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Chapter 210: Remote Report (Part 1)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2724 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1200 words
Editor(s): Fire

Mira quickly took hold of the receiver and punched in the number she had just found. For the first time since she started trying, the device began to make a beeping sound.

The number was actually valid, and that sound was the waiting sound until someone picked up on the other end. It was a strange device, looking like a landline phone, but being completely wireless.

『This is Solomon speaking.』

After a few seconds, she heard the voice she had been waiting for so long. The volume was quite loud, so Worthramble also heard it with shock, and then looked at the device with more interest.

「Ohh, it worked! It’s me, it’s me!」

After those few seconds of suspense, the call had connected and Mira rejoiced, speaking into the device.

『Ahh, I see. It’s rare for you to call, did something happen?』

The moment Solomon realized it was Mira on the other side, the tone of his voice became much more relaxed, sounding much closer to how Mira remembered it too. That brought some relief to her, and she explained her current situation.

「I guess you could say that, or more like I just wanted to report some of my findings. First off…」

Mira began with Soul Howl’s situation, which was the main objective of her current outing. She mentioned how she successfully found him inside the Ancient Underground City, how he was unable to use high level spells, and then how the Spirit King solved that issue.

『I see, so he got his power back… I guess that means he’s become incredibly powerful then.』

Solomon’s voice was brimming with expectations.

Solomon had calculated Soul Howl’s current location by using his power from back in the day as reference, including his higher level spells. He had not even imagined that he was stuck with his basic spells, but the fact that the calculations were correct meant that Soul Howl’s basic spells now were as powerful as all the spells he had available back in the game.

「I guess so. I guess that’s also how we managed to defeat Machina Guardian just the two of us.」

Mira agreed with Solomon’s assessment, having seen Soul Howl in action herself. Then she related their fight against Machina Guardian.

That enemy was considered a raid boss, which the pair had managed to defeat thanks to all the units they could summon or create. Soul Howl’s wall had also become sturdy like an impenetrable steel fortress, while Mira commanded over an army equipped with holy swords. Their new power was a sight to behold, though Machina Guardian had also changed.

Mira took some time to narrate the entire fight, sounding quite proud of their achievement.

「Then when we defeated it a mechanical humanoid came out from inside.」

Mira mentioned the humanoid and the message it left, as well as the metal plate. She had carefully written down the message, so she could repeat it verbatim.

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『When the dark moon rises, darkness will descend. Heroes who overcame our strongest Guardian, we deem you worthy of inheriting our power. Take this and prepare to fend off the inevitable intruders. That was it, right? It’s quite a puzzling message, and you say you also obtained a metal plate with a strange inscription?』

Solomon slowly repeated the message back, likely because he was also writing it down.

「Yes. That never happened before, no? I also obtained a strange work diary of sorts, though it’s missing a lot of pieces. It makes even less sense than the message, but it’s also quite mysterious.」

Saying that, she asked 「Are you ready to write it down?」 before reading out loud the legible parts of the piece of paper.

That diary had come out from Machina Guardian’s body. It was tattered and burnt, so only one page remained, but the legible parts clearly mentioned some Japanese branch, making it a really intriguing piece of information.

「And that’s what I could make out. I tried talking with Soul Howl and he agrees that it might be linked to this world’s secret, but what do you think?」

When Mira was done, she asked that question to Solomon. After a short pause, he replied 『It’s very likely,』 agreeing with Mira and Soul Howl.

『That page is enough to theorize that Japan was somehow involved in creating the Ancient Underground City, and as you know, that place’s history is far older than our time in this world. That diary indicates that Japan already had an influence here, all the way back in that past, and we should keep that fact in mind.』

After that Solomon began to ponder if the person who wrote the diary was the same person who left the message and metal plate, or someone else. As well as how that would relate to inheriting their power, or if that was completely unrelated to the diary.

「By the way, Solomon. Do I have to hurry and bring this stuff back?」

While Solomon mumbled about all sorts of things, Mira interjected with that question. That was the reason why she decided to report remotely in the first place, and in a way was the main topic she wanted to discuss.

『Well, I do wish I could see the actual items for myself… But considering you’re asking that, and the fact you used the device, I feel like there’s something deeper to that question.』

Usually it was easier to report her findings by returning to Arkite and talking in his office, but Mira had gone through the trouble of using the device. Before Mira could answer, he quickly said 『Okay, let me try to guess first,』 and began thinking again. It was almost like he wanted to be quizzed about it.

「I’ve already given you all the information you need. Let’s see if you can figure it out.」

Instead of asking why he was doing that, her voice took a more haughty and questioning tone. It had been some time since the two played that game.

『Alright, I think I got it!』

After a minute or two, Solomon’s excited voice rang through the device. He had figured out why Mira had decided to report remotely like that.

「So, what’s your answer?」

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Mira asked daringly, and Solomon replied firmly 『I believe you want to search for the orphanage as soon as possible.』

「Hrnghh…that’s correct.」

『I knew it! But yes, I agree that researching that place is more important than reporting here. In a way I’m actually surprised you managed to connect the dots and remember about that place.』

Mira sounded frustrated as she confirmed his response, and Solomon chuckled a little as he continued talking. He actually commended her for recalling all those things while having so many other things to take care of.

「Of course I remember all that. Who do you take me for?」

In reality Mira had only thought of that when she overheard those adventurers at the inn talking about Fuzzy Dice, but she preferred to puff her chest in pride and claim it was all her genius.


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