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Chapter 133: Anti-Demon Silver (Part 2)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3384 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1501 words
Editor(s): Fire

The next morning, they all began a meeting to plan the fight. Uzume joined them, taking Piisuke’s place again. They had to discuss who would be part of the infiltration forces, and who would go to the other site.

First, the infiltration force that would head to the main base was small but strong, composed of Mira, Uzume, and Sero. That was decided due to their mobility as well, since the rocky mountain which housed Chimera Clauzen’s main base was located thirty kilometers to the east of Sentopolly. They needed to be able to cross that distance as quickly as possible.

Mira had Pegasus, Uzume could use a high mobility shikigami, and Sero had trained his endurance a lot, allowing him to run thirty kilometers in half an hour. Though more importantly, his power would be valuable. Sero had once claimed Mira was stronger than himself, and Mira believed he was equally as strong as Uzume.

Emera and the rest were considerably strong as well, but if those three went all out, it was impossible for them to keep up. So they decided they would go with Arlon in a separate platoon. No one had any real complaints about that arrangement, except for Fricca who was distressed about being separated from Mira.

As for the separate platoon’s mission, it was to suppress the control room. Other members assigned to that platoon’s first unit were Mizar, who commanded Bellerophon, Alioth, and Kongou from the Multicolor troops.

That control room was a very important building for Chimera Clauzen, so Jamal said it was likely under heavy guard. On top of that, the man in charge of said place, Zele Schedar, had been working to develop something new for multiple months already. He had developed multiple spirit weapons in the past, so whatever this new thing was, had high chances of being something powerful. Because of that, the separate platoon would receive a second unit.

Uzume was sending half the Fifty Bells’ fighting power as support, half of which would follow after Mira and infiltrate the main base, making sure they covered it entirely. Once everyone was assigned their unit, they proceeded to discuss each platoon’s strategy. Though Mira, Uzume, and Sero’s strategy was to simply adapt to whatever they encountered. Considering who they were, that was the best strategy for them.

Meanwhile the separate platoon spent time together discussing their strategy. Though that was nothing out of the ordinary, considering they were about to assault a very important location for their enemy.

They had no idea what course of action the Sky Denizen would take, and Jamal had no knowledge of the internal structure of the location, so they could not make a specific attack strategy, so instead they focused on how they would react to various scenarios.

The first unit had the Fifty Bells’ elite members, with Emera as their leader. Their mission was to subjugate the control room and nullify the main base’s defenses. If they failed, the infiltration of the main base would be needlessly complex, and would take much more time than necessary.

Once the defenses were down, Mira’s group would run wild. Chimera Clauzen’s higher ups had always been sneaky and careful with their movements, so they were likely unprepared for a head-on fight, and there was the possibility they would instantly try to escape. Or in the worst case, take more drastic measures like blowing up the base.

Their ability to corner them relied heavily on the success of the separate platoon taking down the defenses.

After hours of discussion, the meeting finally came to a close.

「Well, that concludes our arrangements, now it’s time to hand out the weapons that will see us through this mission!」

Uzume stood up, it was time for the star of the show. She took out a large case from her Item Box and placed it on the table.

「Wait, is that what I think it is?!」

Emera was obviously the first one to raise her voice seeing the case. It had been a few days since they discussed the weapons that would negate the effects of black mist stones. She only had eyes for blades, so she had been excited about her new sword since then.

「The weapons for those present here are ready, so I brought them with me. They were specifically made to counter Chimera, but from what I saw they’re good enough to use them anywhere!」

Uzume was proud of her people, so she puffed her chest as she opened the case. It was filled with white weapons, one for everyone present.

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「Woah, amazing…」

Emera leaned forward instinctively, mesmerized by their beauty.

「It actually feels special.」

Zef was entranced seeing them too, and reached into the case even faster than Emera. He muttered to himself as he examined his dagger, which could easily be called an angel’s weapon without sounding weird.

Everyone began taking their weapon, Emera being the last after she finally snapped back to reality.

「There must be many skilled blacksmith’s at Uzume’s place to be able to make so many beauts in just a few days.」

Emera narrowed her eyes as she examined the blade, an abnormal smile overtaking her lips.

The weapons Uzume prepared were all unique, but all were of equally high quality. It was like a specialized crafter at the top of their game had made them, their qualities as weapons refined as much as they could. And their pure white color would make them look right at home in a display of fine arts.

Emera was right, something like an assembly line of master blacksmiths working day and night would be needed to make such a large number of weapons in a short time.
But Uzume’s proud smile seemed to just grow wider, adding 「There were only two people involved in the creation of them all!」 in a loud voice.

「That’s actually incredible.」

Asbar had barely finished his impressed mutter when someone else raised their voice.

「Just two?! All of this?! But how! Just who are they?!」

Something had spurred on Emera’s flames. But there was no way around that. It was impossible to make so many varied weapons unless a large number of specialized crafters worked together. But if only two had done it, then this was a testament to their superiority as masters.

「What’s their name?! What’s their specialty?! Are they from the Mythril school? Or Adaman school?!」

Putting the sword away, Emera closed on Uzume and shook her shoulder while barraging her with questions.

「I’ll tell you, so please let gooo…」

Not knowing Emera’s passion, Uzume had accidentally triggered a landmine. Feeling a different type of terror and pressure than that of a beast or monster, Uzume cowered back.

Eventually Fricca managed to calm down Emera, and Uzume began talking about the two masters while carefully watching out for Emera. Though everyone had already heard one of the names.

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「You already know the one who made the staff and wand for Mira and Fricca, it was Albatinus.」

The famous alchemist revered as a living legend, Albatinus. He was not only a master at purifying materials, but was a skilled crafter of spell staves and magic wares.

「As for the physical weapons…」

The moment Uzume said that, Emera stood up like a menacing creature. Uzume’s body twitched seeing her, but she kept her chest puffed as she named the other person.

「The dwarf master blacksmith, Dovalin!」

An instant later Emera began screeching loudly before fainting and collapsing on the floor. Uzume watched that with incredulity, Mira was the same, while Fricca began shaking Emera awake.

The unconscious Emera was smiling happily, as if she had just experienced all the happiness the world had to offer all at once, like a blissful monk that had been elevated to a higher plane above life and death.

Mira silently clasped her hands together.

Emera’s reaction was enough to determine that the dwarf master blacksmith Dovalin was famous. Or more exactly, he also had a long lifespan, during which he had continuously honed his skills and became yet another living legend.

Sero and Asbar were also visibly surprised, though not to the same extent as Emera. They were also not necessarily impressed with Dovalin himself, but rather with the fact that Uzume had managed to recruit two living legends into the Fifty Bells’ ranks.

「Err… there wasn’t enough time to prepare scabbards or accessories like that, but I believe everyone here can use their Item Boxes instead. Anyway, moving on. Let me explain how to use them, though it’s just what I understood from Albatinus and Dovalin.」

Uzume decided to ignore Emera, who still had to regain consciousness, telling the others to repeat everything to her later, and began her explanation of how to use the weapons to counter black mist stones, coined the Anti-Demon Silver series.


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