Chapter 46: Wedding Night

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The casual dinner that had become a strategy meeting had finally finished、and Mira returned to the Tower of Summoning。It was currently just past ten o’clock at night、as Mira lightly yawned in from sleepiness。

(Shall I take a bath and sleep?)

After having considered such things、Mira took out her Tower Master Key in front of the private room、and before anything else Mariana quickly opened the door。

「oh oh、thanks。Mariana」

「It’s not a problem」

Mariana briefly replied。However、her expression after opening the door in such a long time for her overflowed with happiness。

「Well then、I’ll go to sleep and prepare for tomorrow’s summoning acquisition。Good night、Mira-sama。Mariana-san」

「Hou、is there anything I can help with?」

「No no、I couldn’t trouble Mira-sama over a simple schedule check.」

「Fumu is that so? Then good night。Until I finish my investigation、I leave this tower in thy hands」

「Yes of course、leave it to me!」

Creos replied proudly、and returned back to his work office。Mira entered her private room、and went into the dressing room。

「Mariana、thou has also done enough。Please take a rest in bed」

「There is still a bath。Allow me to wash your back」

Mira replied while opening the door of the dressing room、as Mariana with built up tension stuck onto Mira’s back。

「There is no need for thou to go that far」

「Allow me to wash your back」

「No、as I was saying……」

「Allow me to wa──」

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「Umu、alright。Let’s get it over with……」

Mira reluctantly replied with a wry smile under Mariana’s unwavering dedication。

(Well、it’s just washing my back。There’s no reason to forcefully decline)

Despite her being a tactful assistant、there was no reason to decline company。While facing each other、Mariana displayed a pent up desire to serve Mira、paying attention to even the slightest effort she made。

Mariana quietly helped Mira who struggled taking off her magic robe set、neatly placing the beautifully folded coat onto the shelf。The one-piece that took elaborate effort to put on、had been easily taken off with Mariana’s helping hand。Wearing only panties、Mira went into the bathroom。

Mariana finished organizing the clothes Mira took off、and naturally hung them。

The results would be that Mira’s bath time will be dictated by Mariana。

Mariana who was almost nude had been diligently giving unwanted care。Mira’s eyes wandered around in a fluster looking away from Mariana、whom had most likely placed trust in her。

Mira、lacking in proper judgement became more conscious、as the nerves in her back became more sensitive。

「Here comes the last wash」


Mira continued to return all of Mariana’s words with affirmation、as she was washed from head to toe。

Occasionally Mira felt something soft touch her back and arms。While Mira’s entire body was washed、and her body became ticklish、she was somehow able to withstand it while on the verge of losing self-control。

Mira had been made to be forcefully aware of how pretty Mariana was。

She washed her back in return。It could be said、that Mira’s slowly built up fatigue forced her to jump out of the bathroom to escape。A simple thin robe had been prepared for her in the dressing room。

(As one would expect……)

Putting on the robe、Mira sat on a sofa enjoying Apple au Lait、grateful for Mariana’s good points。

While playing with the robe、as she thought of various ideas about summoning magic、Mariana in tinges of red had finished bathing and came out。

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「This will be washed by the end of the day」

「Umu、I’ll leave it to you」

Mariana in a robe similar to Mira’s carried in her hands、the magic robe set folded up beautifully along with her maid clothes and undergarments。While watching Mariana、the word ‘wash’ had caused Mira to remember about the Sage’s Robe。

「That reminds me、I left a robe here last time」

「At that time、I finished washing it and placed it inside my room。I’ll fetch it

Mariana courteously bowed while speaking、and returned to the assistant’s room to get the clean Sage’s Robe。

(Preparations for sleeping are completed)

Mira stood up and lightly stretched after leaning against the back of the sofa。

With sleep preparations mostly finished、Mira plopped herself down on a bed、and after a while Mariana returned with the robe in hand。

「It is here」


Mira politely received the folded Sage’s Robe。In Mariana’s hand she noticed something else。On the surface was cloth。A beautifully decorated fluffy cylindrical object bulged out from her arms。

