you still have some strength left right? Let’s run.”

“Ah, yes——“

“Then let’s retreat here!”

The moment Selo’s elbow was pulled, countless traces of light flew across the flower field.

Beast-shaped lightning flew out of the girl’s scythe, and pierced towards Selo’s fleeing back.

All around him, the rock dolls were engulfed by the lightning, breaking into smithereens. The basket in Selo’s hand also fell onto the ground, but he had no time to pick it up.

(If I get hit by the lightning——!)

While running, Helmbekt squinted at Selo.

“I apologise for only coming to save you now. She seems to be an enemy that’s hard to handle.”

The young Magic Knight waved the crude staff.

The pieces of rock from the golems followed his movements and became an obstacle to stop the lightning.

The beast-shaped lightning seemed to have seen its prey and destroyed those rocks.

Using this moment, the two of them escaped the flower field.

As they were running in the dark forest, Selo asked Helmbekt.

“What was that just now! How can magic tools be so strong…!”

“That was “Scythe of the Thunder Beasts”. It’s a treasure stolen from the royalty a while back. However, to wield it to this level, it seems like that person is a follower of the Thunder God.”

Helmbekt replied calmly.

When combining magic tools and the user’s “faith”, its power will increase. If you wished to increase the power of the magic tools, increasing your faith with the god related to the magic tool was a shortcut.

“But, we can’t wait around aimlessly. Escape with me. My subordinates has set a trap in front.”

Selo, who couldn’t use magic tools could only comply.

Helmbekt seems to be relatively familiar with the forest, his steps did not show any hesitation.

The two of them ventured deeper into the forest without sensing any pursuers.

“… The girl just now doesn’t seem to have followed?”

“She must be being cautious. But, the girl has set her sight on “you”. We cannot afford to be careless.”

Hearing this, Selo became very confused. He has never been targeted by anyone with such a powerful magic tool.

“I wanted to ask just now, why me? I’m just a normal apprentice pharmacist…”

“It is so, but the problem lies with your grandfather.”

Helmbekt slowed his steps, and remained vigilant. Selo took in deep breaths, and could barely catch his breath.

They had arrived at the deepest parts of the forest. The “Belfry of Beast Avoidance” could not affect the surroundings, the nocturnal wild beasts were terrifying, so was the girl with the scythe.

The young knight whispered.

“Your grandfather Zerdonato-san, was a great magic tool craftsman. You naturally know this right?”

Hearing his question, Selo lightly tilted his head.

“He wasn’t exactly great… Only a normal artisan. I think grandfather was a hard working magic tool craftsman, but his skills wasn’t much better than the others.”

“—— Is that so. Then after escaping here, it seems like he really hid

Helmbekt lightly said, and raised his hand.

It seems like his subordinate knights were waiting in the dense forest.

Helmbekt gave a cue to them, and led Selo deeper into the forest.

“… Are we not meeting up with them?”

“They are creating a boundary. After all, our mission is ensuring your safety.”

Helmbekt smiled once more and tugged Selo’s arm.

“Zerdonato-san brought you up right? Didn’t you notice anything ‘weird’?”

From what Selo knew —— His grandfather Zerdonato’s lifestyle was indeed somewhat mysterious. Although he didn’t know what happened in the past, he could guess there was a particular reason for that.

“I don’t know anything about grandfather’s past. So even if you tell me that he was a excellent craftsman, I wouldn’t know anything.”

Selo replied truthfully.

Hembekt scratched his chin as he walked.

“Is that so —— As a matter of fact, your grandfather Zerdonato-san was a friend of the Majin Fandal, they seemed to have crafted magic tools together in the past.”

Selo was shocked. Although he wasn’t a sorcerer, Selo still knew the name of “Majin”.

The Six Sages protecting the Divine Tools gifted by the gods —— Generation after generation, those people who took upon this responsibility had more power than the king of a country. Even the authority of the royalty was useless in front of them.

The silent Zerdonato had such an impressive past, this made Selo not sure how to react.

“What.. My grandfather. He…”

“This is a fact. We only recently grasped this information. Also, about the assassin just now…”

Helmbekt squinted his eyes and stared at Selo.

“That girl is most likely one of the “Magic Race” —— In order to obtain the magic tools left behind by Zerdonato, she wanted to get some information from you.”

“Maigc Race…? Ah, the Magic Race as in the one that appears in myths?”

Helmbekt showed a faint smile.

“They only named themselves according to the legends, they aren’t the real Magic Race. They were only called so by someone for convenience, but it has now become a common term. All of them are excellent sorcerers and collect powerful magic tools from everywhere. Although I don’t know how they are organized and why they collect magic tools, the treasury of the royalty was robbed a few days prior —— Like I said before, the weapon in her hand was stolen from there.”

He said without a hint of care.

Although name like this was very exaggerated, but to sorcerers, taking inspiration from myths and legends was very common.

“So—— You are trying to catch the ones who have robbed the treasury…?”

“No, that is the job of other squadrons. Our duty is to protect the “remnants of magic tool craftsman Zerdonato” —— At the same time, protect his grandson. Because we predicted that those rascals would have targeted you.”

