Chapter 38 – Making Detours Is Common in RPGs, Right?

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1424 words

 Hello everyone, this is Ren. I have currently withdrawn into a rather nice forest.

 Eh? The village in the south? Wasn’t I aiming for the sea? Well, that’s right. I was traveling south from Harula.
 But on the way, I ran into a nice and cozy-looking forest. And the depths of the forest couldn’t be seen from the road.
 So, remember now? Daily routine.
 Yep, my daily routine. My daily routine that I haven’t done since arriving in Harula. Although in that case, I suppose it wouldn’t be considered a daily routine anymore?

 But in the first place, the reason why I couldn’t do my daily routine was because there were too many people around me, so safety wasn’t guaranteed.
 And once I arrive at the village in the south, it would be the same again.

 So I thought that I should do some now while I could, and also include the ones from before which I couldn’t do while I was at it……so yeah, I just didn’t want to move. Hahaha.
 No, no. It wasn’t like I was just hiding in the forest doing nothing, okay? I was also gathering various things and making golems inside the forest.

 There were many oak trees inside this forest and I even found some sugar maples when I looked around a bit. In other words, I could now obtain maple syrup. It’s sugar. Sugar!
 Anyways, that’s why I had withdrawn into the forest. Hm? Couldn’t I make lots of sweets with this too?

 Ahh, that’s right. My Life Magic has finally reached LV10.
 Along with that, I also learned more magic skills. A skill called Contraception. The effect was literally what the word means.
 But there were also some secondary effects, there was an effect that suppressed menstruation and another effect which prevented ⓒⓤⓜⓜⓘⓝⓖ. I would often have monthly symptoms severe enough which would prevent me from sleeping, so this was actually very helpful.
 On a side note, you could also receive a blessing that would give the same effect if you went to a church and paid for it. But it seems it was essential for those types of businesses.

 Eh? What about the golems? Ahh right, the golems. Right, right.
 Right, so I came up with the idea during my daily routine……so yeah. It took a bit of experimenting to make it.
 I tried making a wooden golem at first, but then I made a clay golem. So one from the tree and one from the earth.
 At first, I didn’t know how to make using Creation Magic. So I went with something that seemed simple because otherwise it would be too hard to make.

 Next was data collection. I experimented quite a bit.

 For starters, golems need magic stones to operate and their behaviors would be dependent upon the instructions inscribed upon them, I believe?
 And so when I checked the mana flow of the golem I made, various things happened. As such, I ended up gaining the skills “Mana Sense” and “Mana Control”.

 Mana Sense was literally a skill that allowed me to perceive magic power. So it would essentially just be a mana-based Detection skill, I guess?
 So then Mana Control would be better suited for controlling magic? And inscribing magic circuits on magic stones, I suppose? Additionally, the MP consumption appears to have been reduced a bit, and the drawbacks from Creation Magic have also improved a bit. It was a minor thing, but it was very helpful.

 I tried various things, but it was difficult to make it perform complex or flexible actions.
 For example, if you made it repeat a certain action, it would only just repeat that exact action. As such, there wasn’t any variations to the movements, and so there wasn’t really anyway to play with it……..since it could only do such simple movements, it didn’t really feel too good, which also made me wonder if it could even be used in fights. Eh? What? Did I say something? Maybe, you just misheard?1

 The next thing I tested was my own ability to control it.
 The results were I was able to make it move however I wanted. But it consumed a lot of mana.
 It seems the golem was able to bend and move even without joint structures due to magic allowing those areas to bend. As such, complex movements that require joint movement would result in increased MP consumption.

 Thus, I tried experimenting by making a joint and the consumption level decreased.
 After that, I decided to leave the controlling aspects to another part of my mind. And the results were that I could move it according to my intentions without focusing too much on it. It felt like it was actually just moving around on its own. But it was still just me even if I did leave it to another part of my mind.
 But with this, it could now be used in fights. Thus, my range of tactics was expanded.

 So in order to coordinate better…….I suppose I would need to build something that could perform more complex actions than a normal golem? …….So an automaton? Or something similar? It has to humanoid-shaped with all the joints……no wait, so I would need to make an internal skeletal structure that could imitate the human body? In that case, I would need to understand the structure of the human body.

 But just that wouldn’t be enough. This world also has magic. Just using physical strength alone wasn’t enough.
 So first, I would need more magic knowledge. Next would be the skills. And then the materials necessary to make it in the first place. So it was still a long way off…….
 And since I was doing various things related to golems, I ended up gaining three new skills called: “Golem Generation”, “Golem Control” and “Automata Creation”. I really didn’t have enough time to level all of them up. What a headache…….

 Three weeks have passed since I left Harula. And I didn’t regret doing so, since I did manage to obtain a lot of sugar. Now if I had eggs…….I could make tamagoyaki.

 After the slight break, I started traveling towards the village near the sea again…….and I also ended up helping a merchant again.

 He was being attacked by goblins and I sniped all of them. So he was very thankful towards me. Since he almost died in that situation.
 As such, I was once again given a ride to the village. Which was actually really helpful.

 As for the merchant who I saved.
 Apparently his name was Roberto, and he had just recently started as a merchant. He was currently 18 years old. He was also from the village I was heading towards and he was just returning from selling salt to Harula.
 When I was just thinking that the salt trade seemed a bit perilous, I received an explanation that the main financial source of the noble who governed this area was salt. Apparently, conducting business within the territory would result in lower profit margin than conducting business in other territories or something. He also added bitterly that traveling long distances on carriage was also more expensive. Must be tough.

 And like that, I spent two days rocking around in the carriage before arriving at the designated southern village.

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 Inn? Ah, right about the inn. I didn’t need to go looking for one. Because Roberto’s home was an inn. Furthermore, there was one inn in the village here. So I didn’t really have any other options. The walls were also thin. Damn it.

 According to what I heard on the way to the village, there was apparently a branch office of the Adventurer’s Guild in the village where I could accept requests. But the guild couldn’t purchase any expensive materials. So I honestly had mixed-feelings.

 But since my goal wasn’t really to make money, I was fine with just selling herbs from my stockpile. My main goal would be to purchase seafood and obtain salt.
 If I used Creation Magic near the sea, I should be able to obtain salt immediately.
 And I had a lot of money to purchase seafood with. I should ask about the location of the market later. But as I was eating at the inn pondering over such matters……wait, was this miso soup? And it’s even made with proper dashi stock! Ah, wait, dashi!? Kombu? Bonito flakes!

 …….Now there was even more things to look for.


  1. Silva: She just made a “vibrator”, I just know it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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