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The Choice I Made and The Secret Training (Part 2)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

So, after learning the Healing Art, I tried using it several times by trial and error, but it seemed that although it was called an art, it was almost uncontrollable, close to an ESP in the sense that it was a technique I couldn’t analyze that could only turn on or off with no in-between.

Currently, all I could use was Heal to treat injuries and Cure to remedy a physical condition. However, Heal could only treat minor physical trauma, it couldn’t treat major injuries —like missing limbs or major organ damage— nor could it recover lost stamina or replace the loss of blood. The same could be said for Cure; it could handle a simple cold or hangover, but it was powerless against lethal poisons or deadly sick patients.

The problem was that I had no control over the resulting effect whatsoever.

For example, trying to make a fine adjustment or application such as ‘heal a 10 centimerte wound, leave 2 centimerte of it unhealed’ or ‘regenerate this leg by using three times the amount of mana’ would be impossible. The moment I chanted “Heal,” the procedure left my control, treated the wound on its own, and consumed my mana and stamina in its wake. It even arbitrarily determined the amount it consumed, and if I didn’t have the necessary mana and stamina for it to activate, it wouldn’t be activated.

“Hmm~. Perhaps there is a limit to what someone can do by themselves in terms of the Healing Art.”

I lamented, and Bartholomew agreed.

“Indeed. Self-improvement is important, but having a superior teacher to guide you is the golden path towards a better learning experience. A great teacher is a towering mountain; much like how you can never wrap your hands around a mountain, a single student can never monopolize a teacher. And much like how you must look up to see the peak, you must respect your teacher reverently. In that line of thought, my mentor, the esteemed Knight Commander of—”

As I was ignoring this heap of bones’ long-winded ramblings, I felt the presence of a person entering my Mana Search territory. Her stay in the last couple of days had made me quite accustomed to her signature—it was that of Ms. Christy.

Just for caution, I once again scrutinized the surroundings to make sure that there was no particular danger in the area before I turned my face to the 2 mertes tall Death Knight —who, after asking Regina, seemed to be equal to military-class catastrophic monsters— who was just standing around next to me like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“Well, Ms. Christy is heading over, so could you hide?”
“I don’t see why it is a problem for me to be here, though?”

You’re the big problem. Someone could die from shock if they encounter you in Tenebrae Nemus of all places, especially if that someone was well-versed in the magicky business.

“I will introduce you to her later, so for now, I’m asking you to stay out of her sight.”
“Hm…very well, I shan’t deny that this appearance of mine might startle a lady.”

With words that sounded self-aware and surprisingly thoughtful, Bartholomew disappeared soundlessly into my shadow.


When I called her, my familiar Vier who was snacking on a demon beast —I would swear that the giant spider legs in her mouth were nothing but a figment of my imagination, yup— barked in response and came running to my feet.

I was scruffing her fluffy neck when I heard footsteps behind me trampling through the undergrowth and fallen leaves and promptly stopped at the entrance of the clearing.

“—Ah, Ms. Christy. It is rare to see you coming this way, is there something I can help with?”

When I spoke to her in a tone that suggested I had just noticed her arrival, she turned a slightly surprised look at me before she carefully extended her Mana Search to the entire clearing.

“Uh, no, I was on my stroll when I sensed an… enormous signature of mana, so I came here to see. …was there anything out of place?”

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Well, that’s a witch for you. She must’ve sensed Bartholomew’s mana and came to check if something was wrong. Now, what’s my next step? I feel like this is a good chance for me to introduce the two.

“Well, it was mostly a hunch. If nothing happened, then so be it.”

While I was pondering what to do, Ms. Christy reached her own conclusion. While they were different in nature, this egocentric mindset—or rather, marching on one’s own drum attitude told me that she really was Regina’s disciple.

Well, I’m not like them, of course.

“Are you foraging herbs, Jill? It must’ve been hard, learning under that bigot of a mentor.”

She sympathized with me deeply. As for me, I couldn’t exactly confirm or deny it, so I only brushed it off with a laugh. “Ahahaha.”

“It must be hard for you too, Ms. Christy, seeing all the work you have ahead. —Speaking of which, how did the discussion with Mr. Eilmer conclude that night?” Since it popped up in my mind, I used that topic to divert the conversation.

“Yeah, well… Let’s say we had different views. His High… Sir Eilmer had thought of this very carefully. While indeed we know each other, an outsider like me cannot intrude upon his family matters.”

With a somewhat agitated attitude, Ms. Christy looked at the sky beyond the forest —probably in the direction of the imperial capital— and sighed.

“Have you two known each other for long?”
“You can say that. In reality, I’m not in a position to be close to him personally, but due to my relationship with my mentor and because I used to tutor his son, Luke, we’ve grown pretty close enough. That is why… well, personally, it’s like seeing my nephew being married off, so I’m not really comfortable about it… Aah, forgive me, I’ve had you listen to my ramblings.”
“It’s okay, I am worried about Luke too. I also agree that he shouldn’t be engaged or married to someone he doesn’t want to.”

I agreed with her so zealously that Ms. Christy stared at my face for a while… before she made a look of enlightenment for some reason and directed a warm, meaningful gaze at me.

“I see now. I understand, I will oppose it to the best I can. Let’s do this, for Luke.”
“Yes. This is for Luke.”

We nodded to each other and shook hands. Right this moment, an alliance formed.

“Well, that aside, I am planning to visit the nearby pioneer village and I want to ask you to guide me, Jill. I already have our mentor’s permission for it.”
“I see. I will make some preparations then, I will guide you to the outside of the forest later.”
“Yes, please. There are just so many demon beasts in this forest. I have to thank Maya for picking us up the other day. ——Come to think of it, there aren’t many demon beasts around here. Is it due to your Sirius?”

Even as she spoke, Ms. Christy looked like she couldn’t believe that the young Sirius, Vier, managed to claim the whole clearing for herself.

“Aah, umm, well… Vier does have a hand in it, but, probably, it is mostly due to the other one I’m keeping around…”
“The other one? You have two familiars?”
“Er, no, not exactly a familiar, more like a guardian spirit, or a demon beast in his own right…”

As Ms. Christy looked more and more puzzled, I sighed and decisively came out of it.

“I feel like you will understand it better if I show you, but… Well, his appearance might put you off, but if you could, please don’t make a big ruckus out of it.”
“Hm. So it is the kind of demon beast that works under you?”
“Yes, you can say that.”
“How intriguing. Could you show it to me?”
“…I understand. Bartholomew.”

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Right at that moment, a skeleton wrapped in thick, black, super-heavy armor, wielding a giant halbert, with eyes lit by a pair of pale will-o’-the-wisps —the Death Knight Bartholomew— leaped out from my shadow and landed right in the face of Ms. Christy before he started his usual speech.

“It is I, Bartholomew, the Palace Knight of the glorious Imperial Crimson, its prestige eternal throughout all of heaven and earth, who has come to this land by order of my beloved and beautiful princess!!”

…all I can say is Ms. Christy’s shriek was surprisingly kind of adorable.


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