「What is that?」

「It is a Pillow」

Mariana answered as if it was something obvious。After confirming what it was、Mira wondered why it was brought along。However、there was only one reason。

「Did thou、want to sleep here?」


「However。To lie down with a woman……。A man and a woman」

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「Mira-sama is a girl at the moment。Aren’t there no problems in particular?」


It was said to be not a problem。However she had come to the realization、to spend a night together with a lovely girl like Mariana、she would have to endure her lust。For Mira、Mariana was a partner she should never lust over。

But、Mariana’s awareness was different。Mariana was offering all of her body and heart。In the first place for fairy-kin with the mark of the Sprites Divine Blessing、it gave the feeling that the host、Mira in this instance、was akin to a spouse。

「Sharing a bed together with me、do you hate the thought of it?」

Mira had fallen silent trying to processing the situation、and Mariana who felt lonely looked down slightly and asked in a saddened voice。

「I don’t hate it。But……umm」

Of course such a reason didn’t exist。Mira had immediately denied it。But she was ashamed of her own desires。If she had been told about sleeping together beforehand、she would have prepared the resolution to do it。

In conclusion、the choice to reject Mariana was no longer left。Mira made up her mind、「Ok」and approved of it while moving aside some pillows and lying down towards the left-side。

Mariana placed her pillow down in the vacant spot and gracefully slipping into the bed。

「I’m glad to be able to see you again」

In the bed where two heads lined up、Mariana’s voice shook as she murmured。When Mira turned around towards the voice、Mariana’s eyes began to become slightly wet。

(thirty years of neglect……)

Mariana had been selfish suddenly requesting to sleep together。The words ‘thirty years’ itself was short、on the other hand it was a long time to live through。


Looking at the cloth with an embroidery of the paradise of gods、Mira apologizes again。In the next moment、Mariana touched Mira’s abdomen。

「What’s wrong?」

Feeling ticklish、Mira’s body twitches、as she turns her gaze towards Mariana。Mariana’s face had come close to her own。Towards Mira who seemed confused、Mariana placed her other hand in a different place。

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(What……the heck is going on!)

「Mira-sama……once more」

Mariana whispered into her ear、while she placed her right hand behind Mira’s abdomen。Closing her moist eyes、a faint stream of light leaked from the bed。

「so that’s what it was」

Grasping Mariana’s hand and placing it in front of their faces、she ignored the slightly disappointing unsure feeling、and felt relieved。Looking at the back of her hand with a bird pattern、they both exchanged gazes。

「What did you think it was?」

「U……、nothing in particular」

Mira quickly averted her eyes、while Mariana unintentionally laughed as she held onto her hands a little tightly。

In conclusion、the proof of their bond was strong。Mariana repeated the update many times、and every time she smiled joyfully。Mira however、reproached herself for having impure thoughts。

Mariana was pure。She genuinely missed her。After understanding、a feeling of cheerfulness broke through to Mira、as she felt relieved。




Mariana responded with childish laughter。


「I wanted to try it once」

The two of them illuminated by the faint light、naturally conversed about things they liked and disliked until they fell asleep。

The following morning。Mira awoke refreshed。Getting up、her mind was clear、and recalling yesterday night’s events she blushed in embarrassment。

「Nu、Already awake?」

Mira turned her eyes to her surroundings and noticed the trace of Mariana’s pillow。Opening her menu she confirmed that it was slightly past 8:00am。

Lightly stretching、Mira overlooked the morning scenery from the window with sunlight pouring down。Narrowing her eyes、she was satisfied with bustling city streets filled with vitality、and noticed a faint sound coming from the living room。

It was the standard morning filled with excitement。Mira opened the door of the bedroom drawn to the sound。

「Good Morning、Mira-sama」

Mariana greeted her in the usual maid clothes preparing breakfast。Tableware set for two were placed on the table as a delicious smell wafted around。Mira had always longed for this kind of morning、and stood still forgetting about time。

