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Chapter 69 – Terrifying conclusion

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1030 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 643 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra, Lilith

There were really two pictures beneath the said reply. One was the player’s state in the white prison.

The other picture showed a death record: “You are attacked by a mushroom eating boar and your HP is reduced by 120 points. Ding! Your HP has been depleted and you have died.”

[Song Fairy]: Gasp! It’s actually true!
[Morning Breeze]: Losing 120 HP by just one kick, mushroom eating boars are so horrifying!
[Carefree Bro]: Is this picture fake?
[World’s Greatest Stone]: Screw you, if you’re that good why don’t you kill one for me!?
[Carefree Bro]: People nowadays are really insecure. They can’t even stand hearing a doubt on their circumstances.
[Monster Baller]: Commenter above, are you so bored to the point that you have nothing better to do?
[Pure Lil Mushy]: This person is simply unreasonable.
[Song Fairy]: That’s right.
[Carefree Bro]: Hmph, you guys don’t question things at all. You just believe what others say and have no independent thinking ability!
[Brave Pelé]: I can also testify that what he said is true because I am also a victim of that mushroom eating boar!

There were two similar pictures below this reply, but the names of the players were different.

[Monster Baller]: The player called [Carefree Bro], don’t you have anything to say now?
[Carefree Bro]: Hmph, who knows if you two are colluding.
[Song Fairy]: You idiot.
[Fry Carp]: WTF! You’re an idiot! Listen to me, this game has serious bugs! Just now, I was kicked to death by a chicken! It was a Level 10 Domestic Chicken, think you brave enough to face it!?”1
[Burn My Mana]: What you encountered is considered a bug? I just did several tasks for the NPC according to the strategy purchased from the forum and paid thousands of gold coins for it, but do you know what he gave me in the end?

A salted fish!

He said that he already gifted his family heirloom to a beautiful woman and now there is only one salted fish left in the family! I was so mad that I immediately gave him a punch. Then, I was stabbed with a salted fish by this NPC, and now I’m posting while crouching in the prison!2

[Song Fairy]: How pitiful! By the way, aren’t there too many bugs in this game?
[Pure Lil Mushy]: It’s normal here. There is no problem at all. Which village are you from?
[Brave Pelé]: Newbie Village 101.
[World’s Greatest Stone]: Newbie Village 101.
[Burning My Mana]: Newbie Village 101.
[Fry Carp]: Newbie Village 101.

Everyone: …

All the players who encountered bugs were in Newbie Village 101. Wasn’t it too much of a coincidence?

The odds of something like this to happen were much lower than winning first prize in the union lotto!

At this point, another player responded.

[Rain Girl]: I have also encountered a bug. I can’t buy anything from the equipment store and item store in the newbie village. The coordinates are Newbie Village 101.

Seeing this reply, the image of a beautiful figure setting up a stall in the Resurrection Square immediately flashed in the minds of players who started in Newbie Village 101.


Many players arrived at a scary conclusion. The current situation was caused by Princess. She had pocketed everything in the Newbie Village 101 for herself!

Someone exited the forum, looked at the dazzling array of equipment and props on the ground, and instantly understood what happened. He immediately took a screenshot and returned to the forum to reply in the post.

[White Cloud]: I’m sure that the bugs you encountered were caused by Princess! These pictures are proof in itself!

Seeing the innumerable equipment and items in the picture, whether it was the players of Newbie Village 101 or other Newbie Village, everyone on the internet forum exploded in a frenzy.

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  1. Lilith: The man who was choked by the chicken
  2. Silva: kek… I bet we all know who it is…

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