Chapter 64 – Royal Capital Life

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1533 words

 It has been a week since I arrived at the royal capital. Eh? Aren’t I skipping over a bit too much? Not at all, don’t worry about it.

 I was currently being taken care of at Lily’s home. There were free, delicious meals every day. But Lily, please stop looking at me with such resentful eyes. I wasn’t going to make my own meals if I didn’t have to.

 For the first three days after arriving at the royal capital, I explored around buying ingredients as originally planned. I had checked both the wealthy section and the commoner section. I managed to get a hold of various things so I was rather happy. I was surprised that sesame was also being sold.

 I bought a lot of fabrics and yarn. As such, I made some silk underwear which felt quite nice. The underwear was very smooth and comfortable. It made me want to wear them everyday.

 Additionally, Lily’s mother has been making us join her for tea every day ever since we arrived at the house. It was difficult to get hungry after drinking that much tea.

 It seems that after I treated her to some orange tart, she ended up liking me even more. I heard her telling Lily things like “Don’t let her escape!” or “Just make her yours already!”

 We’re both the same gender, did she understand that point?

 But in truth, same-gender relations were actually quite tolerated in this world.

 If you were rich or a noble, as long as an heir was properly made, it could just be considered as part of your taste. If you were a commoner the surrounding people would usually just ignore it.

 Apparently, adventurers would sometimes also swing that way to appease increased 𝓵𝓲𝓫𝓲𝓭𝓸 due to often experiencing life-threatening situations. Stuff like men doing things to each other deep inside a dungeon and such. They wouldn’t have taken baths either and would be all sweaty. As expected, females are much more lovely!

 ……But marrying someone of the same gender isn’t allowed. Although it was tolerated, same-gender marriages wouldn’t be legally recognized.

 As such, I would like it if Lily’s mother could ease up a little……Lily’s eyes have been getting scary recently…….

 But if you really want to, the old man inside me would be glad to accept, okay? Really, okay?

 That was a lie. I was being absurd. I was quite scared when facing her that one time after we ate. So sorry. It can’t be helped! Because I was originally in withdrawal mode! So I need more time to decide……let’s at least get to the point where I would be comfortable with holding hands. So let’s start with holding hands first!

 On the fourth day, I began taking magic lessons from Lily.

 Lily’s lessons were easy to understand, and I ended up learning attribute magic quite easily. Now I know all the attributes. Afterwards, I just need to level them up. However, I didn’t really understand the basics of the attributes that I already knew, so I relearned about them in order to expand my knowledge.

 Additionally, it seems attribute aptitude wouldn’t usually be known and it didn’t appear in a person’s status. But I guess it appeared for me in my status due to the effects of Appraisal.

 In the end, since I had learned everything so quickly, Lily didn’t have anything more to teach me, so she also taught me about various other magic-related topics.

 Aside from attributes, there were other classification of magic based on their effects. Starting from the least difficult, it would begin with the basics. Conjuring and control. Such as conjuring attribute effects on the palm, in front, or around yourself. Fire for fire attribute. Water for water attribute, and so on. However, a high level of skill was needed to create fire of extreme temperatures, or produce both hot and cold water.

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 Next was “Arrow”. It was an offensive magic that shot magic arrows. Like its name suggests, it would shoot something similar to an arrow or bolt. Although its power was low, the range was large, and it was one of the basics of offensive magic.

 After that was “Ball”. Such as the iconic fireball, etc. Because of its structure, it would burst apart after hitting a target and cause damage to the surroundings. So it would be effective in dense areas. The range depended on the skill level.

 Then the “Shield”. A defensive magic. For fire attributes, it would create a shield of fire in front of the user. Naturally, the fire would be weak against water. Attribute-type shields weren’t really efficient due to the effectiveness being highly dependent on the difference in mana. Therefore, it was basically just used to defend against magic of the same attribute. So to be frank, its usefulness was complicated.

 Followed by the “Spear”. A short-range, but powerful offensive magic. By adjusting the output, it was even possible to change it into a mid-range and medium-powered “Flying Spear”. In other words, the range and power of offensive magic was basically inversely proportional. The only way to increase the power of long range attacks would be to increase the amount of mana or MP being used, or to come up with a new technique.

 The last was “Wall”. It would create things like firewall and such. It was both a defensive magic and an offensive magic. But it could only be conjured around the user, and a high level of skill would be needed to conjure it further away.

 Additionally, mages would often create magic and original spells based on their own preferences, either through adding onto the basics or starting from scratch. I see.

 Incidentally, the Magic Conferment skill that granted temporary effects to equipment was developed from “Shield” through a combination of non-attribute magic. It could be applied to defensive equipment, but it was generally applied to magic swords. The buff/debuff system that raised and lowered a user’s status was considered a non-attribute magic, and required natural talent to use.

 Likewise, it was the same for recovery magic, barrier magic, and several other special magic. As such, I was able to use barrier magic by copying Lily, but I wasn’t able to learn recovery magic. Well, I guess I could still use potions to recover? It’s not like I’m trying to act tough or anything!

 ……From the results, I had no talent in the offensive field. So having buffs and debuffs on a magic sword would be useless. But I could use the basic “Shield” and “Wall”.

 But “Wall” was only barely an offensive magic…….so let’s keep that in mind.

 I guess even my talent in magic is a bit peculiar? Celestials aren’t all powerful1 , hahaha, I could feel water coming out from my eyes……

 Since I couldn’t do anything even if I complained, I tried thinking of various ways to use them. Both idea and usage were important.

 For example, such as trapping an opponent using “Earth Wall” and then conjuring up extremely-high temperature fire to burn them, or conjuring up boiling water of 100 degrees Celsius and above to boil them. Both of them would be quite effective in dealing damage.

 But using fire would burn and cause the material of the monster to be unobtainable. So only boiling water would be practical? Aside from boiling, it would also drown them. However, it would take some time. Ahh, and the meat would get burned too. Hmm.

“Ren you’re learning way too quickly! How are you learning so quickly!?”

 Ufufu, you can praise me more, you know?

“Well, in this case, the standard would be to train more on the basics……”
“The basics?”

 The basics referred to the basics of controlling mana, and what that meant was to become familiar with managing mana. As for controlling mana, the first thing to learn would be Mana Sense. It was a skill to perceive the flow of mana.

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 After learning that, the next step would be Mana Control. It was a skill that literally allowed the user to control their mana. Originally, it would be the standard to learn attribute magic after learning those. So I actually learned my skills in a weird order.

 However, I was able to learn everything up to that point, but afterwards the difficulty began to increase.

 Mana Circulation. This was a skill that circulated mana throughout the body and refined it, thus raising the quality of the mana and increasing magic power. Additionally, it would slightly reduce MP consumption and increase MP recovery speed.

 Upon learning the skill, it would even improve the horrible MP consumption rate of my Power Increase: Mana. So I have to learn it!

 By improving mastery of Mana Circulation and increasing the skill level, the skills Decreased Mana Consumption and Increased Mana Recovery would eventually be acquired.

 Yep, these are all the skills I need. I definitely want them! I would even be able to manage the horrible consumption rate of Creation Magic!

 As such, I learned everything. Once again, I ended up realizing the cheat racial characteristics of Celestials. It was quite terrible. Even Lily was staring off blankly.

“……So easily, to learn it so easily……even I had to study really hard……this is…..”

 ……Right, I’m sorry.


  1. Silva: So you still remember that you’re a Celestial, not a Succubus…

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