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Chapter 47: Next Mission

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A barrier covered the sky over the capital city, Lunatic Lake, stretching over the castle walls and premises. Garuda, who was carrying the wagon containing Mira and Creos, landed in the castle square in front of Alkite Castle.
This was already a familiar sight for the guards, especially Creos, the acting wise man, who came out while stretching his back.
Although Creos came out as expected, he was accompanied by a girl with glowing silver hair. The guards were taken aback for just a moment, but when they realized that the girl was the disciple of the wise man Danbalf, they corrected their postures.

“Thanks. That was a comfortable ride.”

“I am glad to be of help.”

Mira looked up at Garuda, as if to say thank you, and said, “You also had a hard time.”
Garuda responded to her words with a low purr.

“Well, Mira-sama, please take care.”

“Yeah, you as well.”

Creos wished to make Mira’s mission to train new summoners a success. Along the way, Mira brought out the magical bombs that had been taken from the tower. There were a lot of them. Creos was happy, and he was more motivated today.
Creos went back to the wagon. Mira watched it fly towards the school and entered the castle. A maid, who had been standing by, guided her to the reference room in the back of the castle.

“Mira, I’ve been waiting.”

Upon entering the reference room, Lily took the maid’s place and led Mira the rest of the way.
The reference room had white walls and a high ceiling. A colonnade was near the entrance, and the back of the room was divided into three layers. Grey, metallic shelves were arranged neatly, and various materials from around the world were kept separately in each section.
Mira was then guided to the room behind the first layer, where Solomon was waiting.

“Thank you for your hard work. I will take care of it from here.”


Lily bowed to Mira and said, “Please tell me your thoughts on the clothes later,” before leaving.
A fine wooden table stood in the center of the room, and numerous documents were lined up on it. Solomon spread the documents out in front of Mira, and then picked one of them up.

“Sorry to have you come here. I just wanted a private meeting, but a small place is a small place. First of all, take a look at this.”

As he said that, Solomon covered the document in front of him with a piece of paper he had taken from his pocket. It looked like a blueprint of something, something humanoid.

“This is……a robot?”

“Well, I guess it is close to one. For the time being, it is being developed under the name Protoandor.”


Mira gazed at the document in front of her. There were two different designs drawn on it. The size and shape of the designs were almost the same, but the contents on the right side were more complicated.

“Oh, by the way, the left side is a Sturwart Doll, and its development was completed over ten years ago.”

“What, this was something else?”

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“Well, that’s where the original shape came from. Anyway, what you want to look at is the one on the right. That was why I called you this time.”

“I want to know about this one.”

Solomon gave a brief overview while arranging several papers.

“First of all, a Sturwart Doll is an automatic doll created by the Craftsman’s Association through the power of magic engineering. It operates in dangerous places that are inaccessible to humans. Well, it is easy to understand if you compare it to the role of a robot in our original world.”

After he finished speaking, Solomon pointed to the other blueprint.

“So, this guy, the Protoandor, is under development based on the Sturwart Doll, and is made for battle.”

“Well, whatever it is, what’s the reason I was called?”

On the magic engineering side, Mira had been consulted for refining issues as well. Solomon sighed as he wrinkled his brow.

“To be frank, the development of the Protoandor has stagnated — the development to convert Sturwart Dolls to be combat ready is a priority in every country because if it could fight, there would eventually no longer be any large countries that could oppose them. For now, it is enough to use them as vanguards against demons, since they are convenient for that. A country’s authority will be determined by how far they develop it, so we decided to prioritize it in Alkite Kingdom.”

In fact, every country was conducting experiments to adjust Sturwart dolls for combat. They were used as patrol personnel, made to patrol the border, and for emergency strength.
Furthermore, things specialized for fighting demons had also been developed and produced.

Even in the Alkite kingdom, development had started long ago. However, the direction of their development was kept secret.

“Hmmm…… It is true that anyone can come up with the idea. In other words, summoning is related to the higher priority? Would refining it even be good?”

Added value. In other words, Mira thought that refining would add something to that effect, but Solomon shook his head.

“No, refining is irrelevant. We just need some materials to continue to the next step.”

With that said, he took out a list of materials. There was quite a lot written on it, but materials related to magical tools were included.

“This is a confidential matter that is kept in high secrecy.
The Protoandor that is developed in this country is designed based on arts· · · · · · · · · · ·.
It’s in the final stage now. I am building a mechanism for the initiation of magic.
However, there is a stalemate. Thanks to Luminaria’s cooperation, I can incorporate the composition of magic, but I couldn’t generate the magical power of the core.
I had varying results which resulted in some of the cores reacting, but most did not lead to the creation of magical powers.”

Solomon pointed to a place on the list.

The name of the material written there was “Sparkling Seed”. The type was irrelevant. It was a special seed that glowed faintly, and it was sometimes found on trees all over the world. It was compatible with all types of magic, and it was also used for basic preparation of various magical tools. It was versatile and could also be used as a substitute for some other materials.

