Chapter 43: The First Ride

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Slightly near the school、an inn had revealed itself to Mira。Although it was small、the inn made of wood with a stone signboard had a warm feeling。The owner was a middle-aged man running the shop with his wife and two daughters。

The first floor was a dining room where dinner was served just as Mira had wanted。It wasn’t only just cozy inside the inn、the food was outstanding and intelligent conversation could be made with the owner。With one man and three women the situation was delicate、they shed tears for the girl who looked younger than their daughter、there was some slight pity for Mira。

The present condition of magic wouldn’t be known until morning。The sounds of birds chirping had woken Mira、as she slowly got up she made plans for day。

(As I thought、there are still many places I have yet to see……)

Yesterdays scene resurfaced in Mira’s mind。Amaratti had calmly ridden on the back of her 。At the same time、hot excitement surged out。It wasn’t able to be done until now。Now that Mira had been able to stay in a simple Inn、her highest priority now was to ride on the back of a summon。

Mira left the room wearing her Magic Robe set、now that she had been able to accomplish her goal。A titillating aroma filled her nose half-way down the stairs、she peeped into the dining room with her expectations rising。Many seats in the dining room had been filled with guests enjoying breakfast。In such conditions、Mira’s face loosened at the indescribably warm scene of both parent and child working busily from morning。

The inn Mira had stayed overnight was called『Moonlight Pavilion of Nature’s Beauty 』、The owner had mentioned that Moonlight Pavilion was the dining room、and Nature’s Beauty referred to the rooms。Mira had asked why it was divided、the Moonlight Pavilion was hosted by the owner、and Nature’s Beauty was managed by his wife。The daughter was also worked in both sides。

「This morning is quite lively」

Mira sat down at the counter talking to the owner while recalling yesterday nights conversation。

「Ooh、if it isn’t Mira-chan。Good Morning! Well、it’s close to the peak time」

The owner heartily laughed。Mira returned the greeting「Umu、good morning」 with a puzzled look towards the owner who tilted a bottle of Muscat au Lait。

「Its a little service for the cute Mira-chan。But keep it a secret from my wife and daughter」

The owner lifted the neck of the bottle after shifting his eyes around the surroundings。Muscat au Lait was the shops specialty、the owner had remembered that Mira ordered five cups successively。Because she enjoyed the shops original product、he became slightly generous。

「Then I shall gratefully receive」

On Mira’s tongue、danced the wondrous flavors of the Muscat。Acidity was moderately mixed with the sweet milk、melting the her delighted taste buds。

On the breakfast menu was bacon and eggs、along with a slice of bread spread with strawberry jam and pumpkin potage。The owner’s daughter was seemed happy watching Mira delightfully wiping off ham from her mouth after finishing。Luxurious meals were good、after all such a general menu was suited for her personality。Mira drank the Muscat au Lait、while embracing the commoners impression。

After finishing breakfast she went outside、walking towards the outskirts of the gate。In order to experiment with magic、she determined it required a large location。The main purpose was to shorten travel time by riding on the back of summons。When thinking about the sky、it was concluded that only things that could fly fast were qualified。That required a large area。

After walking about an hour、she had come to the front of the high walls surrounding the capital Lunatic Lake。In front of Mira’s eyes、the towering solid metal gates were slightly open in the center。This gate opened in the morning、and closed at night。Right now、it was still in the middle of opening。

Mira couldn’t settle down and moved in place、while waiting for the gates to slowly open。Along with Mira、there was a line of merchants and adventurers nearby。Looking at the gate the mouth had only opened halfway、expressions of irritation were found on those nearby。

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As the gate finishes opening、an officer comes out to direct the traffic and people waiting begin to move。Mira had gone with the flow、and came to a wide grassland after deviating from the path。It was the Muscat Grassland that opened easy of Lunatic Lake。As the name implied、the Muscat Garden spread out endlessly。

Pushing through towards the inner area with a sweet scent faintly drifting、Mira arrived at a place that wasn’t populated。Two hours had passed since she left the inn。

(I won’t stand out here)

It was a vacant average sized thicket。It was surrounded by trees away from the main road、and because summoning wouldn’t pose any problems in this area、Mira nodded to herself after confirming the environment。Shaking off the impatient feelings、she thrust her right hand forward。
【Summon Skill:Formation Limit Arcana】

Four Magic Formations continuously appeared from her right hand。Touching it with her left hand she spun one rotation、allowing the to sublimate。

『Darkness born from the abyss、yearning for the distant light。Bred below the white clouds、longing for the distant blue sky。

The bird’s origin、leaving behind untainted ripples in the distant blue。The dream’s origin、 recalling memories of a supreme ruler carved into reincarnation。

Longing beyond the layers of time。

Like bundled wings worn inside a dream。

Come、soar into the heavens。My beloved child』

Resonating with her voice the summoning formation soars up、creating a halo covering the sky。The light gradually expanding in diameter resembling silver scales、a sound reverberated in the sky。

