Chapter 49 – My family’s cabbage was dug out by a pig

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1672 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1091 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra, Lilith

“What’s the matter with him?” In a new apartment opposite the cheap motel, Nangong Lin sat on the bed and asked suddenly.

“Yaeger hasn’t exited since he entered the motel.” A lady in black drew the curtains and turned to the bedside.

She was Nangong Lin’s bodyguard, and her name was Snowy. Just as her name suggests, her skin was as white as snow.

“What about those gangsters? Have they tried to return since we chased them off?” Nangong Lin asked lazily.

“Let me confirm.” Snowy tapped the Bluetooth headset hanging on her right ear and soon received a report from her subordinates, “Miss, they have left the area.”

“Seems like they know what’s good for them.” Nangong Lin nodded with satisfaction. Although she didn’t like Yaeger for Sachiel Luo’s sake, it was nothing to solve this problem for him just this once.

However, Nangong Lin wouldn’t give a damn if the same thing happened again.

Leaning on the bed, Nangong Lin put on the headphones of the recording.

Snowy was in charge of tracking Yaeger. Nangong Lin arrived only after hearing the news from Snowy, so she didn’t know what happened between Yaeger and those punks.

These recordings would allow them to connect the dots.

After listening, Nangong Lin couldn’t help but frown. She took off the headphones, looked at Snowy and asked, “Little Snow, what is this Black Horse Club?”

She finally figured out that the real reason behind Yaeger’s massive debt was actually because it was deliberately planned by someone else.

Snowy’s first reaction was to raise her eyebrows. She didn’t know how to answer it. After thinking about it, she said, “It is a place that’s very famous for dealing in ‘male escorts’ in the underworld of Roc city.”

“A place that deals in male escorts? What does that have to do with Yaeger? That Sister Red asked him to escort someone for 8 million RMB?”

Nangong Lin tilted her head slightly with a puzzled expression. She knew nothing about the underworld.

Snowy didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She felt that it was better to say straightforwardly: “It’s not that kind of ‘male escort’. The so-called ‘male escort’ is a man who sells himself. In some places, they are called money boys while in some other places they are called boy toys. In foreign countries, they are generally called male hosts.”

Hearing this, Nangong Lin suddenly realized: “So it turns out to be like this. That bad guy looks so handsome it’d be strange not to be preyed upon.”

In this world, people who were handsome and beautiful were scarce resources. If they didn’t have any background, most of them would become playthings of the rich.

“Based on Yaeger’s appearance, I’m afraid that he can earn back 8 million just by being a rich woman’s kept man in Roc for three months. He will be a cash cow in the long run. No wonder those people took a lot of trouble to set him up.”

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There was a touch of sympathy in Snowy’s tone. Yaeger was an aspiring young man who was innocent, had a down-to-earth life and had never done anything bad, but encountered such a cruel thing. Was it the distorted nature of humanity or a lack of morals…

“Sometimes it’s a mistake to be born too beautiful and handsome.”

Nangong Lin lamented that if she wasn’t born in the Nangong family, one of the four major families in Roc, she might not be better than Yaeger in the end.

She could merely lament but she would not sympathize with Yaeger, all because this bad guy appeared and hooked her treasured Little Sachiel.

Nangong Lin never believed in love at first sight, but Sachiel Luo really fell in love with Yaeger at first sight.

Before, she was obviously not interested in boys at all. However, after meeting Yaeger, she not only took the initiative to strike up a conversation, but also actively made physical contact with him!

When she heard the news brought back by the bodyguards, Nangong Lin felt a heart-wrenching pain, almost feeling as if a scummy man had swindled her good girl.

Although Sachiel Luo and Nangong Lin had an aunt-nephew relationship, they were only 4 years old apart and they grew up together. It was more appropriate to say that their relationship was akin to sisters.

In order to prevent Sachiel Luo from being taken away by that pig, Nangong Lin ran to the outer city to collect Yaeger’s information while trying to figure out how to deal with Yaeger.

When she asked Yaeger whether he would become her man, there were more than a dozen cameras pointed at them in the food stall. As long as Yaeger nodded, Nangong Lin would be able to show Sachiel that man’s true character!

The result was naturally a failure. Yaeger, who was supposed to be unmasked, suddenly became mysterious.

However, this did not deter Nangong Lin from pursuing her original objective.

“In any case, I can’t let Sachiel be with him anymore!”

Nangong Lin clenched her fists and looked ahead with firm eyes.


At this time, within the Luo Manor at the richest district of inner Roc city.

Sachiel Luo wore white pajamas and rolled around on a 5-meter-wide pink bed with a slightly anxious expression. She stopped to look at her mobile phone from time to time and was disappointed when she found no new messages.

Since exchanging WeChat numbers with Yaeger, she had been expecting the other party to communicate with her.

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Unfortunately, Yaeger was too busy with the game. How could he have time to chat with her?

“Am I so unattractive?” Sachiel Luo sighed and then threw the mobile phone on the pillow, showing an aggrieved expression.

“Or are men, as Auntie said, all lowlife pigs?”


Just as Sachiel Luo muttered to herself, a clear ring sounded from the phone.

“It’s finally here!” Her expressions of grievance instantly turned into one full of joy. Sachiel Luo quickly picked up the phone.

“It turned out to be the little aunt…” Sachiel Luo couldn’t help being disappointed after seeing the familiar WeChat name.

Hurry up and go to bed for me!

Looking at this message, Sachiel Luo immediately smiled bitterly: “Little aunt really cares about everything!”

Going to sleep!

After sending this message, Sachiel Luo clapped her hands and the lights in the room turned off instantly.

“If you ignore me tomorrow, I will be angry!”

With that, Sachiel Luo closed her eyes and gradually fell asleep.


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