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Chapter 83: The Fifty Bells Meeting (Part 2)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2387 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1341 words
Editor(s): Fire

After Alioth went over their current situation again, Kongou, the leader of the multicolor platoons, responded with a smile that was filled with pride. The raids on Chimera Clauzen bases were mostly carried out by his platoons, so there was an influx of new transfers to his troops. Since now they were actually attacking Chimera Clauzen instead of simply investigating them, slowly they shaved off Chimera’s fighting strength. So even the complaints he mentioned were mostly meant jokingly and his smile became broader.

「Anyway, going to the main point. We’ve been enjoying a really good increase of momentum as of now, and that’s directly hitting them. But I wouldn’t trust that they’ll let this happen so simply. From what we heard, the movements of those adventurers sympathizing with Chimera only began to stand out recently, and it was also only recently that we began attacking their bases. But if they were to gain the Spirit King’s power now, the tides would be completely overturned. I’m sure they have a plan to counterattack if their new power were to surpass ours, and maybe that plan is already in motion. Or at least that’s what I think.」

When Alioth finished his speech, Uzume nodded and spoke while looking straight ahead.

「Yes, we’re currently further ahead than we’ve ever been. But we can’t ignore the fact that they’ll put up a fight eventually.」

As far as pure man-power went, Chimera was at a disadvantage, which they recognized and thus only ran away. But at this rate their hands and feet would be tied, so they must have been thinking of a way to overturn the situation in one fell swoop.

「While there’s a possibility we could succeed, it would still involve a considerable risk.」

Mizar spoke with a stiff expression.
He was talking about the dungeons mentioned in the letter Mira delivered. Those places were too dangerous even for the current top adventurers, which meant that the Chimera Clauzen members sent there would need to have quite a considerable amount of skill and power. And considering how important this was for Chimera Clauzen’s very existence, there had to be members with ties to the higher management amongst them. So now Uzume’s target would be those members. If done well, it could lead to the discovery of Chimera Clauzen’s headquarters which had eluded them so much. As Mizar had said, it was a risky but meaningful plan.
Alioth was unable to completely rule out the chance of everything being a trap, but he believed that it was worth following through no matter the dangers. Everyone was also of the same mind, so the conversation shifted to who would be suitable to carry out a mission with so many variables.

「If the people we send aren’t strong enough, things could go badly. We don’t even know their numbers, and we’ll be investigating multiple places at the same time. I would go myself, but I can’t leave here. Either way we should send the best we have, so who will it be?」

Cophin looked around before his eyes fixated on Uzume. If they really wanted to capture the Spirit King, the Fifty Bells would need to send people twice as powerful as Chimera. This was potentially the most important mission for the Fifty Bells Union as well, so they really had to choose selected members out of their elite forces.
The other members followed suit and all looked at Uzume, who lightly licked her lips and took a deep breath before talking.

「I’m thinking of grouping all Hidden members and sending them to the dungeons.」

When they heard that, their tense faces relaxed.

「That sounds fitting.」
「True, they’re more than capable enough.」

Alioth and Mizar voiced their support for Uzume’s decision, and the four remaining members also were in accord.

「Of course they are!」 Uzume’s face lit up like a child that was awarded full points after a test.

The attendees’ hearts were racing, worried she would say she wanted to go herself. Uzume had a tendency of wanting to go out every time something happened, and getting her to think sanely was part of the other members’ duties. They thought the same would happen this time, but somehow it seemed she was able to appoint suitable people.

「Where are all the Hidden currently?」

As soon as Uzume asked, Alioth placed some marks on the map. Apparently he was also informed of their movements.

「According to the report I received yesterday, currently they should be around these areas.」

There were a total of ten marks. Adding to that the two Hidden members present in the meeting, it made a total of twelve. Uzume stared at the map for a moment before adding three marks of her own.

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「The Libra Fortress, Sheltered Library, and Mirage Maze are in these locations. I think there will be no problems with the Library and the Maze, if everyone goes to the closest dungeon they should arrive there in a day or two. All we’ll have left is getting permission to enter the dungeons…and a way to deal with the Fortress.」

Looking at the map, she was correct. All the Hidden markers weren’t too far away from the three new markers. The only problem was that on top of being dungeons, permission from the Union was also required to enter them. Alioth looked over the map while trying to think of something, nodding to himself countless times before he spoke.

「These members should be more than qualified to pass as rank A. If they get that verified, entering the Library and Maze will be easy enough. On the other hand, no matter how I look at it, it would be way faster to send people to the Fortress from here.」
「That’s true, but Hebi and Sasori…I don’t feel confident sending only them.」

There would be groups of five going to the other two locations, while only two would be in charge of the Libra Fortress. They were certainly strong, but since the enemy was shrouded in mysteries, it was hard to tell if only two would be enough.
Sasori and Hebi were present, and were proud of their skills, but due to the importance of the mission they recognized the danger and how unsafe it would be, so they said nothing in return.

「If I remember correctly you’re staying at a C rank. So someone with an A rank should accompany you to enter.」

When Alioth added that, Hebi and Sasori silently nodded.
Heinrich, who Mira met on her way to the Abandoned City in the Sky, was also a rank A adventurer. It was hard to imagine he would want to help out so suddenly, but the Fifty Bells Union’s headquarters were visited by many adventurers who sympathized with them, so choosing a suitable one from them should be enough. For the last matter Uzume turned to look at Mira again.

「By the way… Mira. I heard you came to the Forest of the Four Seasons from the sky, but how exactly did you get there?」

In response, Mira looked up from the map while repeating the question in her head before replying while striking a pose.

「I rode in a wagon, carried by Garuda whomst I summoned.」
「Just as I imagined! If you have a summon that can fly and is large enough I guess something like that is possible. I’m somewhat jealous.」

Uzume imagined a carriage pumpkin carriage straight out of fairy tales and pictured herself flying while riding it. Onmyoji masters did have similar enough shikigamis, but none was as big as Garuda, so either riding on or clinging to them was all they could do. So Uzume was truly jealous of Mira who could ride comfortably and even like some sort of princess.

「By the way, how many people can ride on your wagon?」
「Hmm, let me think… around three I guess.」


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