【Summon:Emperor Dragon Aizen Faldo】

An enormous amount of mana distorted the space surrounding the halo、a tail as large as the trunk of a tree emerged。The tip of the tail was similar to a shining blade、the energy scattered and shaped itself。Subsequently、two legs with black nails appeared、covered in silver scales、followed by the arms、wings、neck、a pair of gold dragon eyes that directed its attention to Mira。

The halo shattered into particles revealing the ruler of the blue skies、it landed in front of Mira lowering its head。The Emperor Dragon drew it’s face in closer to Mira、taking a good look at her with its large round eyes it opened it’s mouth。

「Father……Since when have you become a mother?」

Regardless of the appearance、while raising its neck mischeviously、it took some time and effort letting out a calm deep sounding voice。

「Well、It’s a long story……。Honestly、is that how thou should act towards thou savior?」

「Father……If Mother says so、I will comply。I am glad to also have a mother」

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While saying so、the Emperor Dragon rubbed against Mira narrowing its eyes、with its voice ringing from its throat。The appearance was like a child fawning over his mother、and in actuality Mira was something akin to a parent。

The egg was first obtained in the remains of a Dragon’s Valley。It was secured after going through a number of trials、and the Emperor Dragon that hatched was currently making sounds of joy。

「I……I see。Well……Umu、then it is fine」

Mira lowered her eyebrows、and began patting an area that could be called the lower mouth。One way or another、she was mistaken as a mother that names their newly born child。Nevertheless、Mira was caught in the occasion、looking up at the Dragon’s Wings which extended thirty meters with sparkling eyes。。Flying in the sky on top of a dragon、those were the kinds of things you wished for in things like fantasies。Right now、it could most likely be done。Her heart danced with joy。

「It has been a long time、Aizen Faldo。Has thou been good?」

「Yes。I’ve been well、but not being able to meet with mother has been hard。Did you forget about me?」

Speaking affectionately、he exchanged conversation with Mira。Aizen Faldo laid down at ease、and approached with a lonely reply。
「Is thou really such a spoiled child?」

Aizen Faldo vigorously jerked his body around、asking triumphantly。Aizen Faldo was a good obedient child、but he was never dependent。

「When mother was still father、you had once said something。Fathers teach love strictly、and mothers with a gentle caring love。That’s why、don’t act spoiled。But now that father has become mother、may I be spoiled?」


Mira looked up into the sky as an old memory surfaced、Aizen Faldo had pinned her down with his words。When Aizen Faldo hatched from his egg、he was immediately disciplined with spartan like training。Originally、there was no need for Mira’s intensely harsh training。It was simply an act of nonsense that held no meaning、but Aizen Faldo had remembered her words from that time。What’s more、is that he demanded the kind of love that had yet been provided。

(What should I say……。Umu、at that time it was about the feeling。However、this is the result of raising him……)

Aizen Faldo who fawned over her、did not suit the name of Emperor Dragon。Mira recalled the bitter memory of asking Luminaria to take a screenshot of Dunbalf and Aizen Faldo with his majestic wings spread open、showing off a dignified atmosphere with the Tower of Moonlight in the background 。

「A considerable amount of time has passed、but this child still needs to be looked after 」

As Mira gently brushes him while saying so、suddenly Aizen Faldo begins to shine brilliantly in silver light。


Mira held her hand over her eyes squinting until the light fades。In front of her、stood a young man with short silver hair。A young man、so beautiful it wasn’t enough to call him a prince。The complete appearance was something more like an angel or god。

Mira stood absentminded and the youth who still had an innocent smile ran and jumped、clinging onto her。Moreover he was nude。

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「Mother。With this form、I’ll be able to embrace mother’s love entirely」

It was the deep calm voice from Aizen Faldo who had been in front of her until just now。Mira、who was being hugged intensely was somehow able to peel off the young man who was making joyful noises。

「Thou would be Aizen Faldo?」

「Yes、that’s right mother」

The beautiful youth smiled answering he was indeed Aizen Faldo。Mira stares intently at the wonderful transformation、unable to think。

(A dragon transforming into a person、this is truly a place of fantasy。As far as it’s concerned、perhaps there are people who can also transform into other things。This is quite pleasant)
Mira brushed the head of the young man、Aizen Faldo、who was behaving visually like a child。

(This is too uncomfortable……)

She cursed the words from her past spitting out a sigh not delighted、at the pleasant man who snuggled closer。But even so、Aizen Faldo was something akin to a son she had brought up with painstaking effort。Even if she refused it、and restarted the spartan training、it was a fact that he was left unattended for thirty years。From hereon after she would think of a way to deceive him in the future、but would for now let him do as he pleases。

Mira allowed him to act spoiled、and spoke up at a suitable time。

「Incidentally、I have a favor to ask of thou、does thou mind?」

「Of course Mother。Please ask me anything」

Aizen Faldo answered with his pupils shining even more。He who has not been called on for a long time、it was a joyous occasion to be relied on。

「I would like to fly in the sky。Would thou give me a ride?」

Soon after Mira had asked、Aizen Faldo opened his eyes wide in surpise、and stood up with a big smile。

