Chapter 120: Hebi’s Speciality (Part 1)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2771 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1238 words
Editor(s): Fire

Leaving the mansion undetected, Mira and Sasori quickly climbed up the roofs again and headed straight to the residential district, trying to get to their inn as soon as possible. They focused so much on getting there faster that sometimes their movement slipped through the effect of Complete Suppression, but they ignored that and hurried forward.

Ten minutes later they arrived at the inn, so they began paying more attention to staying inside Complete Suppression as they went to the room Sasori and Hebi had rented.

「It’s really silent here.」
「Did we get here on time then?」

Trying to figure out the situation of the room, Mira and Sasori placed their ears on the door. Johann had said the mask was being tracked, and that pursuers had probably been sent out already, but they could not sense anyone yet.

「Maybe not.」

Mira activated Life Sensing and noticed more readings than just Hebi and Mylene inside. That made another possibility more likely. They had arrived too late.

The two girls nodded at each other preparing for the worst before opening the door in one go. Still under the effect of Complete Suppression, they ran into the room and surveyed the situation.

「What happened here?」
「I guess we were too late.」

The two looked at the messy room while murmuring to each other. Nothing was really broken, but the room looked like twenty cats had gone crazy in there. The pursuers had already attacked before their return.

They had returned as quickly as they could, but they were not on time. And as much as they were late, it was not much of an issue in the end.

The floor was covered in a tattered carpet, two men in black clothes tied up on top. Looking more closely at them, they looked like the guards around Johann’s mansion.
They were firmly tied with their mouths gagged. One of them seemed to be unconscious, not moving at all, while the other kept wriggling like a worm. Hebi was next to them, smiling coldly as she lined up some sort of tools on a table.

「I guess I should have expected this outcome.」

Sasori grimaced looking at the two men on the ground and at Hebi’s wicked smile. Apparently that scene was nothing surprising for her.

「There was no need to worry after all.」

Since they were poking so close to the Chimera’s hive, Mira thought the pursuers would be rather high ranking members, but she was relieved to see they were grunts.

Looking at Hebi, she also noticed that Hebi was still wearing the same tank top and hotpants from before. She definitely did not look like she had just fought the two intruders.

On the other hand, Mylene was fully clothed, calmly sitting on one of the beds. Though for some reason her cheeks were flushed red.

「Looks like you had a party while we were gone.」

Undoing Complete Suppression, Mira spoke to them. Mylene let out a slight shriek hearing Mira, seeing her suddenly appear in front of her with Sasori and Worthramble.

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But Hebi remained calm, she had experienced that shock before so it did not affect her as much. Rather than being shocked like Mylene, she simply took to glaring at Sasori. Then she gave a slight nod to Mira and put one of her bare feet on the neck of one of the pursuers, painting a rather sultry scene.

「They tried sneaking in through the window. Give me a moment to make them talk.」

Holding what could only be described as a torture tool in her hand, Hebi put more pressure on her feet as she shortly described what happened. That made the man groan loudly and shake his head violently.

「The first one was well trained and didn’t talk. I won’t be as easy on the second one.」

Hebi stared coldly at the man below her, who quickly froze up and looked back at her. He seemed to be trying to beg for something, though the gag made it impossible to tell what.

「I think their objective was probably this here.」

Usually seeing someone tortured was a painful sight, but Mira felt nothing for someone working with Chimera Clauzen. Still, she knew what their objective was, so she wanted to save Hebi the trouble.

Mira picked up the suspicious mask that was still on top of one of the beds as she summarized the events in Johann’s mansion.

Mylene’s mentor was involved with Chimera Clauzen, but that was only because his wife and daughter were being kept hostage, forcing him to help them. If his family was rescued, he had promised to help in any way he could.

But before they could go find his family, he alerted them that Mylene’s mask had a tracking device which would alert Chimera if she made any unusual moves, prompting the dispatch of pursuers. Mylene had remained silent so far, but eventually she raised her voice in shock. That was not because of the mask’s tracking device, but in reaction to hearing about Johann’s family.

She had been told that Anne, her mentor’s daughter, was studying abroad in Ozstein, and that his wife was too worried about her so she had also moved there to keep her company.

They had left while Mylene was buying materials in Sentopolly for Johann, so she had never been able to see them off.

「If you had been in the mansion when that happened, you probably would’ve been taken hostage too then.」

Mylene agreed with a quivering voice to Sasori’s theory.

「Anyway, that’s what we found out so we returned as quickly as we could, but it seems we didn’t have to worry.」

Mira casually threw the mask onto the bed before looking at the captured pursuers on the ground.

「I see, so these two were trying to find her.」

Hearing everything she needed to know, Hebi returned the torture tool to the table while the restrained man desperately nodded. But he quickly began wriggling around violently again, seeing Hebi reach for unreasonably large and darkened scissors.

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「I think you’ve done enough, try taking it off.」

Seeing the man wriggling in agony, Sasori spoke with a clear tone. In response, Hebi loudly snipped the scissors and nodded, turning a cold stare to the man. He froze for a short moment before he began shaking his head up and down like he was pleading for something.

「Seems that way.」

Seeing that, Hebi also agreed that he was under their full control as she reached down and took off his gag.

「I’ll tell you everything I know! I’ll give you everything I have! Please spare me-!」

The man cried, sounding desperate and hurt, making Mira wonder just what had happened while she was absent. But before he could say anything more, Hebi put the gag back, telling him 「Shut up, you’re too loud」 while snipping the scissors in front of his eyes.

He looked at them in horror and nodded slowly.

「I always thought she was the timid type, but this is a bit…」

While Hebi’s regal attitude in thin clothes excited her, Mira was also shocked at how different she appeared now.

「Believe it or not, back in the day she used to be terrible at interrogations…」


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