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Chapter 211 – 7th Princess Is Really Warm-Hearted

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2000 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1394 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Hearing this, Yaeger earnestly sized up Kastina.

Kastina couldn’t help but blush when faced with this.

“Did you take the wrong medicine?” As she was blushing, Yaeger suddenly spoke these words.

“You’re the one who’s taken the wrong medicine! This princess is sincerely offering to help you, yet you treat this princess like this! Has your conscience been eaten by a dog!” Kastina panted in rage.

“Well then, since you’re so sincere, I’ll let you solve my troubles.” Yaeger calmly smiled as a sly glint flashed through her eyes.

“Hmph! A lowly slave’s troubles are nothing to speak of, watch this princess sweep them away!” Kastina stood up with arms crossed on her chest as she spoke proudly.

“Yunuen, you need to follow her around when signing these contracts. If even one of them is unsigned, you can just scold her for being useless.”

Yaeger smilingly took out the large stack of contracts that was about half the height of a person.

Seeing the contracts, Kastina’s lips twitched madly and wanted to repent, but she wasn’t able to lower her self-respect.

And so, she helplessly went with Yunuen Lin to threaten the merchants into signing.

However, she quickly discovered the joys of threatening the merchants and went on to do so fiercely.

The progress was very good.

“Kastina is really enthusiastic~” Yaeger smiled faintly before opening the map.

“The military base’s Tower of Heroes can be rushed through a little later and obtaining the purple sword may as well be done.”

The Tower of Heroes had a Level 25 requirement. Yaeger was currently Level 23, only two levels away from being able to enter.

Originally, she planned on raising her skills to about the same level before leveling up to Level 25, but her plan couldn’t keep up with the changes. The players were progressing much faster than she anticipated.

Moreover, she had a bad premonition brewing in her heart, foreshadowing that something bad would happen soon.

“I need to level up as soon as possible.” Farming monsters below Level 20 wasn’t of much help to the current Yaeger, “Miasma Swamp has monsters of Level 20 and higher. It shouldn’t be a problem for me to reach Level 25 after three hours of grinding.”

She had already planned out what she was going to do next.

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Grind levels at Miasma Swamp——return to the city and arrange for Yunuen to refine medicines——enter the Tower of Heroes to push floors——obtain the purple sword.

As for what she was going to do in the long-term future, Yaeger also had a plan for it, but such a plan will always have to be modified along with ongoing developments.

There were likely to be many variables, so she didn’t stick to a fixed plan.

Miasma Swamp’s location was to the west of Jade City, which was somewhat far away. The road ahead required a beast carriage for the first half of the road while the latter half of the road could only be walked.

Twenty minutes later, the beast carriage reached its end, so Yaeger got off the carriage dizzily.

Even though she wouldn’t get motion sickness in the real world, she did get motion sickness within the game.

The reason for it was quite simple; the carriage’s speed was too quick and its stability wasn’t up to par, resulting in severe physical discomfort.

It was truly hard to acclimate to.

It was already good enough that she didn’t throw up.

In front of her was the sight of endless plains. Bypassing through the plains, she would reach the Miasma Swamp, where miasma had soaked the land for a long period of time, filled with toxins and poisonous insects.

When players enter this place, they would receive the invasion of miasma, creating various debuffs on them including nausea, accelerated physical strength usage, lowered defense, and reduced life regen.

The solution to such things was quite simple; just buy ‘Miasma Clearing Drug’ and consume it, its effects last for half an hour.

Fifth Rank Pharmacists can refine it and is one of Yaeger’s money-making commodities.

‘Saint Demon World’ has many terrain and environmental effects, so P̲h̲a̲r̲m̲a̲c̲i̲s̲t̲s̲ are a very popular occupation within the game.

Earn money until one’s hand goes limp from exhaustion.

Naturally, the initial investment is a heavy sum.

It wasn’t just P̲h̲a̲r̲m̲a̲c̲i̲s̲t̲s̲ that were like this, but also every other sub-job requires massive initial capital.

Yaeger wasn’t sufficiently prepared at all to face Miasma Swamp, not even bringing along the most basic ‘Miasma Clearing Drug’.

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Her body started rising as the power of wind violently surged and changed into a pair of wind wings behind her.

Shortly after that, she started flying over like a wind spirit, creating light shock waves in her wake.

One can imagine how fast Yaeger was currently going.

Before the special effect duration of ‘Phantom Step’ ran out, she immediately used ‘Beginner-level Flash’ to move thirty meters forward, then used ‘Shadow Skulk’ and continued running at a high speed.

What would take other players an hour to traverse, Yaeger was able to complete within several minutes.

But despite it being so, she still used about 10 minutes to arrive at Miasma Swamp.

The path traveled couldn’t be said to be far.

It was precisely as Yaeger said in the past; most of the time, it would be more efficient if she played alone.

At the very least, her efficiency was frightening when it came to traversing maps.

“What an unpleasant smell.” Even though she was just 100 meters away, Yaeger could already smell the miasma.

Examining her status, she found that her physical strength had decreased a little while there wasn’t too much of a decrease in all other stats.

After all, the resistance from her artifact was +50%.

For other players, the influence of this debuff would’ve been staggering, but it had very little influence on her.

But this didn’t mean that Yaeger could enter Miasma Swamp so freely.

In a situation where she continued onwards without drinking the drug, even the artifact wouldn’t be able to protect her.

Because these debuffs could be stacked.

With the passing of enough time, even an Immortal wouldn’t be able to save her.

Therefore, the drug for eliminating such debuffs was especially profitable.

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Of course, if a Priest learned Divine Guard, one could run around Miasma Swamp without the drug.

The issue is that Divine Guard is a Level 30 skill and it consumes a lot of mana.

“Ribbit ribbit!” Near the edge of the swamp, Yaeger heard the cry of frogs.

Looking over at the origin of the sound, she saw a group of lush green, big-faced frogs hopping over.

These frogs were called ‘Highly-Toxic Frog’ and were all Level 20 with an occasional Level 25 Veteran Elite appearing.

As the name ‘Highly-Toxic Frog’ implies, its entire body is filled with toxins and its attack is poison damage.

Yaeger’s Toxic gear was completely useless in this area.

“Fortunately, your thunder resistance is quite low, otherwise I would have a headache dealing with you all.” As she spoke, Yaeger flashed into the swamp and shot all of the frogs lightning-fast.

Fifteen seconds later, she flashed back out.

“Debuffs are really annoying.” She felt a little dizzy and her physical strength was being rapidly sapped.

“Ribbit ribbit!” All of the Highly-Toxic Frogs that had just been attacked were now enraged and they began hopping over without a care for safety.

Yaeger smiled faintly and pulled some distance before crazily using ‘Multi Shot’.

She really liked a dense crowd of enemies.

The scene before her turned into a pool of thunder, then a frenzied purple thunderstorm swept through them.

Just like this, a group of monsters was annihilated.

Yaeger relocated and used the exact same strategy to pull a bunch of monsters together before shooting at them wildly.

After three hours of repetition, she finally rose to Level 25.

Her mission was more than satisfactorily complete and there was still a lot of experience to be stored there.

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“Over-completed, not bad, not bad.” Yaeger used the extra experience to increase Rapid Attack’s level, increasing her attack speed once again.

“My strength is one step closer to that of a grandmaster’s.” Putting away the purple bow, Yaeger flicked her pitch-black hair, “Once I rise to the grandmaster level, I’ll be able to make some waves in reality.”


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