「Of course。It’s been my dream to carry mother into the skies!」

Aizen Faldo danced with joy、immediately turning back into a dragon emitting the silver light。As he crouched his body、he wagged his tail like a dog。

「Now then、please come mother」

Aizen Faldo held out his left hand……Along with his left forefoot、Mira quickly ran up his back using them as scaffolds。Mira confirmed it step by step、his back was covered with silver scales spreading down towards the ground、until now it was impossible not to be impressed。

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「Then without any more delays!」

Aizen Faldo restless stood up、and the view rapidly increased。Mira lost her balance to the shaking that was similar to an earthquake、she quickly grabbed onto a scale。

「Don’t move so suddenly」

「Sorry mother。I wasn’t able to hold still」

Aizen Faldo’s apology lively resonated。While overflowing with excitement、Mira sat down in a position where it was easy to sit。

「Let go、Aizen Faldo。Let’s soar into the sky」

「Yes Mother!」

Mira expressed herself while surpressing her excitement、Aizen Faldo suppressed the wind as he expanded his silver wings、after lowering his body he immediately jumped and began flapping his wings。The surrounding forest bent under the occurring wind storm、seeing off the ruler of the blue sky rise up with the increasing dull sound of wings beating。Every flap raised their altitude、and Mira finally raised her voice in excitement unable to control herself anymore。

「Amazing Amazing! Aizen Faldo! Thou is the best!」

「I think so as well!」

Looking at the ground、Mira couldn’t contain herself……and began patting the back of Aizen Faldo。He also rejoiced greatly being praised by his mother、and further increased the altitude。Eventually the distant horizon was able to be seen、at the sight of it Mira let out a sigh of admiration。

Mountains、forests、camps、cities、castles、being high in the sky、everything spread out far into the distant blue sky。It was pleasing to the eyes。It was different from the real earth which was covered in man made structures、in this world harmony and coexistence spread about。

(Being able to see this much、it’s very significant……)

Mira engraved the current living world into her heart、and gazed at the direction of the Silver Tower。After going through the trouble to summon him to soar into the sky、she directed her next destination。

「Now、Aizen Faldo、take to towards the tower」

She pointed Aizen Faldo towards the direction of Tenma City、Silver Horn、and he roared with understanding and joy。And as he changed angles little by little while flapping in flight、he began to emit a faint light。

「Get ready Mother!」

After raising his voice、he instantaneously flew beyond the speed of sound。In an instant he jumped passed the mountain range that separated Silver Horn from Lunatic lake、while leaving supersonic shock waves passing through the scenery rapidly。

Mira had been shaken off。

「What in the worldーーーー!」

Suddenly、the sensation of falling down into the bottom of a pitfall was felt、Mira saw off Aizen Faldo who became a point in the distance。She enjoyed the feeling of floating while free falling、and sighed while her hair and clothes fluttered about。

(It’s to be expected……When thou suddenly exceed the speed of sound……。I should have told him to fly slowly)

Aizen Faldo was at the summit of summons that could fly、because of this Mira decided to call him、and without thinking she had forgetten the laws of physics out of sheer excitement。The thing called inertia。

Aizen Faldo who noticed she was gone returned from the other side of the mountains、and gradually the figure of his outline increased。

「Motherー! I’m sorryー!」

He slowed down and caught Mira on his back while bleeding tears。Aizen Faldo fearfully turned his neck、gazing at Mira riding on his back。With a visible expression of grief on his face、Mira smiled、

「Well、that sort of thing happens。Sorry、it was so comfortable I had forgotten」


Aizen Faldo returned the apology with another apology in a tearful voice。

「Ok ok。Then next time fly slower」

「Yes Mother!」

Because of the slight failure、he gradually increased his acceleration、and flew towards the tower at a moderate speed。

Under plain view the mountains flowed、Aizen Faldo passed above the store Silver Wand that Garrett had recommended flying through the sky。Although the passing scenery seemed slow、they were in fact flying faster than a horse-drawn carriage、and in order to avoid the wind pressure Mira had clung to the back of Aizen Faldo’s neck。


Currently、high in the atmosphere the temperature was colder than the ground。She could avoid the headwind from the front、but she couldn’t avoid the wind coming in contact with her body。Mira shook her body slightly、and closed the front of her coat。

(Next time、I should prepare protection against the cold)

While Mira was lost in thought、the silhouette of the Nine Tower’s appeared from the side of Aizen Faldo’s neck。She had become aware、she hadn’t been heard of since the first day of coming to this world。In other words、it would be her first time seeing Mariana since that day。

(After only thinking of deceiving her……、I wonder if I should reveal myself to Mariana)

Mariana hadn’t heard anything from Solomon in the past thirty years。And she continued to wait for Dunbalfs return。If there was the possibility to return to her original figure she had been willing to wait、but the reality of it was that the vanity case wasn’t transferable 。What it meant was、the possibility of turning back into Dunbalf is almost nonexistent。

Dunbalf wouldn’t be stuck in the City of Phantom Beasts forever。More than anything、she wanted her to feel relieved。She didn’t want to continue deceiving the character she had created。

While on the back of her son、Mira prepared her resolution inside her heart with the world spreading below。


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