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Chapter 125: An Emotional Reunion? (Part 1)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2855 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1402 words
Editor(s): Fire

Mira woke up inside the Eabates Trading Corporation’s underground shelter, slowly rising up as she looked around the room, her mind still hazy. As the facility was underground, there were no windows indicating what the outside world looked like. All she found was a lamp hanging from the ceiling, which was dim enough to not disturb someone’s sleep. She decided to check the time on her bracelet’s terminal, and saw it was a bit past the early morning.

She then looked to her left and saw a bed that had been emptied recently, and further away another bed with Hebi’s voluptuous and bewitching half naked body sleeping on it.

(Now that’s a sight for sore eyes, thank you.)

Mira clasped her hands together still looking at Hebi, thanking her for such a blessing early in the morning. But she wanted more, so she stood up ready to get closer, but only then she noticed her magic robe set hanging from her bed. She did not remember taking her clothes off, and she barely remembered what she did before sleeping. A few seconds later she noticed she herself was half naked as well.

(Two beautiful girls, half naked in the same room. What an exciting development that is.)

Either because she was not fully awake, or because the morning’s usual hazy drowsiness was still toying with her, Mira’s unstoppable fantasies were running wild.
Mira decided to just wear a one-piece dress, ogled at Hebi once again, and then left the bedroom.

「Mira, did you sleep well?」
「Good morning Mira.」

Sasori and Angelique were in the living room already. Sasori was sitting in a corner of the room next to a small table, mixing and preparing drugs. Angelique was getting things ready for breakfast. Given that was presumably her main occupation, an apron fit her really well, and her hands moved skillfully, cooking different things in parallel without issue.

It was a rather warm and familial scene, but the fragrant scent of food was completely ruined by the smell of drugs and medicine.


With that short greeting Mira glared at Sasori, who was happily mixing her drugs around, then entered the kitchen and headed straight to the toilet.

「Mmm, so it’s morning huh.」

When Mira was done with her business in the toilet, she walked out and yawned widely while stretching her small body. She then plopped down on a nearby chair and stared with unfocused eyes at random spots, her eyelids half closed.

「Alright, maybe you should take a shower to wake up.」

Sasori stood up and got a towel for Mira, who had been acting like a cranky old man thus far. She made Mira hold the towel, forced her on her feet and pushed her towards the changing room. There she undressed Mira herself and threw her into the shower.

They had only known each other for a short time, but Sasori was quite familiar with Mira’s morning routine already. The shower itself was rather wide, giving ample space for one person. The water supply was plentiful as well, equipped with a Magic Ware to heat it up.

Mira turned the lever and hot water began falling on her head. Her white skin seemed to glisten as drops of water splashed on it while her hair turned shiny as it got wet. The hot water also had a strong effect on Mira’s nerves all over her upper body, before it dripped down along her legs to the floor.

「Ahh, that feels good.」

Mira began twisting her body in reaction to that ticklish feeling, while her sleepiness was washed away at the same time. But then she felt someone entering the changing room. Wondering who that was, Mira stopped the shower, just as the door leading there opened.

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Hebi was there, rubbing her eyes half asleep, and fully naked. Mira had witnessed her wearing just a tank top and short pants before, as well as half naked minutes before, and both had been charming scenes, but they did not compare to the shocking sight of her without any clothes at all. Her body was slender, although not as thin as Sasori, with muscle built up in only the right places to accentuate her femenine curves, giving her a breathtaking body.

「Ah, right. Good morning.」

Mira was left speechless for a while, but eventually returned the greeting in a slightly forced and excited voice.

The shower had enough space for one person, but was slightly cramped with two in it. Hidden there, Mira looked at the fully naked Hebi while being fully naked herself, her eyes glued to her charming body.

But Hebi completely ignored Mira’s actions, walking past her and starting to shower herself. Mira had recently been directly exposed to how women who were familiar with each other showered together, so she stood behind Hebi and let the stray drops fall on her, until she fully woke up.

Later she was told that it was common for multiple people of the same sex to shower together, even outside of large bathhouses. She was also asked if that bothered her, but she grinned and said she was perfectly fine with it.

Mira left the shower first, and found Hebi’s underwear scattered on the changing room’s floor. After looking at it for a while, she forced herself to remain as calm as possible while getting dressed. With that done, she walked out to the living room, a broad and satisfied smile on her lips like that of a monk that achieved enlightenment. 「Please sit down and wait a bit,」 Angelique told her, and she did so, attracted by the food already placed on the table.

Sasori had finished her preparations, and was just getting done with storing her tools. Thanks to that, the bad smell of medicine and drugs was mostly gone, overtaken by the scent of meat and spices.

A short while later Hebi also came out of the changing room, wearing only her underwear, and imitated Mira sitting down on the chair to her right. Mira peeked at her through the corner of her eye, reaffirming to herself that underwear was better than any uniform at accentuating one’s figure.

「Just wait a bit longer, I’m almost done.」
「It looks tasty.」
「I know.」

Angelique was preparing the table as quickly as she could while the two girls watched, Mira was drinking some mixed juice, while Hebi’s stomach rumbled.

「Hey, why are you wearing that again? How many times do I have to tell you to wear proper clothes?」

Sasori had finished storing away her tools and also came to the table, where she noticed Hebi’s getup and forced her to the bedroom with her clothes. Hebi had acted like nothing was wrong so far, so Mira thought this was how she always behaved, but obviously that was not the best way to walk around publicly.

(Damn Sasori, there was no need for that.)

Mira thought to herself as she watched Hebi’s rear disappear in the bedroom. At the same time, the door of the other bedroom opened.

「Somehow this scent brings back memories.」

Mylenne, Johann’s assistant, peeked her head out. She kept sniffing as she walked out, having noticed the scent of breakfast in the air.

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「Ah, Mira. Good morning!」

She bowed politely as soon as she noticed Mira sitting at the table. Mylenne seemed to just have gotten up, as her clothes were wrinkled and her hair heavily disheveled. But her mind seemed to be fully awake, no signs of drowsiness on her. Or maybe she simply was very careless when it came to her own appearance.

「Good morning, Mylenne.」

From across the room came Angelique’s sweet voice. Hearing that Mylenne instantly stood on tippy toes and looked at the kitchen, seeing Johann’s wife standing there.

「Ah, Angelique… is that youuuu?!」

Tears instantly started welling up in Mylenne’s eyes as she ran towards Angelique and clung to her bosom. 「I’m so happy to see you safeee!」 she cried as her tears and snot fell on the apron.

「I’m sorry I made you worry,」 she replied, gently embracing Mylenne as if she was her daughter. They had not seen each other in many years, so there were many built up emotions leading to their reunion.


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