Chapter 165 – There’s a Way to Become Stronger Called Gacha

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1459 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 979 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Yaeger had designed a leveling plan for Yunuen based on DPS and half support.

The close combat skills [Divine Staff] and [Holy Spirit Hammer], the ranged skills [Holy New Star] and [Divine Punishment], the defense skills [Star Spirit Aura] and [True Speech Shield] were all activated, and Yunuen’s extra experience after leveling was invested into these skills.

As for support skills, Yaeger didn’t let Yunuen learn a single AOE healing skill, and only left the abnormal status dispelling skills [Divine Cleanse], [Spirit Cleanse], and [Dispel], along with the buff skills [Encourage], [Final Battle Prayer], and the self recovery skills [Self-Regen] and [Star Aura].

She didn’t let Yunuen learn the priest’s core AOE healing skills because their team didn’t require such skills at all.

First of all, Yaeger and Rakshasa were war gods when they had low HP. They were the type who wouldn’t become ridiculously strong unless they lost HP.

Nangong was an elf. She would soon job class change into an [Elf Ranger] who had stronger survivability and wouldn’t need to worry about restoring HP at all.

Sachiel was a vampire mage who had the natural ability [Blood Pool]. She was the type who would gain more and more HP as she fought. What was healing? Was that edible?

That was why Yaeger didn’t have many requirements for Yunuen’s healing. All that she needed was that Yunuen could kill a warrior with a swing of her staff, and that she could dispel various abnormal conditions.

Add an apothecary sub-class on top of that and it would basically be perfect.

Purple light exploded in the wilderness. On occasion, purple lightning windstorms would pass by.

One hour later, Yaeger put away her [Berserk Thunder] and smiled in satisfaction.

She had just reached level 23, increasing her power by a small bit.

Still, that wasn’t the greatest harvest.

She glanced at the ground, where a certain girl with a really pale face laid there while spitting up white froth and trembling all over. This was the really pitiful Yunuen Lin.

She had successfully reached level 20 and completed the level 5 apothecary quest. Congratulations to her.

“Yunuen, you’ve worked really hard.” Yaeger crouched down and patted Yunuen on the head.

“Wahhh… I’m going to die…” Yunuen instantly started crying tears of happiness, no, tears of freedom.

After the past hour of fighting, she had finally mastered how to fight as a combat priest by about 70-80%, and it would be no problem for her to kill a weak level 10 warrior with one blow from her staff now.

This way, Yaeger would no longer need to worry about Yunuen not having the ability to protect herself in the game.

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As for real life, Yaeger had already requested Nangong to take care of the Lin Family that had just arrived in Roc City. Nangong had readily agreed.

Since Nangong was willing to risk her life to be with Yaeger, then Yaeger would naturally treat her well.

This wasn’t just for Yunuen. It was the same for Nangong, Rakshasa, and Sachiel.

Yaeger wouldn’t treat them differently just because the other girls had incredible backgrounds while Nangong had an ordinary background.

When the girls all returned, they would all receive many kinds of benefits.

“Will my guild become a warm home in the future?” Yaeger muttered to herself as she gazed into the distance.

She no longer remembered much about her memories while she was young. What her parents looked like, the life they had together, the feeling of family, and such things were all hazy. Perhaps she had such things before in the past, but they had all since disappeared in the river of memory after her parents passed away.

Back at the orphanage, she had always felt like that wasn’t her home.

That was why Yaeger had started living at school when she was thirteen and used her school vacations to work illegally and support herself until she finally graduated high school and came to work in Roc City.

However, she still didn’t have a home even after all these years.

‘I, Yaeger, have a dream, which is to have a home of my own!’

Yaeger couldn’t help but shake her head and smile wryly when she recalled the dream she suddenly had in the slight wind under the sunset on the day that she left the orphanage.

Now that she was reborn and had the chance to change her fate, this small dream still stuck in her mind like an obsession.

“Princess… Can I rest now…” Yunuen’s mosquito-like voice suddenly spoke up beside her at this moment.

“Yeah, let’s rest for a little while.” Yaeger smiled and put out the small sliver of unhappiness in her heart.

“Princess, you’re the best in the world…” Yunuen then used her trembling finger to open the game interface and log out of the game.

A white light flashed as she disappeared.

“I’ve already dealt with Yunuen’s problem, so now it’s time to deal with my own problem.”

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A chill immediately flashed in Yaeger’s eyes after Yunuen logged off.

“Currently, there’s quite a difference between my strength and a grandmaster’s strength. The most important thing right now is to eliminate the difference.”

She opened up her items interface and glanced at the [Random Luxury Gift Bag].

This was a ranking reward from the quest to kill the Wind Wolf King. Nobody knew what was inside, but it probably wouldn’t be bad.

Yaeger now had great expectations towards opening gifts after her special experience with newbie gift packs.

“Let’s see if there’s any good surprise inside.” She smiled slightly as she opened the [Random Luxury Gift Bag].

A light flashed as a large amount of items appeared before her.

“Oh, there really are some nice things! My luck stat is more than just for show!”

Yaeger first saw 10 green fruits.

These were called [Dexterity Fruits].


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