「Is there something odd?」

Mariana asked Mira who was directing a heated gaze。Mira lost in her delusion、was pulled back into reality by her voice、

「Nu……No、it’s nothing。Morning」

Mira、avoiding eye contact、escaped into the bathroom。It could be said that she had harbored a delusion of a newly wedded life。Stripping off her robe、she went about her business。

As Mira left the restroom、Mariana had in her hands the clothes which had finished washing。

「Now then Mira-sama。Please change clothes」

Without any time to waste、Mira was first given underwear、which she put on。Taking off the robe、Mariana looked at Mira who had become nude and commented。

「By the way、Mira-sama。There were no chest undergarments、do you not wear them?」

The undergarments Mira wore at the bath and in the evening had only been panties。That alone was thought to be troublesome、so Mariana had inquired about it。

「I don’t know how to wear them。I have them only to have them」

「Do you have them right now?」


Mira briefly answered and took out a bag filled with extra clothes from her item list。The bag contained several articles of underwear for extra clothing、and was divided into two parts。Used and unused。

(I forgot to take out the ones to wash)

「Is this for washing?」

As soon as Mariana saw the bag、she immediately noticed and took out several pieces of undergarments packed disorderly。Everything was simply designed。

「Umu、shall I leave it to thou?」

「Of course」

Mariana answered naturally and simply folds it、a washing basket would be brought from the changing room。

「Is there anything else?」

Mira took out the Magical Girl style clothing、and threw them into the item box along with the Replica Sage Robe。It had been unnecessary、however the first was a present from the castle maids、and it was thought that a child would be pleased with the replica robe。

「I’ll leave this to you as well」


After placing them into the basket、Mariana removed a few brassieres。

「The size……it seems good」

「It was from the castle maids」

Mira explained she had also been taught how to wear them once、but had honestly forgotten。Immediately、Mariana stood up with one of the brassieres in her hand。

「Then、I’ll teach you」

Mariana approached Mira with overwhelming pressure、and quietly received the lecture。

After being exposed to a sense of shame by Amaratti、Mira made sure to listen to Mariana’s explanation this time。Being shown an example once by Mariana、Mira tried several times herself whether or not she was able to learn。

She repeated it tens of several of times。Afterwards Mira acquired the technique of wearing brassiere’s。

Mira was delighted to learn something and expressed her thanks、while Mariana had gladly wore a smile on her face。

After putting on underwear it was past the time for breakfast、Mira sat down with Mariana at the table after putting on her magic robe set。

As Mira relaxed with a cup of hot chocolate after the meal、the tone of a bell begun to ring at a fixed interval in the room。The sound continued to repeat itself again and again。

「What is that sound?」

Mariana stood up at nearly the same time Mira asked her question、

「That is sound of the Magic Communication device。I’ll listen to it」

While talking、she opened the shelf next to the door、and inside was a similar magic device that Creos had used。As Mariana turned the lever on the device、a high pitch tone sounded out connecting the communication。

「This is the Tower of Summoning。I am the tower assistant Mariana」

「This is Alkite Castle’s assistant Slayman。Is Mira present?」

Through the magic communication、Mira had been told that the materials she brought were deciphered、the first destination became clear and to come to the castle for the finer details。

After the communication、Mariana lowered her eyes in loneliness。

「You’re going already?」

「When work is done I shall return immediately。Thanks Mariana。As long as I have thou、this is where I belong 」

Mira spoke with sincerity、recalling her embarrassing experience between the two of them last night。Mariana slightly nodded and drew in close to Mira、taking her right hand。With the Sprites Divine Blessing flickering、the both of them nodded and smiled to each other quietly。

Going back to the castle、it would be faster to fly。But because it was cold she needed warm clothing、and went together with Mariana to the warehouse to look around。Mariana picked out the most suitable coat。It was a surprisingly soft coat with snow-white fur。The size was for Dunbalf、it was much too large for her present figure、but if it were used only for wrapping her body to block the wind、it would be fine。

