Chapter 216 – Fairyland Shattered (Part 2)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2038 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1300 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

“Even though Wu Ke said that he’ll pay if I break it, won’t I be screwed if he decides to act shamelessly? No, I can’t hit too hard.”

Yaeger withdrew his hand, took a deep breath, then punched out again.

This time, his soft, powerless, and slow-moving fist aimed at the target and then stopped right before hitting it.

Everyone stared blankly, he was doing it again?

Just as they were about to curse aloud, they saw Yaeger flick his finger, hitting the target with this slender middle finger.

At this time, the air seemed to tremble.


The power testing machine suddenly buzzed.

A set of data emerged above it as a holographic image: 6666 points, six star power, excellent.

Everyone was dumbstruck, this result was much better than Zhao Longxing’s.

Yet, what really shocked them was still to come.

They saw the holographic image’s data constantly changing: 7897 points, 8787 points, 9999 points!

Nine stars, extremely outstanding.

“Nine stars……” Wu Ke’s eyes widened and his mouth opened so wide that it could fit a casserole pot.


Suddenly, electricity began radiating from the power testing machine and cracks started appearing on the metal outer shell.

“Warning! Warning! Warning! The tester’s power far exceeds the upper limit of this machine, causing the core to crash and damage the machine. There are three seconds until this machine breaks down, please stay away!”

A frightening warning sounded from the power testing machine. All the people in the room immediately recovered and escaped madly.


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Black smoke began emitting from the power testing machine and sparks started radiating off of it.

“Seems like I messed up.” Yaeger wryly smiled and then withdrew several meters with a slight push on the floor.

The next instant, the power testing machine emitted a loud noise and exploded into pieces.

“Isn’t this too exaggerated?” Han Ling’er was also astonished. She already knew that Yaeger was several times stronger than other examinees, but she didn’t expect the power he showed to be so terrifying.

It was likely that not even the initial stage of Golden Core Stage could have such power!

Furthermore, he had merely flicked a finger, not an entire fist.

Han Ling’er felt her mouth go dry and involuntarily pursed her cherry lips.

“Im, impossible……” Zhao Longxing shuddered and shrilly voiced these words with a slightly opened mouth, evidently suffering a psychological shock.

“M, monster!” Wu Ke felt cold sweat from his body.

“Im, impossible, it’s impossible for him to have such power, the machine must have malfunctioned!” Qin Shuang said with widened eyes, but there was a trace of regret in her heart.

(Why didn’t I persist back then, how lacking could a Foundation Building Stage cultivator be if he’s able to participate in the entrance exam for Sky Eaves College? By making friends with him, even if I couldn’t use him as a backer, I could at least use him as a thug.

Such terrifying power is much stronger than the average Core Formation Stage cultivator!)

There was also Chen Hao who regretted his actions. He was a mediocre person; if he could take shelter under someone in the college, life would be much easier for him.

Yaeger turned around, his gaze sweeping everyone until he finally landed on Wu Ke, then he began walking over.

Many people unconsciously took several steps back. The current Yaeger was like a white sheep that had transformed into a fierce tiger, both shocking and fear-inducing.

“Teacher Wu Ke, your words just now still hold, right?”

Walking before the crowd, Yaeger stopped his steps and asked Wu Ke with a smile.

Wu Ke’s face turned green upon hearing this.

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This was a slap in the face in front of everyone, one with a loud smack.

He was ashamed and furious, but he couldn’t flare up.

Zhao Longxing was in a similar mood. He originally started the betting to shame Yaeger, but who knew that Yaeger would backhand him so quickly.

“Good good good, very good!” After being silent for several seconds, Wu Ke abruptly laughed stiffly as a trace of subtle viciousness flashed in his eyes.

But Yaeger’s keen sense caught this flash and then his sense of déjà vu became even stronger.

Suddenly, his mind went ‘pop’ and many bits and pieces of information appeared in his mind.

Power test, Cocoa, adventurer guild, adventurer, bronze, Young Hero Ranking, Saint Demon World, Earth, Roc City……

Countless pieces of information burst forth.

“Wait a minute, these memory fragments…… Why are they so familiar!? That beautiful girl is me? Am I not Ye Feng? No. I am, I am Princess, the world’s number one princess……”

“No, that’s all fake, I’m not a woman! I am Ye Feng, the head of Yanjing’s Four Major Families, the young master of the Ye Family, the unparalleled genius hard to come by in the past thousand years!”

“Wrong, wrong, I am Yaeger, born in Goose City’s Little Asia Bay. I grew up in an orphanage. Though I’m extremely handsome, my life was miserable, I died tragically in the hands of the Demons during the ‘Night of Advent’ and then was reborn!”

“Right, I am a rebirther! No, I’m not, I’m Yanjing’s number one genius, Ye Feng! Nonono, I am Princess, I have devastatingly beautiful looks and outstanding power!”


Yaeger hugged his head with a pained expression, fine droplets of cold sweat coming out of his forehead, his body shaking constantly.

Everyone had varying expressions as they looked at him act this way, the sounds of whispering arose.

(Don’t tell me he was turned foolish by my tyrannical aura?)

Hearing Yaeger’s delirious words, Wu Ke felt puzzled in his heart.

“WHO AM I!?” Yaeger shouted out loud as a splitting headache tore through his mind and he appeared like he was about to lose his mind at any time.

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Just as he was having difficulty enduring the pain, his chest warmed up and Yaeger miraculously regained clarity.

Immediately afterwards, he saw a small black roulette floating out of his chest.

“Chaos Roulette!” Seeing this familiar artifact, Yaeger suddenly woke up with a start, “I remember now, this is the Fairyland! I am Yaeger, rebirther Yaeger, not Yanjing’s number one genius Ye Feng!”

As soon as these words were spoken, his body went through an unfathomable transformation, countless white lines spreading on his body like cracks.


When Yaeger’s body was filled with white lines, a trivial noise floated off of Yaeger’s body.

Then, pieces of skin fell off like a chicken’s egg, revealing a person encased in light.

This person encased in light unexpectedly had a female contour.

The white light flashed, revealing a stunning beauty with waterfall-like black hair, perfect stature, and wearing exquisite battle armor.

“Simultaneously, I am also Princess!” The girl clenched her fist, causing the entire room to shake, then rupture into countless cracks.

This was the prelude to breaking the Fairyland’s illusion.

“Ch, changed into a girl!” Suddenly, a shocked voice came from the crowd.

Following this were more and more voices.

“Wh, what’s going on!? Why did Ye Feng turn into a girl?”
“Am I seeing things!?”
“Gasp! How terrifying!”
“You, you, what kind of monster are you!?” Wu Ke was appalled, this was the first time he had seen such a frightful scene.

Hearing these words, Yaeger was first dumbfounded, then his pupils contracted and he felt terror in his heart.

(The Fairyland has already been shattered, why haven’t these ‘tool people’ disappeared!? Furthermore, why can they see the current ‘me’!? Why is the Fairyland still continuing!?)


Just as Yaeger was feeling his scalp tingle and a chill go through his back, the Fairyland shattered like a glass falling from high above and meeting the ground.

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The next instant, his eyes went dark.


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