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Chapter 206: Loud Rumors (Part 2)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2801 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1264 words
Editor(s): Fire

Taiyaki and Kuri Yokan were both Meilin’s favorites. There was that embarrassing story of one time when she ate too much of it and became chubby, so she had to go on a diet in real life together with Kagura.

Thinking of that story filled Mira with nostalgia.

But the priest did not allow her to revel in it.

「That’s wonderful! I never thought I’d meet a friend of hers… I can’t remember the last time I heard such incredible news.」

Even though he was a priest, he was looking at Mira almost like she was a deity. It seemed like Meilin was almost a divine entity in his mind, so hearing that Mira was a friend of Meilin put her in a similar position.

「I have a minor business to talk over with her, so I’m trying to find her. Would you know where she is?」

Mira asked him that, but judging from his reaction, he likely did not know where Meilin could be.

「Sadly no… I just know that back when she changed my life, she did not only visit my arena, but she was touring any place with a major fighting organization. She’s had a big impact in my life, so I’d really like to see her again as well, and thank her for everything she’s done.」

The priest continued, almost like he was praying for that opportunity. If he heard of Meilin’s location, he would likely rush there that very instant.

All in all, Mira had learned that the person who changed the champion Thatsbard Bloodycrimson Kingsblade into a priest was most certainly Meilin. But she also learned that even seven years ago Meilin still had the same personality she always had.

(Major fighting organizations… I guess I’ll have to look into places like that, assuming she’s still on her journeys of enlightenment today.)

At least Mira had a starting point to search for Meilin. 「If I find her I’ll tell her you said thanks then,」 she told the priest, and left that place. As she walked away, she could hear the priest thanking her profusely many times.

The people nearby looked at Mira with incredulous eyes, wondering just who this girl was, who had made the Iron Fist Priest act in such an extreme way.

The next day rumors would spread that an angel had manifested itself in front of the priest, but neither Mira nor the priest would ever get word of that.

It was nearly 8pm, so Mira headed to the area in Gran Rings with the most inns. After looking around for a place to spend the night at, she found a large building that resembled a small palace.

「Hmm, let’s try here.」

She was in the more expensive section of that district. This large building looked the fanciest out of the rest.

Mira had spent some time in the Folk’s Peace inn not too long ago, which had been expensive and fancy in its own right, so now she was curious what she would find in a place that was even more expensive.

It was hard to let go of luxury after having a taste, but Mira was expecting to experience something even better as she looked at that palace-like inn.

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It stood imposing, the facade brightly illuminated so it stood out even at night. It was not as large as a royal palace, but it was bigger than any of the other inns nearby, making it feel more special.

(I have plenty of Magic Stones, as well as the loot from the Prowler and Machina Guardian. That should easily net me a hundred million, so I shouldn’t have to worry about my finances anymore. And that means I get to splurge tonight!)

High class inns offered more comfortable rooms and better food, but the biggest difference was in how staff treated guests. They would all be specialists of their craft, giving the best service possible in every aspect imaginable.

But as far as that kind of hospitality went, Mira had already experienced the best anyone had to offer, an experience no inn could ever afford to replicate. That was spending a night in Arkite’s royal palace. That was where the king lived, and Mira had not a single complaint about her room, the treatment, or even the food, as it was the same food the king was given. The maids there were all cherry-picked from the best, and the one appointed exclusively to Mira, Lily, stood a head above the rest.

But the circumstances were also a little different there, so it did not affect Mira’s feelings for staying at the inn whatsoever. She wanted to know what the best adventurers of the world could get to experience.

Then again, the treasure Mira had obtained was exceedingly valuable, so finding a buyer would take some effort as well, but Mira’s over-optimistic ways would never change, and she just marched into the inn without a single concern.

The front desk and lobby were just as gaudy as the facade. Bright chandeliers hung from the ceiling, and the floor was covered in a soft and pristine carpet, while all the furniture looked masterfully crafted. Everything was the epitome of luxury, making it get burned in one’s mind with ease at first sight.

(Hmm, there’s actually a lot of people here. But even those adventurers look like they’re clearly on a different league.)

While the building looked majestic and dignified, it was actually quite loud inside, with people talking to each other everywhere. That was the same in every inn.

As she examined the other guests she saw there were not only adventurers, but also what looked like wealthy merchants, and a few tourists. This certainly looked like a good place to spend the night with reassured security, as well as to build long-lasting memories.

Seeing so many people made Mira worry that maybe there were no empty rooms left as she approached the front desk. The inn was so large that it still had space however.

The cheapest rooms, which cost 50,000 Rils a night, were all filled up. Some of the 70,000 Rils were still empty, and there were plenty of 100,000 and 150,000 Rils rooms left though.

「I’ll take a 150,000 Rils room then.」

Mira instantly decided for the most expensive room, and proudly took the golden glimmery key given to her.

It seemed that even the keys to the 150,000 Rils rooms were made of gold, and Mira walked away to the large staircase in the middle of the lobby, making the key twirl in her hand so that everyone could see it.

But before long she overheard a certain name she knew,

「Hey hey, did you hear? Apparently Fuzzy Dice showed up in Haxthausen!」
「I heard, I heard! Apparently the Doles Company got a warning notice from him.」
「Yeah, the Doles Company! They got so big out of nowhere, though I’ve heard some bad rumors about them.」
「Mhm, apparently they’re being investigated for working together with those Chimera Clauzen guys. So far they haven’t found any evidence though.」
「I know. It’ll be fine though! Fuzzy Dice will be there, and I’m sure he’ll find all the evidence, and the money they made from Chimera Clauzen!」

A group of female adventurers were chatting merrily in the waiting area, all of them seemingly big fans of Fuzzy Dice. They were probably waiting for one of their companions to finish the initial paperwork to stay there.

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