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Chapter 202: Each of Their Spoils of War (Part 2)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2419 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1143 words
Editor(s): Fire

「I know, I know. So what else did you get? I’m pretty sure all this boss drops are its body parts, right? That must mean almost everything was guaranteed this time?」

Soul Howl said that as he picked up a piece of scrap metal from the ground. It looked like a random piece of crumpled metal, but it was still made of a high quality alloy that should sell for a decent sum to the right blacksmith. But the fact that Mira had left it behind meant that she only focused on the items she knew well, and were far more expensive than the metal. That much was obvious from the way she searched through the remains, and the pile of scrap she left behind.

In other words, she must have only picked up the drops she knew well.

「Well, pretty much yes.」

Mira had scoured for exactly those items, so she replied brimming with confidence. That made Soul Howl think for a moment, then he asked 「Then you should’ve found Neuron Crystals too, right? Could you give me one?」

「Neuron Crystals? What, are you trying to renew your equipment?」

Hearing that, Mira looked at Soul Howl up and down before asking in return. He did not seem to be wearing anything exotic, but as Mira had seen various high level items in the past, she could tell he did carry plenty of the best equipment available. Many of which did not exist back when they used to play together.

Neuron Crystals were used to craft high level items too, but an upgrade did not look necessary for him, which made her curious about it. The response Soul Howl gave made sense, but was also a bit unexpected.

「Renew my equipment…well, I guess it’s something like that. You know how my high level spells were sealed out of the blue, right? That stopped me from completing Irina’s upgrades before I could get her everything. Having a Neuron Crystal would help a lot with that though.」

Irina, that was the name of Soul Howl’s trump card, who he brought back from the Death Realm of Rebirth with his Necromancy Skills. Her power increased depending on which items were stored together with her body in the Hero’s Coffin. He had been unable to complete those upgrades when his high level spells were blocked, making her only half as powerful as she could be, but a Neuron Crystal would help him complete her.

「I see, so that’s what you need it for.」

Mira quickly caught on after hearing that. Neuron Crystals had good synergy with spells, so it would easily make Irina’s power skyrocket.

「Ahh, right, you’re the owner now. Don’t worry Elder, I’ll pay for it.」

Saying that, he quickly began to mull about it, muttering 「How much would they cost now…」 as he calculated the price.

「Neuron Crystals are almost never for sale in the market, so I really don’t know what the correct price is. Back then they went for thirty million… accounting for their increased rarity and inflation…」

Even back then when top level players would defeat Machina Guardian on a weekly basis, Neuron Crystals were sold for upwards of 30,000,000 Rils. But now that boss was defeated far less often, decreasing the influx of Neuron Crystals into the market, making it hard to point at its current price.

So instead Soul Howl compared it to other rare items he had actually seen, and adjusted the price according to them.

「So how about three hundred million? Though if they’re being sold for even more I’ll pay the difference later too.」

Soul Howl casually mentioned that sum. His voice completely unconcerned, like a noble that never had to worry about money. That attitude was a stark contrast to Mira who would worry about every single penny she had, showing just how different their world views were.

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「O-Oh…three hundred million…」

Mira looked around nervously. That was a lot of money, and just hearing of that sum made her daydream of all the luxuries she could indulge with it. She would be able to stay in the best inns for as long as she wanted and eat the most expensive food there was. Her mind was already absorbed by the thought of the three hundred million in her possession, while feeling like something similar had happened once in the past.

「Maybe five hundred if that’s still too low then? I’ll probably only get a chance to pay for the difference in a few months after all.」

While Mira was lost in dreamland with her three hundred million, Soul Howl interpreted her lack of answer as dissatisfaction with the sum, so he increased it.

That instantly brought Mira back to reality. Hearing him nearly double the sum so casually felt so surreal that it jolted her awake, and she could think calmly again.

「Here, take it.」

She took out a Neuron Crystal from her Item Box and pushed it onto Soul Howl in an almost brusque manner.

「Oh, so you’re happy with that price? Alright, so I have gold coins and banknotes, which do you want?」

Soul Howl took the Neuron Crystal and said that, his voice still unbothered by the price. But wanting to gain some dominance, Mira straightened her back and puffed her chest.

「No, just take it. You helped with the fight as well, so that’s your fair share.」

Even though Soul Howl had rescinded his rights to taking any of the loot, Mira still wanted him to take it as such. She kept the fact she had four others secret, instead trying to appear like she did not have any attachment to money.

「Oh, are you sure? Five hundred million won’t really dent my finances, so you don’t have to worry about me.」

His composure when dealing with such sums was almost overwhelming, but Mira would no longer allow herself to be moved.

「I’m telling you it’s fine. Also umm…you know. The Neuron Crystal will make your skills stronger, which will let you finish your quest faster, right? So you’ll also get to come back sooner, and that’ll help with what I’m doing.」

While five hundred million was an alluring sum, Mira had decided to part with it. Whether announcing that the Nine Wisemen were back, or rebuilding Arkite’s military, it would all be easier to do the faster everyone came back.

「Ahh…yeah, I can see that too. Having Irina complete will accelerate my progress by a lot. Unless something unexpected happens, it should only take a month or two more.」

After that, Soul Howl lowered his voice to a murmur, saying 「Now that that’s settled, I’ll happily take it then,」 and placed it inside his Item Box.


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