Episode 59 Farce

「That just happened」

I reported everything once I returned to the mansion. In the end, I didn’t refuse the proposal, I had to stomach it. Peris, Merias, Irimo, Jeneha, Gon, everyone’s reaction was different, it looks very amusing from my perspective.

「First thing first, just how much of our secrets should we tell her?」

「Un, most of the time, Peris, Irimo, and Jeneha look normal thank to my efforts. There is a choice of staying silent」

「Well, until her mansion is built nearby, we have an option of maintaining the barrier all day long」

「We may also slowly introduce her to our secrets. We can discuss everything again in case of obvious rejection 」

「You also need to attend the imperial palace tomorrow, you have a tight schedule」

「Apparently, tomorrow they will pass down a title to me. My engagement with the princess should be announced there too」

「Does this mean that you do not require dinner tomorrow?」

「That’s right. Although, Peris’ meal would have been much better. Yes, I will be late tomorrow, so you can lock the mansion early and go to sleep. Merias too should sleep」

「Understood, Master…….」

Merias looked somewhat dejected. When I thought of Peris, she looked just as usual. By the way, Jeneha wanted to give me her blessing and Irimo was in a bad mood due to her memories about the royalty.

On the morning of the next day, I ate breakfast and went to the imperial palace after being seen off by everyone. Upon my arrival, I was guided to another room and dressed appropriately. It was a ceremonial attire with a medal attached to it. This is a standard article and the order of every piece was predetermined. While doing all of that, I practiced my greetings. It took more time than I anticipated which in turn caused me to skip my lunch.

Immediately after the preparations were over, we walked in the labyrinth of the corridors that is the imperial palace. And when the soldier guided me to the guarded room, as if it was waiting for me, the door had opened. There were a lot of well-dressed people of various genders inside.

A followed the guide and proceeded forward. When I arrived near the throne, His Highness Hito, His Highness Viras, and the prime minister showed their figures. As expected, since the official coronation ceremony didn’t happen yet, the throne was empty.

「Versam Daquet Rinos-dono, we are glad that you are here」

The prime minister raised his voice.

「Ha」 [1]

I slightly lowered my head.

「Your path was full of thorns. You had a future of being adopted by the Versam family and eventually succeed the title, yet the calamity destroyed the Juka Kingdom, I express my condolences. However, the fact that you successfully arrived to the empire and told us about the fate of the Juka Kingdom produced a great impact in my heart. Therefore, to honor the late marquis, His Highness decided to formally acknowledge your status as a member of the Versam family」

「Hahah, I can’t be any happier」

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「After this, spend your time in our empire however you want」

「Well then, there is something we wish to discuss with the new marquis of the Versam family. I wish to for a marriage between the marquis and my little sister Ricolette, how does it sound to you? 」

The surroundings became noisy. My throat was dry. Something cold was dripping down my back. I said resolutely.

「I’m thankful for this proposal, I will respectfully accept it」

Oh, the surrounding nobles cheered for me. [2]

「I’m glad to hear that. We, the Juka Kingdom and the Hideta Empire, waged wars since the old times and are currently at a ceasefire. Since the calamity, the kingdom is still in chaos, but it is my wish to further improve our relations. It would be a delightful event if my little sister marries a member of the most influential family of the Juka Kingdom. Marquis-dono, as a substitute of the currently ill emperor, allow me the express my gratitude」 [3]

「Since the marquis is staying in the empire, I, Hideta Shua Viras, shall act as his guardian.  Marquis-dono, if this arrangement isn’t up to your liking, please tell」

「I’m grateful」

「Fortunately, all influential people of the empire are gathered here. Let us all give you a blessing! Call Ricolette! 」

After a while, beautifully dressed Ricolette appeared in the room. Her figure in a pure white dress was breathtaking.

「Ricolette is here. I’m looking forward to our future」

She did a perfect greeting. The first princess isn’t just all talk. There, the prime minister opened his mouth,

「As a wedding gift, His Majesty grants you the title of the honorary marquis of the empire」 [4]

「I shall gratefully accept」

「Everyone, treat them well from now on!」

Everyone present lowered their heads. After that, there was a celebration, but I and Ricolette took some distance from the noise.

「What kind of a stage play was that? I was sweating bullets」

「Can’t be helped. Even like this, I’m still the first princess. Since I’m married now, I need to avoid getting too close to the nobles from now on」

「How troublesome」

「Even if you are just an honorary marquis, you are still a member of our empire. There will be a lot of similar events in the future」

「……Did I mess up somewhere? 」

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「Are you talking about our marriage?」

「No, it’s not that. I was doing whatever I wanted before, I’m wondering whether I would have enough time for this now」

「You just need to attend the events hosted by His Majesty. They don’t happen that often. You are a noble, but you don’t have a territory to call your own. Since you also have me around, you shouldn’t receive too many invitations from other nobles」

「I want it to be true」

「Besides…..father is no more. The imperial family should mourn him for one year and reduce the number of events. Most likely, my older brother will receive the crown after this one year」

「That being said, I never expected from you to accept the marriage. I was certain in your refusal」

「Didn’t you give me the necessary resolve to accept?」

「Did I?」

「Something good will happen if you continue to live, didn’t you say that? Then why shouldn’t I live? When I was choosing between the different options, the answer appeared by itself」

「I’m a former slave, you know?」

「Kurumfar-sensei……..Although she is no more, I don’t think that her ideas were wrong. A person shouldn’t determine another person’s status. A person should attain the status by his own efforts. Your past is not the reason for me to reject you. You didn’t become a slave because you wanted to, right? 」

「This is true, but….」

「Besides, you are the only one, who agreed with my and Kurumfar’s thinking. Besides, I thought that a person, who said to me that I’m ahead of the times, is interesting」

「Is this how it works?」

「On the other hand, are you all right? Every noble knows about the recent events. You received a princess, who dared to go voice her ideas before the emperor, and whose vassal instigated a rebellion. The nobles will look at your with strange eyes, that’s for sure. But you still accepted the marriage. Prepare yourself for the future」

「I’m accustomed to weird gazes, and I’m also accustomed to princesses」

「……Fufufu, how reliable of you. Is she younger than me?…….Although unreliable, treat me well from now on, my husband」

「Rinos is fine, Ricolette-sama」

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「Rinos is my husband. Please call me Ricolette」

「All right, best regards, Ricolette」

「Still, my brother’s and Guremont’s acting was truly brilliant. They comprised this performance in just a few days」

「Can’t agree more. We should work harder to not get involved in this kind of farce any longer」

Ufufu, hahaha, we laughed as we gazed at the garden outside the imperial palace through the window.


  1. Affirmative, basically. 
  2. No one wants Ricolette-chan, sob. 
  3. I guess the news about the emperor’s death weren’t made public. 
  4. Twice marquis. 

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