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“With Sparkling Seeds, which are the most common material, I could confirm the initiation of magic. . . . However, the output is still too small to activate the art, and it’s still far from practical use.”

Several pieces of information connected in Mira’s mind. Sparkling Seeds were the most important item on the list of materials. Mira recalled a material that could be called the best of the best.

It was the “Seed of the Founder”. It was a valuable material that could be taken from the original Taiki Gofel, who was regarded as the father of all trees in the world. The Sparkling Seeds living on modern trees changed appearance after a long time, in a process similar to evolution.
The Seeds of the Founder contained condensed magical force before they faded, which was then used to create the highest level of magical tools.

“In other words, you want me to get the Seed of the Founder?”

Mira took out the forbidden pass permit issued to the Union leader, Leonir, and put it on the document as she said that.

Tenma Labyrinth Primal Forest. The name carried the meaning of ‘the original forest’. As its name suggested, it was a labyrinth where ancient plants grew abundantly, as well as trees that were supposed to be the father of all trees.

“It seems like you got the message properly… I was waiting for a suitable time to call you, but I thought that the destination would overlap, so I called you.”

“I see. Then, how come you’re unable to get that material?”

Although there had been a major detour, the main purpose of developing the doll was to chase the traces of Soul Howl. Once Mira pushed the matter to a corner of her mind, she stared at Solomon’s newly presented material.

“According to that document, it was discovered that the Holy Grail of Divine Light could create the materials for several steps, but it seems that it is not a very useful item for collecting and producing materials.”

“Huh…… There were various theories about the Holy Grail, but was it a quest system?”

When I was still in the game, there were many discussions about the Holy Grail of Divine Light. It was the most influential quest reward and was said to be similar to artifacts.

“To be precise, it might be slightly different from the quest system…”

Solomon closed his eyes so as to sort through his thoughts. He then spoke again.

“The Grail is a special item that does not seem to be a quest reward, special item, or a drop.“

In the end, there were no words that could express the position of the Holy Grail of Divine Light, Solomon explained.

First of all, the Holy Grail of Divine Light was made by using items created through many processes. However, it did not use the various technologies called production systems, but was instead completed by satisfying various conditions.

Regarding the conditions, many were still unreadable. I had been contacted because the first condition could be read.

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“Then, what are the conditions?”

“The first condition is to acquire the root of a Sacred tree that exceeds 3000 years of age. This material will become the foundation of the Holy Grail and also has its own conditions. The closest 3000-year-old Sacred tree is said to be in the underground cemetery where Soul Howl resides.”

“On top of the primal forest, the Elder Woods of Prayer… isn’t it?”

Sacred tree. It was a generic term for special trees that had been worshipped as gods and had come to take advantage of God’s power through the passage of time. There were several other sacred trees that had lived more than 3,000 years in other continents, but if Soul Howl had placed one in the underground cemetery, then he didn’t need to take the effort to travel far away. If that was the case, I should first head to the Woods of Prayer, located southwest of Alkite Kingdom, since it was closest. There was also the Tenma Maze Primal Forest. That was the reason why Solomon said that it was exactly the same.

“So it’s like that. I don’t think I will stay too long, seeing as it is my first destination, but I may find traces of it. It’s also possible that I may hear something from the other elders. Though, is it not a stone’s throw away from here?”

“Well, that’s true. Even I argued that I would make sure to be back on time. Anyway, it’s like that, but it would be great if you can secure at least ten pieces of the root for experiments and reserves.”

Since they were still experimenting, Solomon proposed a number that took failure into consideration. Mira, however, showed an expression that said it was clearly troublesome. That was because the Seeds of the Founder were valuable, even when it was a game. Advanced players who traded for it were prepared for how much it would cost. Even if it wasn’t Mira, any of the nine wise men would shown a hateful expression when asked to get ten.

“That would be inconvenient for me.”

“As for me, people are no longer available, since they have been assigned to forbidden regions, so I’m expecting you to do it. However, if it seems that it will take many days to get, I will be fine with just five pieces.”

“Really now…… Well, I’ll try to collect as much as possible.”

“Thanks. I am grateful.”

Mira also thanked him for the high-performance clothing being made. Solomon placed ten pieces of mithril in front of Mira when she said thank you.

“These are your war funds. If you need something else on the way, buy it with this. You can even buy replicas. In the capital city, there are replicas of other costumes that you’ve worn besides the robe of the wise man.”

Solomon said while smiling mischievously. Mira finally understood the meaning behind the smile Solomon had shown when he said that she looked good yesterday.

“You, you knew and kept silent about it.”

“A disciple imitating an admired master. Isn’t it cute?”

“I do not need such an impression!”

The two people started chasing each other around the table while arguing. It looked like children playing on the street.

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“By the way, here is a souvenir.”

Mira said when they had finished horsing around, and she arranged the sealed magic stones brought from the tower on the table. There was probably nearly a hundred. Solomon joyfully took the bag and threw the sealed magic stones into it.

