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Chapter 55 – Even when I am Red Named, I get stronger

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1309 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 845 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra, Lilith

Some time ago.

Rakshasa: Princess, there is someone here.

“That’s natural. It’s about time for players to start appearing.” Yaeger replied while fiddling with the equipment.

Rakshasa: Princess, they have started a fight.

“Their fight has nothing to do with us…” Yet when Yaeger followed Rakshasa’s line of sight, she froze in place and violent killing intent surged out from her upon seeing a familiar figure.

Suddenly, Rakshasa felt a cold aura emanating from her side so she turned her head to look. Her scalp suddenly went numb and her pupils shrank in fear.

She saw Yaeger’s black hair fluttering in the air without any wind blowing and her eyes were bloodshot. Her surging violent killing intent almost materialized, making the surrounding air turn cold and sharp!

The next moment, Yaeger said angrily: “Die scum!”1

Immediately afterwards, Rakshasa saw Yaeger disappear in a flash, and cut the white-haired young man into two!

Princess killed a person!

One had to pay a heavy price for killing a person in a game. Rakshasa couldn’t help but worry.

But then again, Princess turned out to have such a sense of justice!

Rakshasa mistakenly thought that Yaeger had killed in the name of chivalric justice.

However, to Yaeger, it was simply a matter of vengeance!

Wenzel was coincidentally assigned to this Newbie Village by the system and happened to spawn in front of Yaeger. If Yaeger didn’t kill him this time, she would be letting herself down by wasting a great opportunity.

The suffocating feeling of humiliation last night decreased as Yaeger watched Wenzel dissipate after turning into light particles.

If Yaeger wanted to completely eliminate these feelings, she was afraid that it would only happen after wiping out Wenzel’s existence in the real world.

Yaeger landed lightly on the ground and her killing intent receded like a tide. At this time, she remembered that a girl had tripped and fell to the ground so she bent down and reached out to her.

“Are you ok?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Yaeger’s eyes twitched a little: Are you haunting me or something? It’s one thing to follow me in reality but you won’t even leave me alone in a game!

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Yes, at this moment she had recognized this girl as Nangong Lin!

Nangong Lin didn’t reply. She seemed to be hooked as she stared at Yaeger intently.

“Are you okay?” Yaeger repeated her question. She suddenly remembered that she was a girl now and Nangong Lin certainly could not recognize her.

“No, it’s okay!” Nangong Lin finally recovered her senses, she replied hurriedly while blushing.

“…” Yaeger frowned slightly. She had a feeling that something was wrong with this woman but she couldn’t put her finger on what was wrong.

“Get up if you are fine.” Yaeger withdrew her hand and stood up straight.

Nangong Lin reached out, only to catch air instead. She blinked: Wait, don’t you want to help me get up?

The scene was awkward.

At this time, the system sounded.

“Ding! You have killed players in the safe zone, your familiarity with all the forces in the Broken Leaf City will be decreased by 5,000 points. At the same time, you will be wanted by the City Guards. In addition, congratulations on becoming the world’s first Red Named Player, rewarding a temporary skill.”

Hearing the system, Nangong Lin and Rakshasa were both stunned and then immediately reacted, knowing that Yaeger was in trouble!

At this time, Nangong Lin felt moved for a while. She became a red name player for me!

If Yaeger knew her thoughts, she would definitely say: Girl, you are overthinking!

Rakshasa: Princess, are you in big trouble now?

“It’s OK. It’s just a Red Name. I can take care of it.”

Hearing this, Rakshasa breathed a sigh of relief and then hopped over.

Princess, you were so beautiful just now!

Looking at this message, corners of Yaeger’s mouth curled upward and she gave Rakshasa a dazzling smile. Humph, only now you know that I am beautiful!

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Yaeger preferred others to praise her for being handsome over beautiful.

Rakshasa: Princess, how does the Red Name status affect you?

“Let me see.” Yaeger clicked to open the interface. She had never been a Red Player in Newbie Village before.

The two people huddled together to view the panel and found an extra abnormal state.

Red Name: Light red
Favorability: The favorability with the whole city is reduced by 5,000 points.
Defense: – 20%
Attack: + 10%
Equipment: When you die, you have a +15% chance to drop your equipment
Temporary skill: [Bloodthirsty Rage] 
To Remove the Red Name:
Voluntarily or forcefully enter the prison of Broken Leaf City for ten days.
Leave the zone of Broken Leaf City.

Looking at this abnormal state, Rakshasa couldn’t help squinting her eyes: Is this really an abnormal state? Are you sure it’s not a reward instead?

Looking at the temporary skill, Rakshasa immediately hugged her forehead with her hands: Sure enough, there’s nothing anyone can do if the GM decided to give you a cheat skill!


  1. Hydra: Was “dog-like scum”

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