Chapter 110 – I’m Currying Favor? No, This is a Bribe Part 2

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3384 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1555 words

Hmm. Judging from their facial expression, they seem to reflect on it properly? But I didn’t think I would get absorbed in scolding them that even strangers noticed us… Looking around, the caravan people had already finished their meal and prepared for departure. It would be bad if we didn’t start preparing soon.

“Thank you very much for calling us out. If you didn’t, we’re going to be too late to prepare.”
“Nah, don’t worry about it. We have to help each other in this situation.”

Oh? This uncle was a good uncle, huh? Let’s return the favor to these kinds of people.

“It’s not much, but please have this.”

I took out the small parcel from the bag and handed it to him.

“What’s this?”
“Candies. They are sweet. You can eat it on your journey, so please have some.”
“Ohh, are you sure? I really can have this?”
“Yes. I know this is too much, but please take care of these kids if you see them in trouble…”
“Hahaha, got it. Leave it to me. It’s nothing much!”

I didn’t know if this was effective, but there’s no loss in making connections. It would depend on Triela for how they used it.
Just like that, we cut our conversation and prepared to move in a hurry. That being said, it didn’t take long. We finished preparing and started moving.

By the way, everyone would ride the carriage starting today. Moving at yesterday’s speed was too slow. We were too relaxed yesterday.

The carriage and the horse had become larger after I remodeled it during my royal capital stay. If we squeezed in, the carriage could accommodate five people inside and four people in the coachman’s seat. It was ‌narrow, though.

The width of the seat inside the carriage allowed three people to sit sideways, so we could still manage. As for the coachman’s seat, one person had to sit in the backspace while hugging their knees, but it should be bearable? I guess they might be worried because they had to share a seat with Bell. If she got angry she would bite them, but they had to put up with it.

The girls sat inside, and the boys sat outside. There was no change. I didn’t let them complain.

Everybody got on the carriage, and we increased the speed, starting to move at around the same speed as the surrounding carriages. Well, we could go a few times faster if we wanted to, but I wouldn’t do it.

It’s much safer to go along with multiple caravans than move alone. Above all, thieves wouldn’t attack a big group of caravans. Only goblins and hungry wolves would appear once in a while.

Even though our safety was guaranteed, we took a quick break often, just like yesterday. It’s not just us, but also the surrounding caravans. The road was covered with snow and mud, giving a heavy burden on the horses.

Now that we went on the same route as them, we inadvertently secured our safety without paying for escort fees. But to be honest, being a parasite like this was awkward. That’s why I gave out tea every time we took a short break.

Since I could generate a sizable amount of hot water with water magic, I could provide it quickly since I didn’t have to trouble myself by boiling water or starting a fire. Snacks? Giving out food was a little too much… They were supposed to pay for it themselves, okay?

Thanks to my steady bribery, the largest caravan merchant leader told me ‌he would somewhat overlook our imprudence. That’s good.

Seeing my advances, Triela seemed to understand the importance of softening the heart of other people. They helped me with the tea. But they had to choose between the situation and the company, right?

On the way, around a dozen hungry flock of goblins attacked us, but the caravan’s escorts scattered the crowd.

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From there on, Maricle with a shield and Ryuu with swords guarded our carriage. Cain and Boman were the coachmen, so they waited without getting off. No, they were just pretending. After all, I’m the one controlling the horse golems.

The girls didn’t get off. They didn’t have any decent weapons other than Triela’s short sword. However, I got down to guard as well. Or rather, I asked Norn to intercept the goblins and Bell to protect the carriage.

More than half of the goblins were kicked around by Norn alone. It shocked the escorts of the merchants and caravans to see her feat. As expected from my Goddess.

After that, the itinerary proceeded smoothly, and we arrived at the next campsite.

Since each caravan had prepared night camps and meals, we started preparing as well. It was basically the same as yesterday, even the arrangement of the tent. And I prepared the meal.

Hmm… What should I make today… I decided to make soup, but it’s troublesome to make side dishes. How about soup with various ingredients and… bread or rice balls? Hmm… Soup with pork and vegetables should be okay, right? I’ll add a lot of vegetables.

Ah, maybe I could make flour dumplings boiled in soup. Since it’s simple and had meat, they wouldn’t complain, would they?

That’s why I prepared two saucepans. Our surroundings were staring at us, but I ignored it. I kneaded the flour to make the dough, let it cool down, and chopped many ingredients, then I put it into the saucepan swiftly. Since it was troublesome, I sloppily removed the scums.

When the ingredients had boiled to a certain extent, I cut the dough into a suitable size and steamed it.

Well, maybe I made too much? But these kids eat a lot. They would eat everything, even if they had to overeat a little. Maybe.

“That looks delicious, but we’re just eating this much?” Ryuu asked, but he didn’t sound unhappy. More like he just asked ‌out of curiosity?
“This soup is using a lot of ingredients, so it’ll make you full. The white thing in the soup is the staple food. I made a lot so you guys can ask for second servings.”
“Seriously? We can eat everything!?”
“Rather, I’ll be troubled if you don’t.”
“Wahh, yay!”

I made them in two full saucepans… Could these people eat them all? The size of the bowl was not too big. I feel like we would still have leftovers even if they asked for second servings…

When I was thinking, the bearded uncle who approached us this morning called me out.

“Hey, Miss… Can you share that with me a little? It smells good and looks ‌delicious… I’m ‌curious about the taste. Ah, but I’m not asking it for free.”
“Well, if it’s only a bowl, then sure…”
“Thank you! Um, how about I pay you one copper coin?”
“That’s a bit too much. I’ll take five small copper coins.”
“No way. That’s too cheap. I’ll pay you eight small copper coins.”

Why did he raise the price instead… But arguing about something like this was too troublesome. I responded while handing him a bowl. “Okay, then here you go.”

“Yay! Then I’ll eat it now… mmgh!?”

After having a bite, he started eating with astonishing speed. To be honest, his eyes were a little scary.

“What’s this!? This is the first time I ate such a delicious dish!”
“Haa, thanks…”

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Hmm, did he like it? Well, I got some money, so I didn’t mind. But he couldn’t ask for second servings, okay?

“Excuse me, can I also have a bowl? I will pay you.”
“Haa, I don’t mind…”

My, the caravan leader merchant too? Well, I’m okay with it… in this situation, my image would improve and I had no loss.

“Oh, it’s been a long time since I’m acquainted with this guy, but it’s rare for him to eat that deliciously… hmm!? This is delicious…”
“Is that so? Thank you very much. But this is camp food, so I was cutting corners in the preparations…”
“This is you cutting corners…? Hmm, yet you could make such a delicious dish…”

He was looking at the saucepan with a thoughtful face, but I wouldn’t sell it to all the caravans, okay? These kids ate a lot, so I could only hand over the leftovers.

After I told him so, he said he wanted to buy the leftovers. Did he like it that much? But if he’s fine with that, then sure.

Eventually, around ¾ of one saucepan remained. I gave the soup to them. The price was… he increased the price considerably.

Triela and the kids who ate until they’re full were happy. The caravan over there who ate the flour dumplings in pork soup also highly praised my dish.

Some other caravans that went on the same route with us were looking at us with envy.

… Hey, stop looking at me with those eyes. It’s not like I like you because I bribe you with tea. So I ignored them.

I wasn’t ‌sure about this, but the largest caravan merchant leader seemed to have the most influence. As long as he treated us favorably, there shouldn’t be any problem. Norn was enough to be our escort, anyway.

And so, the second day passed like that.


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