Chapter 354 – Everybody Gets One, Vera 17 Emerges

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2053 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1205 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

  • In real life.
  • Overseas, Nebulae Island. In the presidential suite of a certain hotel.

“I want forty percent.” In front of the round table, a strong man with short black hair and narrow eyes with single eyelids spoke. His voice sounded somewhat like a duck.

There were a total of 4 people at the same table. Beside him was a bald man around the age of 40, who had yellowish skin, a narrow frame on his naked upper body, and wrinkly clasped hands that looked like ugly tangled tree roots that were decades old.

“I also want forty percent.” At this moment, his eyes were opened. There were black runes that swam like fish in them, it looked ominous.

On his opposite side was a middle aged man. He had gray hair and a somewhat handsome face, wearing a black suit and white gloves.

“Forty percent.” He spoke calmly. His gentle voice was comfortable to the ear.

The moment he spoke.

The other 2 people looked over. Their 6 eyes seemed to be sparkling in electricity and crackled through the air.

“Gulp.” At this moment, a sound interrupted them and everyone looked over. Only to see a silver-haired little girl drinking a beverage. It was her voice.

“Ha! I’ve been resurrected!” She was clearly drinking some sort of sugary beverage, yet it seemed like she was drinking beer.

This little girl had long flowing silver hair and pale white skin. She was cute and petite. If Yaeger were here, she would’ve been recognized. It was indeed Vera.

Technically speaking, it was Vera 17.
Indeed, it was Vera’s seventeenth clone.

“Go ahead, don’t mind me.” As she spoke, she gulped the beverage again and made noise, completely ignoring everyone else’s gaze.

“I always wondered, where did this brat come from?” The strong man spoke in dissatisfaction.
He was Desmond Song, from Korea. 27 years old, his nickname was [Wind Warrior]. He was Jin Junmin’s senior.

“I heard she’s from the Brotherhood Association.” The thin man with skin as yellow as curry spoke.

His name was Kapeer, 39 years old, from India. Nicknamed [Evil Emperor].

“Is she an insider?” The handsome middle-age man spoke calmly.

His name was Gordon, from England, 45 years old. Nicknamed [Doom Steward].

Hearing those words, Vera 17 put down her beverage and sighed lightly. “That’s right, I’m an insider. Not only that, I’m the greatest insider. What about it?”

Everyone’s mouth twitched when they heard it.

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‘Is this something worth showing off?’

Desmond Song shook his head. “Ignore her. Since we all want forty percent, then let’s see who’s the strongest.”

With that, Gordon and Kapeer widened their eyes at the same time as fighting spirit surged. All three of them were AA-ranked. Naturally, they weren’t here to have a party or have a friendly gathering.

There was only one reason why they could rush to this place from different countries—the massive bounty on [Princess].

Just now, they were talking about how to distribute 100 million dollars. Initially, two AA-ranked were enough to deal with a Pinnacle Master. However, considering the fact that Cathay wasn’t a lawless land, they decided to add another person for safety reasons.

But with an additional person, a problem occurred.

The biggest question was, how should the bounty be split? Under normal circumstances, each person would gain 30% and a change. However, nobody wanted that. Everyone wanted that extra 10%.

Hence, it led to this situation.

As their auras surged, all the small objects in the room began to clatter and shake. They were ready to fight.

At this moment, Vera 17 spoke, “how about this, with great difficulty, I’ll accept the remaining ten percent. With that, you people won’t have to fight. All is good.”

All three of them shot her an angry glare.

“Wow, so scary.” Vera No.17 was indifferent. “Let me ask you this, do you know where in Roc City [Princess] is hiding in?”

“Hehe, Based on your expressions, I’m sure you don’t. Roc City is neither too big nor too small. How much time are you willing to spend to look for her?”

“Huh? You think she’ll come out like an idiot and let you kill her if you stroll around the streets and call out her name? Naive, naive, naive, naive. You all are too naive.”

“Hehe, I know what you want to say. I’m sure you plan to buy information from the [Brotherhood Association], right? Why bother going the extra mile? I’m [E-Fairy], Vera. I have all kinds of information.”

“I even provide after-sales service and will update you on the latest developments. That’s why, ten percent isn’t really that much.”

After listening to Vera 17’s words, everyone was in deep thought.

They knew how hard it was to find someone concealing themselves in a foreign city, without any leads.

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The longer they stay here, the more they will catch the attention of the Ability Management Department. Knowing that there was a Grandmaster stationed in Roc City, they really wanted to avoid causing any more trouble.

Otherwise, they would be taught a lesson they could never forget.

However, they were still reluctant to give Vera 17 10% of the bounty.

Upon deliberation, they realized the [Brotherhood Association] sent Vera 17 over in order to earn that 10%.

“To be honest with you, I’m actually the only survivor from the previous hunting operation. I know a lot of information about [Princess]. In addition, I also have the high-definition version of that footage.” Vera 17 smiled.

Those words were akin to a powerful bomb that exploded in everyone’s hearts.

At this moment, they finally understood why the [Brotherhood Association] sent Vera 17 over. Not only for the money. Mainly, she was here to assist them in their objective.

With the information provided by Vera 17, they would face a lot less hassle. At the same time, they will gain information and be prepared to succeed.

No, they would definitely win.

Three AA-ranked powerhouses might not be able to instantly kill a Pinnacle Master, but they would definitely win!

“Fine then. Ten percent.” Desmond Song nodded slowly.
“No problem.” Kapeer spoke calmly.
“Welcome aboard, [E-Fairy].” Gordon smiled softly.
“Mn.” Vera 17 smirked while feeling nothing but calmness.

‘[Princess], your end is nigh. I hope you’ll enjoy the remainder of your life. After all, your head will soon be mine!’

At this moment, Yaeger, who was targeted by Vera, came out of the luxurious Beast Carriage and stretched.

Under the sunlight, her beautiful figure was radiant and dazzling to see.

“Short-distance trips are pretty tiring, actually.” Despite saying that, she seemed to be energetic.
“Yes. My leave is over. I’m going back to work.” Lili said.
“Are you in such a hurry?”
“There’s a lot of things going on.”

Yaeger understood what she meant and tapped her shoulder. “Keep on going on. Don’t exhaust yourself.”

Despite being so busy, she still snuck out to protect her. This good kid really deserved her deepest affection.

Despite the fact that she was obviously older than Yaeger.
And yet, cuteness was the truth. Cuteness was justice.
Indeed. Cuteness transcended all bounds.
Age was never a problem.

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After sending Lili off, Yaeger went to the Hasa Hotel.


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