As they walked, the forest in front of them suddenly disappeared.

This was a cliff that would make people’s limbs tremble in fear. Selo had never been close to anywhere so dangerous.

“Helmbekt-san, the cliff is in front, is there no method of passing…”

“I know, don’t worry. My subordinates will protect us, so those people won’t reach here.”

Helmbekt stopped his steps and gazed towards the night sky.

Selo also looked in the same direction.

On the other side of the cliff was plains and forests, with some mountains mixed in between. Above their heads was a huge full moon.

Although Selo was used to seeing moonlight like this, to view it from this kind of clearing was still overwhelming.

Bathed underneath the light with traces of blue, Selo’s shoulders suddenly shook.

—— At that moment, he felt an unknown source of evil.

Helmbekt looked towards Selo.

“… Let us continue. You are targeted by them. The reason is the magic tools left behind by Zerdonato-san. As it is, you can understand as his grandson right?”

“Are you… Talking about the black rock I took out in the morning?”

Apart from that, he couldn’t think of anything else. From the magic tools he inherited from his grandfather, the magic tool whose purpose was unknown was only the black rock. Other magic tools have been given to his master Ordoba.

Helmbekt squinted his eyes.

“The rock is very rare, but the thing they have set their eyes on is not that. You really don’t know——”

Helmbekt paused for a moment and clasped his hands on Selo’s shoulders.

“… Selo, as a member of the Royal Magic Knights, I wish to protect you, as well as secure Ordoba-sama and Fino-sama’s safety. The reason we have been sent here is to retrieve that magic tool before the Magic Race does. They only set their eyes on magic tools —— So, as long as you hand it to us, they will no longer attack you.”

Selo was confused, even if Helmbekt says this, he still couldn’t think of what “that magic tool” might be.

“Grandfather only left those three magic tools to me. The rest were all given to Ordoba-sama —— So might that magic tool be in Ordoba-sama’s collection?”

Helmbekt knitted his eyebrows.

“You might have heard about it from Zerdonato-san —— That Magic Tool is called the ‘Ring of Backflow’. It is a very dangerous magic tool, and must be controlled. The Magic Race have set their eyes on that. So if it’s not found, the Doriarudo family might be in danger.”


Hearing the name of a magic tool that he has never heard of, it frustrated Selo.

If the matter with his grandfather caused Ordoba any inconveniences, he wouldn’t be able to keep his composure.

“Is there no other way!? The Doriarudo family had nothing to do with this right?”

“But the one making the judgement is not me, but the Magic Race. Anything is fine, has Zerdonato-san never told you anything, such as a hint to a hidden location, when he was alive?

Hearing his question, Selo frantically searched through his memories. Yet, he was still unable to think of anything related.

“… I never heard of anything. They might be mistaken. I have always thought my grandfather was a normal magic tool craftsman——“

“… Normal magic tool craftsman are unable to create a ‘Piece of Darkness’.”

Helmbekt’s voice suddenly sounded a lot deeper.

Noticing the change in his atmosphere, Selo was shocked.

Helmbekt knitted his eyebrows.

The honorable face he worn had completely disappeared, now his face was completely cold.

This change made Selo doubt his own eyes.

“Ahhh —— I’ve won over your trust. Yet it’s useless. I didn’t think you really don’t know anything. It’s really surprising, it seems like your grandfather didn’t trust you at all.”

Selo placed his hands on the sword by his waist.

——Wild beasts lurk in the darkness of the night——

This phrase that his grandfather taught him suddenly floated into his head.

People often could not tell whether the wild beast in the darkness was friend or foe, or totally unrelated. Grandfather once taught Selo, to always make sure of this.

Selo placed some distance between himself and Helmbekt, then he clumsily raised his sword.

Captain of the Magic Knight Squadron, the knight called Helmbekt —— It seemed like he was a “foe”.

“Not just the Magic Race —— You also set your eyes on grandfather’s magic tool right?

Hearing his question, Helmbekt laughed coldly.

“You seem to be smart, but is unexpectedly slow. Never mind, you are just a fourteen years old child, that’s that —— Elsie, that’s enough.”

From the depths of the forest —— The black clothed girl wielding a huge scythe walked out from the darkness.

She had discarded her mask and revealed her beautiful face.

Long black hair and ruby red eyes that coldly stared at Selo.

Helmbekt saw the reaction on Selo’s face and let out a chuckle.

The girl who seemed like the Grim Reaper bowed emotionlessly.

“Although it’s a bit late, but let’s make an introduction. She is my lieutenant Elsie. I had her wear a mask just in case, but it’s still your first meeting right?”

Selo knitted his eyebrows and exerted more strength onto the hand that was holding the sword.

It seemed like this was all an act to gain Selo’s trust and obtain information.

Selo had no confidence in his sword skills, and could not use magic tools. He knew that he was only a half-baked pharmacist and had no power to oppose them.

“… The stuff about ‘Magic Race’ was also a lie right”

“Who knows. It isn’t related to you anymore.”

Helmbekt thrusted his staff into the ground.

Before he could react, hand-shaped rocks appeared beside Selo’s leg.

“Uuu, uwah!”