“Well, thank you. With all these sealed magic stones, there will be nothing to worry about. I really appreciate it, and since I would like to thank you, what would you like?”

“It’s not that I mind…but that’s……”

Mira, Solomon’s best friend, wanted him to just take it, but since he had brought it up, there was no reason for her to refuse. After thinking about it, she came up with a good idea.

“How about a small, horse-drawn wagon? Creos had one for Garuda and flew with it, so I thought that I might want one. I heard that a castle craftsman made it.”

“Is that so? That’s fine with me. It’s cheap. Do you want to request any interior decoration or equipment?”

“I see, a request, huh……”

Mira listened to what Solomon could do.
After talking for nearly twenty minutes, the approximate design had been set. It would be made of a sturdy material that wouldn’t break, even if it was exposed to the weather and rain. Mira also detailed the interior decoration as much as possible.
After the discussion, it seemed that, aside from various technologies being created, it would be more luxurious than Mira had expected. It was as if they had been talking about how to make a secret base, and it was because the two people were on the same wavelength. There was a time when she had spent a lot of time on secret bases, but she had stopped because she lost interest in it.

“It seems to be a little interesting, doesn’t it?”

“Well, I’m looking forward to it now.”

The two looked at each other with the facial expressions of innocent, smiling children. When they had finally confirmed the deadline and contact method, Mira opened her mouth, as if she had remembered something.

“Come to think of it, we have some issues. I talked about my identity with Mariana, Creos, and Ritalia.”

“Well, I won’t ask why, but those three people don’t seem to be an issue.”

The Summoning Tower’s aide Mariana, the acting wise man Creos, and Luminaria’s assistant, Ritalia. They were three people who could be trusted, without a doubt. Solomon approved of these three immediately and set it up so that they would report to him for matters concerning Danbalf.

“Solomon-sama, it is almost time.”

“Yes, I understand.”

When a man’s voice came from right behind the door, Solomon changed his tone and returned a short answer. Naturally, Solomon still had work to do. The confidential meeting with Mira had been scheduled to be an hour long. He had to go to his next job soon.

“I don’t have much time left, but I’ll give you this.”

“Huh, this is…”

Mira lightly flipped through the bundle of paper Solomon handed to her and checked them one by one.

“I haven’t completed it yet. I collected them from around the country…so you should put them in the important items column for the time being.”

“Well, let me do that.”

There were ten sheets. It was a map of the area around Alkite Kingdom. The Woods of Prayers that she was heading to was also shown.
Mira quickly opened the map item after putting a map in the important item column of the item box. A map was projected onto the bracelet, as if there was a screen.

“This is useful.”

“The map should show shops that deal with big towns, but if you need to, you can buy a local map. Although I’m roughly keeping track of the whole continent, it always seems to change.”

Solomon bundled the materials spread out on the desk, while recalling stories he had heard from former players turned adventurers with a slightly nostalgic expression. He had spent 30 years as a king. It was certainly not a boring life, but he sometimes felt a strong impulse to adventure. Listening to such stories from former player acquaintances who knew of his circumstances was a large source of entertainment now. That was why Solomon felt that these conversations with Mira were fun from the bottom of his heart.

“Wait, there’s one more. This.”

Solomon took a palm-sized object from his chest and gave it to Mira. It was a metal plate with a stunning design. The national emblem of Alkite Kingdom shone silver, and the pattern of a ring of nine numbers was engraved into it.

“What is this?”

She glanced over it and then turned it over. Upon seeing the magic seal engraved on the back, Mira tilted her head.

“Is this something like a magic tool?”

Mira predicted that based on the magic seal, but Solomon shook his head and said,

“That is a medal. I think that this time, I will reward you for bringing back a clue from Soul Howl, who is an important person to the country.”

As he said so, Solomon laid his hands on Mira’s medal.

“I give this to you, in the name of Solomon.”

The medal responded to his phrase, and the engraved magic shone faintly.

“This is an owned, intangible item. This medal will be the proof that I gave it to you.”

“I see. Of course, I do not have a medal.”

“I think that your status is useful because, every so often, it is useful to be acknowledged by Alkite Kingdom. If you need help in gathering information, getting to a destination, or some other task, show this. It will be somewhat helpful.”

“Well, if that is the case, let’s say that I will use it with care.”

Mira took the medal from his palm and nodded as as if she consented.

“Well then, please bring souvenirs. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Yea, I will.”

In Karanak, Mira had made a connection with the child called Takuto and the guild Ecarate Carillon. Solomon seemed to be a little envious as he watched the girl leave, walking in a dignified manner with her long, swinging silver hair. He was looking forward to what kind of things would happen next.
(Should I use a cosmetic box as well……?)

“Solomon-sama, the messenger from Alice Falius Saint Nation has arrived.”

“I’ll go immediately.”

Unlike earlier, there was no childishness in Solomon, and he showed the expression of a king who had ruled for 30 years.
(Well, we must fulfill our responsibilities.)
Solomon held the bundled materials under his arms and left a silent room behind.

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