Next、the two of them went into the refining room、taking the sealed exploding magic stones that seemed useful for contracting summons along with sealed magic stones as a gift for Solomon。

(Honestly、with the convenience of communication magic、thou should tell me the location without the need to meet directly。What other reason is there for us to meet?。He would probably want the sealed magic stones)

Mira prepared what was necessary、while she about the possibilities。

「Now then、shall we?」

Creos urged them to hurry with a lively voice。

「I wanted to show you how to do your hair if possible」

「Umu……、that……it’ll have to wait until next we meet」

With numerous ribbons in Mariana’s hands、she spoke with disappointment。Finishing the last of the preparations、what kind of hairstyle would Mariana consider while doing Mira’s hair。Creos had come to the private room、because he would accompany her until the school。

The conversation using the magic communication was heard all throughout the top floor。It wasn’t made for private use、so it was convenient。Because of that、Creos heard that Mira would be heading towards the castle while in his work office、it had come at good timing so they would go together。

With slight shivers running down his back、Creos entered the elevator with Mira。

「Ok、Let’s go」

「Yes。Please return safely」

Mira spoke with slight embarrassment、as Mariana gently smiled。Creos tilted his head in wonder、as to why the two of them had such an atmosphere from last night until today。

In front of the Tower of Summoning。A smaller carriage than normal was placed aside、along with a horse that was unhitched。It was exactly the size to fit one person、it was made of wood and metal、and had a door and window。

Creos stood before the carriage、

「Mira-sama。Using Aizen Faldo will not be good」

After warning her again、he motioned her towards it。

「I know……」

Despite the sulking、Creos summoned something within the sky。


As the magic dispersed with a gust of wind、a large ominous bird which shined in the colors of a rainbow appeared on the carriage。

「Hou……。Garuda huh? So thou will be riding on Garuda」

「No、I will be riding on this。Garuda will be flying with the wagon」

Creos boastfully replied to Mira while looking at the bird that was bigger than a house as he opened the door to the carriage。In a sense、a carriage specifically for the sky。It could also be a bird-mobile? Because it flew in the sky it was hard to place it as a flying car、however Mira was excited。

「ho hou! So that’s how it is。With this、the coldness in the sky and getting having a sore rear end will not happen!」

Inside was a small table along with a spacious seat、the workmanship seemed to guarantee comfort。

Mira jumped into the carriage thoroughly enjoying the comfortable seat repeating a word to herself、「Good、Good」。

「Although it is for one person、because Mira-sama is small、perhaps I can enter as well。Would that be fine?」

With Mira’s circumstances、the feeling of being a father figure welled up inside Creos as he smiled kindly。

「Are you fine with it!?」

「ehh、perhaps it will be alright」

Mira’s innocent face glittered、the answer was that Creos would somehow enter the wagon。Mira cheerfully moved to the corner、and space enough for exactly one person was possible。Creos sat down、「it doesn’t seem to be a problem」and shut the door。

「To the Capital、Lunatic Lake」

When Creos tapped on the wall、the sound of beating wings resounded。

「Is it flying?、Is it flying!」

Mira excitedly looked around the surrounding flowers that streamed in the wind from the window。And as large gusts of wind beat several times、the scenery of everything become smaller and smaller、as the light feeling of floating was felt。Mira stood up and peeped out the window、as they rose higher and higher with every flap of it’s wings。

Creos was unable to feel the dignified atmosphere of Dunbalf、but watching Mira’s back、a desire of wanting to protect her sprouted。

「oh oh! The tower has already become so small。This is great、great。How can I obtain one of these?」

「This wagon? This……」

Mira separated herself from the window、and eagerly asked a question。Creos had a craftsmen from the castle make it、so it was possible to get the same product if necessary。

She was enthusiastic about it、Mira took out two Apple au Lait’s and handed one to Creos、they would enjoy a relaxed journey together。


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