The sword that wanted to cut the rock was stopped in midair.

It was unknown when the girl had closed in and blocked tip of Selo’s sword with the scythe.

A smile appeared on the young knight’s face.

“Goodbye, Selo. Don’t worry about anything from now on. It’ll be alright, everything will go smoothly —— Just like when ‘obtaining the authority of royalty.”

Selo’s eyes opened wide at Helmbekt’s speech, and in the next moment ——

The ground beside his feet tilted and Selo’s body was tossed into the air.

This was on top of a cliff ——

His frail body fell towards the rocky pit from an unbelievable height.

(… Fino, I’m sorry…!)

—— Before he died, the image that floated to Selo’s mind, was the older girl’s face.


“… Was there really a need to kill him?”

After the apprentice pharmacist fell down into the bottom of the cliff, lieutenant Elsie posed such a question.

Helmbekt sighed with a smile and replied.

“Torturing weaklings really pains me. But, letting him live was quite dangerous. Although he is still a kid, he’s still Zerdonato’s grandson, and also Luffis’s son. There will come a day that he becomes a problematic enemy. We should eliminate the threat while we can right?”

Elsie lightly nodded and didn’t retort.

011 Although she was cold and expressionless, she would never allow Helmbekt to do anything rash. This made her a talented lieutenant.

Helmbekt walked to the side of the cliff.

He couldn’t see the bottom of the cliff due to the darkness of the night. Judging from the height, he will surely not survive the fall.

“The apprentice pharmacist youth who came to harvest herbs in the middle of the night, he slipped and fell from the cliff —— What an unfortunate accident.”

Helmbekt pretended and squinted his eyes.

If the corpse had too many wounds, then they would be suspected when it gets discovered. Although there were other ways, but it was too troublesome, so making it seem like an unfortunate accident was far more convenient.

“He was a cute kid. Elsie, did you really want to keep him as a pet? You hesitated while pointing the Bow of Spring’s Thunder against him.”

“That’s because I was waiting for Helmbekt-sama to reach the predetermined location. Please don’t push your own misunderstandings onto me.”

She easily denied his assumptions.

“If we were to talk about it, then Helmbekt-sama, you are interested in that ojou-sama right?”

“Yes, she is really pretty. Especially when she’s crying. She seemed to have treated the youth as a younger brother, so after finding out about his death, she will definitely feel very depressed.”

Helmbekt’s voice contained an uncontrolled happiness.

He enjoyed seeing sadness of people’s faces.

Inserting himself into those gaps in their soul gives him some sort of pleasure.

Being kind towards a weak girl, and gaining her heart and soul, then giving them despair —— For Helmbekt, there was no greater joy than this.

Although Elsie still casted him a cold gaze, he wasn’t going to give up.

The despair of humans was the sweetest thing Helmbekt had ever tasted.

“Okay, isn’t it about time we head back to the mansion? If we are away for too long, they will start getting suspicious. However, not getting any news about magic tools was a bad prediction on my part.”

That young man probably doesn’t know anything. If he wasn’t here, then he wouldn’t have been wrapped in this incident.

“Did Zerdonato really not say anything to him?”

“He seems to be bad at using magic tools. Passing magic tools to his incapable grandson would only cause the treasure to be destroyed. Thinking about it this way, is it hidden by Ordoba, or hidden elsewhere? —— Now, how should we look for it?”

Beside the pondering Helmbkt, the scythe in Elsie’s hand gave off a faint light. In just that moment, the scythe became a yellow jewel. Excellent magic tools usually had this kind of transformation ability.

Elsie wore the jewel as a pendant on her neck and corrected her posture.

“Did Zerdonato hand out that “Ring of Backflow”? If not to his grandson, then to a sorcerer he trusts for safekeeping.”

“The only ones that are qualified to take care of that tools is just Fandal and the other sages. Fandal doesn’t seem to have it, but we have to check on the other sages, it’ll be impossible with just us. We should first finish the search here according to orders.”

Helmbekt did not deny that they might end up doing things for naught, and just turned his back towards the cliff.

If they didn’t managed to get the important item, they cannot return empty handed.

The black rock the young pharmacist showed him at noon —— The moment he saw that, Helmbekt had let out a sigh.

Now that the pharmacist boy is dead, he could take away that rock. Ordoba didn’t seem to have realized the value of the item either.

Despite never meeting Zerdonato when he was alive, but from the way that rock was made, he was undoubtedly an excellent craftsman.

Helmbekt checked his staff, then began his return with his subordinates.

This magic item called “Protector of the Earthen Veins” was a magic item he received from his superior before the mission.

Although he hasn’t used it for long, he was already familiar with its usage. The combination between them was quite good, the staff felt like an extension of his limbs.

When he received the magic item, his superior said this to him.

“Fandal’s disciples have started moving. Although they probably won’t go to these rural areas, you should not leave any trace behind.

Helmbekt snickered by himself.

With Elsie’s “Scythe of the Thunder Beasts”, and his own “Protector of the Earthen Veins”, he didn’t think he would lose against even Fandal’s disciples.

The opponent is only a sorcerer ——

It was impossible for him to lose to them as a member of the “Magic Race”.


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